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Review on Gods Unchained by Joshua Vitollo

Don't waste your Money or your Time, Dying Game

This game is dead, don't waste your money. If you play free there is nothing to lose but the game is a dumbed down version of Hearthstone. I spent over $150 on the game and almost every transaction resulted in contacting support to get my card packs. Not a big deal at first but this last time its been 5 days, several emails and twitter DM's and still no cards. I've met several people who have said they've lost hope for this game and their player base is dwindling because of the lack of support and snail pace of making the game better and fixing bugs. If you play, don't spend money because this game will be dead soon enough with their poor support team.

Pros & cons

  • It's fun but they're killing the game
  • Support is terrible and may as well not exist
Joshua Vitollo
January 21, 2021
Update: support sent me 2 free Epic Packs for my waiting, they have no Blockchain value however they are still working on my issue. Will update review after the issue is resolved and I may even continue playing due to extreme boredom. The game is fun like I said but without good support it will die and any time put into it will die with it.