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Review on Monaco Space Gray Card by Alexxander Marin

Monaco Space Gray Card the card with refund for every purchase.

Monaco Space Grace Card is the same as other of its cards, without initial cost. This card is obtained with purchases in web pages and physical stores, the balance of this card is released after entering 500 tokens.

This card has a monthly limit of 800 dollars, if this limit is exceeded you will have to pay a 2% fee for each purchase. Interbank there is a monthly limit of 10,000 dollars, if the limit is exceeded, 0.5% of each transaction will be charged.

This card has an application available for cellular devices in which you can efficiently and easily manage the deposited balance.

Pros & cons

  • This card offers you very interesting refunds.
  • Quotas are non-existent, to the point of not knowing about them.
  • This card can be used in any store where digital balances are accepted.
  • In order to be used it goes through very long processes which is a bit tedious.