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Review on Monaco Space Gray Card by José A Rodríguez

The Monaco Space Gray Card is no Longer Available

Crypto cards, especially those coming from Monaco, are products that have great autonomy in the global crypto market. Although many cards are being taken off of the market, Monaco remains strong and more helpful. Monaco Space Gray Card was a good release that is no more the same.

The Ice White Card is the Current Release for the not Existent Gray Card

During months I've seen many crypto-holders still refer to the Monaco Space Gray Card as an available product, but it is no longer existent. This is not bad at all because the company released another card with most of the features of its partner. Now, when referring to the old Space Gray Card, they are really talking about the Icy White Card. Users have confirmed that when they entered the official web page. Personally, it has a better design. It is so modern and done with a soft, but resistant material.

The card belongs to the high range of the Monaco series. For me, it is one of the best and offers excellent benefits. The principal reason why it is so important to have this card in the pocket is that it has good rewarding features for trading and staking with CRO, the tokens offered by Monaco. It is part of the biggest limits for shops and withdrawals. In fact, the ATM withdrawal limit is high and without fees. I think, using this kind of product, although expensive to acquire and maintain, is a good investment.

Finally, it is offered in two countries outside of Europe which are the USA and Singapore. The margin coverage is wide and the value for the volume is frequently increasing. Many are the traders who use it even for their online payments and shops. Paying streaming platforms like Netflix, or Spotify with cryptos was never so easy as it is now, especially when Monaco Ice White Card permits it.

This is a card I would like to manage since I'm a Monaco follower. I am always in touch with their releases and coming plans. The Gray card was canceled to open the door to the Ice White one, which is even more impressive. It is not the same card, but they both are similar, although benefits were added. Finally, remember, the gray card does not exist anymore, so do not trust external information offering the product. The best option is always going directly to Monaco's official platform, or at least, follow them closely in the social media.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent limits for withdrawals, deposits, and several shops in both online and physical stores. The card is specially designed for online trading and it is available in multiple services of common usage for fun and entertainment.
  • Great and modern design. Done with a clear, soft, and resistant material like its high-quality partners. The model currently existing is pretty to the view.
  • Special packs and promotions for trading. All features are marked through the CRO staking offer.
  • Good reward percentage level for the card's expending. Moreover, it is available for almost all the current promotions and sections offered by the company in their cards.
  • There exists yet confusion about the current card existing. The Monaco Space Gray Card was suspended and the company officially released the Ice White card.
  • The maintenance of the product costs a little bit more because it is a high-range card.