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Review on Prospectors by serdar seyliyev

It needs a little more development.

I have come across mining applications before in the blockhain world, but I have not come across the mining game that is so beautiful. First of all, I must say that we can play this game on the web. Lack of application affects users negatively.

The graphics and designs of the game are very lively and impressive. Game managers have created different features to make us never bored while playing the game.

Well, I want to talk a little bit about the main logic of playing the game. At the beginning we play with the tutorial to learn the game. Thanks to this feature, even beginners learn the rules of the game instantly without difficulty. In the game, each user has his own character, ie worker. We assign these workers certain tasks such as building mines and finding gold and valuable items. After a certain period of time, our workers complete their jobs and we can get our assets. The most important issue in the game is to find gold, the more gold we can find, the more money we can earn. In addition, there are 2 different maps in the game. One of them is the winter map, the other is the summer map. Of course, the winter map mining work is progressing very slowly. I think this situation can be boring for some users. We can transfer cryptocurrencies to our wallet in return for the gold we earn in the game.

When it comes to security, I feel very comfortable. Because the game runs on the EOS blockchain. Also, since we only play the game on the web, I think the probability of being hacked is very low.

It is also fully integrated with the keyboard so that we can play the game on the keyboard. This keyboard layout allows us to play the game easily. However, it is a little difficult to play with mobile. Because there is no continuous check feature on the screen. We have to constantly press the screen. I consider this situation boring.

In general I don't know any more as I just started the game and couldn't make any further progress. I'll post more when I update my review again. I wish everyone good profits and good games.

Pros & cons

  • Impressive graphics.
  • It offers easy use on the pc.
  • We earn money according to our effort while playing games.
  • When starting the game, we play with the instructor.
  • Can be played on any device
  • Being built on the Eos chain makes the game more secure.
  • It is difficult to play on mobile.
  • sometimes the game strikes.
  • takes a lot of time while serving.
  • There is little choice of languages
Navruza Saitkulova
February 06, 2021
It takes a long time to get further in the game. Of course, there is not much gain from progress. I think there are too few earnings to be worth the energy you put into playing this game. Of course it's still your decision.