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Xapo EUR

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Instant TopUpYes
Monthly LimitN/A
Initial Cost$ 17.00
ATM Fee$ 2.25
Daily LimitN/A
Card CurrencyEUR
Monthly Fee$ 0.83
Overall Fee0.98%

About Xapo EUR

The Xapo Bitcoin EUR debit card costs EUR 17 and has a 3% foreign currency conversion cost. Xapo was one of the first to issue a Bitcoin debit card linked in to their Bitcoin wallet system.  The launch was plagued with issues such as the card not being branded, the wrong currency card being sent to the wrong jurisdiction and so on. However most of these issues have been overcome and the Xapo card and wallet system provide a decent way for using your bitcoin in any merchant you wish. The card is subject to the standard set of fees such as an annual fee which is waived for the first year. ATM withdrawals have the higher fee surcharge and inactivity generates a penalty charge, or tax on the card itself. Replacement cards can be delivered by DHL for a fee.  

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Xapo EUR Visa Début Card Giving You Access To Your Bitcoin.

Xapo EUR debit card is a product of xapo wallet company which is base in Hong Kong. This card is like normal debit or credit card the only difference is that while our normal card wsa linked to our bank account the xapo card was linked to xapo...See full review

Xapo EUR: The Xapo EUR Visa Check card permits you to get to Bitcoin.

Xapo Bank Restricted is an organization enrolled in Gibraltar with 11,1928 extraordinary affiliations and acquisitions. Gibraltar is an enlisted and coordinated business venture with 118088 bosses. Permit Assortment FSC1359B. The substance of this...See full review

The Xapo EUR Visa Debit card allows you to access Bitcoin.

Xapo Bank Limited is an institution registered in Gibraltar with 11,1928 unique associations and acquisitions. Gibraltar is a registered and integrated business enterprise with 118088 employers. License Variety FSC1359B. The content of this website...See full review


Xapo card has been around since 2014. This debit VISA card works like regular card, It can be access through visual and physical card. I love the fact that the card allows you to spend your digital asset both online and at ATM machine. Being a...See full review


The XAPO EUR debit card is a product of the XAPO wallet company and has a fast and sensitive customer support service. We can say that this is a card associated with the Bitcoin wallet. It is also noted that XAPO has monthly and annual payments....See full review

It is a bitcoin wallet

It is very easy to use. And this attract a lot of people as it is very easy to set up. To use this wallet, all you need to do is to download the app either from their official website or Google play store for Android devices or Apple app store...See full review

Xapo EUR

Xapo EUR is a debit card for cryptocurrency so that users can use it and carry out different actions such as buying in different stores and withdrawing through an ATM in different regions, this card has the characteristic since it became one of the...See full review

Xapo EUR Card

This product is currently in the testing phase. The Xapo Card does not have a monthly fee or shipping cost, although withdrawals from ATMs that exceed a certain amount are subject to a transaction fee, you can request and use your Xapo Card at no...See full review

Xapo EUR

Xapo EUR is a highly recommended debit card since it allows users to carry out operations and buy in many regions of the world, this card has an initial cost of 17 Euros and when it was launched it was one of the first cards that was linked to a...See full review

Xapo EUR

This is a debit card that has a 3% foreign currency conversion rate, This is a card that is directly affiliated with a Bitcoin wallet. This card is subject to a wide variety of fees, such as annuals and monthly fees. ATM withdrawals have a very...See full review