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WageCan EUR

11 · Poor

Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 184.00
ATM Fee$ 2.45
Daily LimitN/A
Card CurrencyEUR
Monthly Fee$ 0.00
Overall Fee1.44%

About WageCan EUR

WageCan is a Bitcoin focused company that provides both debit card solutions and cloud mining contracts. The WageCan Bitcoin USD debit card costs €184 to set up and has no activation fees. The card has a 1.5% foreign currency conversion cost and an ATM withdrawal fee of 2.5% (or minimum €2.45) for national and international withdrawals.

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WageCan EUR complements it's services by using third party providers pending the release of its Card

The WageCan EUR card is one of the cards that is yet to be released by the WageCan platform. It instead complements it's efforts of trying to bring simplicity of making use of or spending crypto funds by integrating third party card providers in...See full review

The services has been discontinued and now serves an area of Profit yielding Investment

WageCan EUR used to be a Crypto card that allows spending of Bitcoin from a users WageCan wallet but has since last year, disrupted it's services and shifted attention to Defi and other profit yielding investment. Even before it's closure from...See full review

Wagecan card is a bit too expensive

Wagecan EUR cryptocurrency card is a good means to enjoy ones cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact it is one of the best bitcoin debit card out there. It was designed by Taiwan group who are cryptocurrency enthusiast. The card is available in...See full review

WageCan EUR

Efficient card for payments, very novel Having assets in WageCan EUR is very useful since it is a very effective card for payments at points of sale and even has an excellent performance in withdrawing cash from ATMs. It generates great potential...See full review

WageCan is a Bitcoin-centric debit card

WageCan is a Bitcoin-centric debit card and supports several fiat currencies on its platform but in this case we are talking about the Euro. This is a Mastercard debit card and it has many advantages since this is one of the most used in the world…See full review

The WageCan Eur card

The WageCan Eur card offers very good characteristics to each of the users, one of this is that it allows you to enter Bitcoin (BTC) that have contracts with any mining group, taking into account that being synchronized with it gives you one of the...See full review

Wage can Eur.

WageCan Eur is a card that allows you to enter bitcoins having contracts with mining pools, giving way to those cryptocurrency miners with sophisticated equipment having a large amount of cash flow. The initial cost of this card is 185 euros, it...See full review


This card is one of the most important in the technological world, since with them you will be able to buy what you need, either in the shops that use a visa. This card is only to spend your euros, it offers you a bitcoin wallet for mobile...See full review

It is no longer available.

Before a formal request was made by sending formal documents for approval, previously they issued a card that could be used for consumption with Euros, currently it is focused on an investment platform with descriptions without physical card support…See full review

A card that died

WageCan is a Taiwanese company, it offers a bitcoin wallet for web and mobile applications. His goal was to connect bitcoin to the real world, focused on solving the payment problem Bitcoin reinventing a revolutionary wallet and a Bitcoin debit...See full review