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Überprüfen Sie TicketCity von Jamie Rausch

Guaranteed Delivery: Tickets are guaranteed to be delivered before the event

This is a review of the website TicketCity, where you can buy tickets to many different kinds of events (concerts, sports, theater etc.). In this review I will mention some facts about the company and also rate them according to my own experience with their service.

I want to start by giving credit to them for having very cheap prices compared to others that are out there in the market. Also they have a great customer support team on their website if you ever need any kind of help or have questions about the order/purchase process.

They sell all kinds of sporting event tickets in general but also other types such as: Disney on Ice, Blue Man Group etc...

In their home page they show which events are the most popular to buy, which is where you can find sports tickets in general. Their website design looks very professional and also easy-to-use, also there's a place on the menu where they show all of their customers reviews about their service.

At this point I want to mention that they have many different delivery methods depending on what event you ordered tickets for. The options of buying tickets with them are: by phone, at one of their stores or online via credit card (Mastercard, Visa). In cases like concerts and sporting events they offer ticket insurance as one of their delivery methods.

Also if you ever have any problems with the tickets that you ordered from them please contact them because in some cases they will give full refunds for your purchase.

img 1 angehängt an TicketCity-Rezension von Jamie Rausch

In conclusion I can say that TicketCity is a very good website to buy tickets from, also they have many years of experience in their industry (they are one of the oldest ticket stores out there). Their prices are very good and they have great customer support service. The only problem is that they don't offer all kinds of delivery methods which could be more convenient for users. If you ever need some help with your order feel free to leave a comment below this post.

Thank you again for reading, see you next time.

Für und Wider

  • Private and Secure: Purchase tickets with peace of mind, knowing your purchase information is kept private
  • Strong Customer Support Network: If anything goes wrong, we're here for you 24/7
  • Safe and Secure Payment Integration: You can pay seamlessly using PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or Card. TicketCity only takes a 3% fee on all transactions - there's no risk!
  • TicketCity provides access to over 100,000 live events from arenas and stadiums to theaters and nightclubs
  • Get tickets for your favorite sports teams like the Alabama Crimson Tide or find concerts like Kenny Chesney
  • Buy tickets at any price point with massive savings up to 90% off
  • Better than StubHub - They're a trusted resale marketplace
  • Slow site
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