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Greetings to all! Today we will talk about such a project as StealthEX. In a nutshell, I can say about this project as a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger, which helps to exchange pairs at a favorable rate without unnecessary manipulations, which can be viewed directly on the project website. Personally, I also managed to try to exchange some bitcoins on this exchange. In general, I am satisfied with the work, everything was fast and reliable. Received funds within one minute. I recommend that everyone try it, maybe it will be more convenient for you to change currencies here. Commissions are within the average market value, so not bad.Ver reseña completa

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GAGARIN Launchpad

Hi all! I would like to tell you a few words about such a project as GAGARIN Launchpad. This project positions itself as a platform for smart investment in finished projects. Here, anyone can buy their currency and use it to invest in one of the projects that is presented on the site. It is somewhat reminiscent of a kickstarter, only for the world of the crypt. Already now on the site you can find interesting projects. The list will be updated as the company's audience and customers grow. In general, I liked the idea, but time will tell how investors really need it. I think it's worth watching the development before taking on this business on your own. Perhaps, if the site proves itself to be a stable and cool investment project, then I will try to invest funds on my own through Gagarin. Ver reseña completa

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Wodo Network

I welcome all crypto-investors and lovers of the world of bitcoin and ether to my review of the WODO NETWORK. I advise you to read this to those who are not yet aware of this site, as there is something to tell. More details According to the developers, this is an open source platform that offers a wide range of solutions and APIs for using the possibilities of Blockchain, NFT and the metaverse. Those. these are tools for working with various parts of the world of crypto and alternative coins, which everyone can connect to their project and use ready-made and debugged solutions. What is really cool is the availability of solutions for implementation in game projects. For example, an in-game store in an online game can be represented by goods in the form of NFT. You also have the opportunity to join their gaming portal and, while enjoying games on the platform, also receive additional funds for yourself in the form of altcoins or nft. Already now on the platform you can find several options for games with tournaments, etc. which will make you a little richer. Any developer from the gaming industry, thanks to the ready-made api, will be able to take and implement the purchase and sale of NFT directly in the game into their project! Personally, I am shocked at how convenient and interesting this technology is becoming - because it is really relevant and will become even more common. The development team of this project is visible right on the main page, which gives an idea of a company that is not afraid to show its face. Personally, as a programmer, I would like to try to organize a similar solution using their code, so as not to configure everything myself from scratch, and this is not very easy The company already has many proven partners, such as GOTBIT, ALPHA CATALYST etc. As the site itself states, their main task is to quickly accelerate the introduction of NFT technologies into the gaming process in order to accelerate the transition of gaming to a new era. I want to believe that the project will last and be able to become successful, because. this is one of those innovations that I have long dreamed of seeing, but have not found or met anywhere. There were a couple of attempts by companies to introduce cryptocurrencies into online games, but I have not heard anything about successful attempts to this day. I recommend it to all developers - the project is really top-end at the momentVer reseña completa

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Greetings, dear crypto investors and connoisseurs of alternative currencies. Today my story will be about such a platform as ROOBEE. First of all, I will say that I have been using the platform quite recently and, perhaps, I will miss some trick or functionality that I have not yet encountered personally. The roobee project is an incredibly promising startup and there is no question of fraud. It is currently under development and development is moving according to the project roadmap, which can be viewed on the official website. Roobee, due to its unique algorithms, developments and approach, not only opens up a new market segment for ordinary people, but also allows any newcomer to become an investor. About the platform itself The platform is a web project in which anyone can register and invest their funds in one of the proposed cryptocurrencies in order to receive a stable percentage of investments. This approach is convenient for many, because. when investing on your own, there is a risk of losing fundsa, much greater than if the funds simply bring interest on investments. After registration, you can invest in currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, bnb, PANCAKESWAP TOKEN, etc. Moreover, you can independently choose the network in which the token is located, which gives a wide range of tools for investment. If you prefer to manage the process yourself, then you can easily trade your assets and exchange them for other cryptocoins. In general, the choice is wide, which I like, although not all are available yet, because. the project is just developing and something is not yet ready to offer at the current time. For advanced investors, it may seem that the platform is scarce in new items or some fundamental differences from conventional exchanges, but in fact the project is interesting because it transparently makes it clear what percentage you will earn from investments and how your assets are invested. If you are afraid that the project is a fraud - I assure you that the probability of this tends to zero. All young projects have a problem with trust from the audience, but it shows success, which attracts many new users to its system. In general, I can say that the project is ideal for a threshold entry into the world of crypto-investments, but I can’t advise for experienced professionals in the crypto-world - you may not have enough tools. I believe that after a while the platform will develop and grow even more actively, so I can advise everyone who is interested in this site to use it without fear. Ver reseña completa

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Witcher Wild Hunt Complete Switch

Greetings to all gamers and not only on my review, which is dedicated to a great game from a Polish game development studio CD Project Red - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I would like to say right away - the review will be too laudatory, because. To date, I have not found a better game than this one for myself. I went through it completely with all the additions 3 times, completed all the achievements and explored all the locations. So I can share the experience of the game better than many players. First impressions of the game When I launched the game for the first time, I was amazed - at that time, the graphics in the Witcher were head and shoulders above many projects at that time. The gameplay is also at the highest level, the whole gameplay from and to is pleasant and understandable. A huge number of story and additional quests, a ton of equipment and fighting styles - cool, no matter how you look at it. The storyline is worked out by the scriptwriters from and to, which makes the passage of the game as interesting as possible. Each dialogue captures you and you are completely immersed in the atmosphere of this fantasy. Epic battles are combined with incredible musical accompaniment and a helmeted world. The characters of the game are worked out to the smallest detail, each is unique in some area in its own way. As for the gameplay: you are free to choose which style of play suits you. You can destroy everything on your poti with two swords, or you can teach Geralt to conjure and burn his enemies with one spell. Each player will find a pleasant combination of mechanics for himself to pass. The main content is completed in about 30-40 hours of the game, if you do not get distracted by side tasks (I still recommend doing them to build a complete picture of the game world). In addition to the game itself, there are also two game add-ons: Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Each of them will add 15+ hours of content to you and tell you completely new adventures of Geralt of Rivia. There are also new mechanics that are quite interesting (I won’t tell you more, so as not to spoil your interest in the game). Conclusion A huge number of fans of the Witcher universe appeared for a reason. Tons of books, games, movies and TV shows give you a deep dive into the character's story that you'll absolutely love. If you have never played this wonderful game, you are missing out on a lot. I advise you to download it today to appreciate the masterpiece of the gaming industry Ver reseña completa

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HyperX Cloud Core Detachable Cancelling

Good afternoon everyone! I want to share with you my experience of using headphones from the famous company HyperX - HyperX Cloud. For my birthday, it was decided to replace my old non-working headphones, which I purchased on Aliexpress for only 20 bucks. Their sound was not very good, there was no noise reduction, and in general they were so-so. Therefore, I decided to buy something more expensive and of high quality, so that it would serve me for several years, at least. I purchased them not via the Internet, but in a local store in my city, where the cost was about 120 US dollars. Bought on sale, so they cost me less than they usually cost. In the package, I was just waiting for the excellent quality of the material and everything else. Firstly, the headphones, along with wires and a headset in the form of a microphone, were in a special satin bag, which gave a solid look and a pleasant feeling from unpacking. The box itself is very durable, now all sorts of wires are stored in it so that they do not roll around. Connecting the wires to the headphones is like clockwork, without problems and extra effort. The microphone connects to the headphones and disconnects with one hand movement. The sound quality from the microphone is excellent. About the headphones themselves I would like to immediately notice how these headphones sit on your head - just idal. The ears do not get tired from use (the old headphones completely clogged all the muscles in a couple of hours and the ears started to hurt). The only thing is that parts of the body under the headphones can sweat in the heat, but almost all head devices have this problem. The quality of the bass and frequencies of sounds is also at the highest level. Music, movies, games - everything pleases the ear and conveys the fullness and brightness of melodies and sounds. Any lover of sitting in computer headphones for a long time will definitely appreciate this headset. HyperX has a lot of great models, but this model, in my opinion, has a superb price / quality ratio. I chose from many models of other manufacturers, but I consider my choice to be the right one and I am still happy with such a cool purchase. Anyone who is thinking about buying - do not even think, it's definitely worth taking. It is difficult to find better, and quality has recently been a very important indicator for technical devices.Soft leather overlays, hard plastics, etc. - all this is worth the money. Ver reseña completa

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Apple MWP22AM A AirPods Pro

Greetings to all music lovers! Today we will talk about such wonderful headphones as the Apple AirPods Pro. About 3 years ago I had the first version of this device, but after a while I decided to upgrade to the pro version and did not regret it. What's cool about them? I acquired them completely consciously, because. was very confident in the sound quality and wearing comfort. I turned out to be right. Firstly, the sound in them has become much better than in the previous version, from which the ears were very tired. Personally, I find it inconvenient to wear headphones that do not have rubber inserts. The earbuds rubbed the ears a lot and fell out, while these headphones lie like a glove. The sound is distinguished by very good volume and a large frequency range, as well as steep lows and juicy highs. Turning the volume up to full can take your hearing away for a while, like at a Metallica concert. So everything that concerns music specifically is done 100 out of 100. Recently, a surround sound function has appeared, although it only works if you connect the headset to an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac). This is something incredible! When turning the head, the source of the sound seems to remain in place, which creates the feeling of the presence of the performer somewhere nearby. Noise reduction is also at the highest level - in the subway, the sounds of the car are almost inaudible, which I personally really like, since I often travel by this particular transport. In the ears, the device feels great, you can walk at least all day, there is no fatigue. In addition, there is a set of different elastic bands, for different sizes of ears, so that everyone can choose the size they need. The cost of these headphones is certainly not the lowest, and maybe one of the highest, but for this price you will get really cool quality. In addition, there are often promotions and discounts. The charge of the case holds for several days with active use, so you definitely do not need to charge them every day. There is the possibility of charging without a wire - just put it on the wireless unit and rejoice. You can also charge with a non-original charger. Summing up, I can say with confidence that you are unlikely to find a better option, and even if you can, then most likely the price will be much higher than that of these headphones. I recommend to all lovers of high-quality sound combined with convenience and style.Ver reseña completa

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 44Mm Smartwatch With ECG Monitor Tracker For Health Fitness Running Sleep Cycles GPS Fall Detection Bluetooth US Version

Hi all! I want to share with you the experience of using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which I bought exactly half a year ago as a gift to my wife. In fact, at first I wanted to buy another option, because. connecting a watch from samsung to another phone model at first seemed difficult to me. As a result, I did not find a better option. As an alternative, I considered an apple watch, but they are definitely better to use with an iphone. (By the way, you can see my reviews of two Iphone models here and here) A little more about the clock. At the very beginning, it was decided to purchase this particular model, and in this particular color - I liked it the most. A little later, I bought additional belts on the marketplace in a metal version, so if you wish, there will be no problems with this. Replacing the belt is very simple, so any beginner can handle it. Of the comfortable and cool things of this model, it is difficult to single out one thing. Least: sleep tracking activity tracking (sports) the ability to pay for purchases using NFC calls and messages The list can be continued for a long time, but in general it is clear that the watch came out very successful in terms of price / quality ratio. As for sleep tracking. In general, the sleep tracking function with detailed statistics and even, please do not be surprised, record your snoring during the night every minute became unexpected for me. Such recordings eat up memory decently, but in the morning you can laugh at the sounds that you make while you sleep in your bed. As for sports activity tracking, everything is also quite good, although I think that it is better to use more accurate devices in this tracking. They will be able to give you a more complete picture of your exercise than the Galaxy Watch 4. Final word. In general, I was satisfied with the purchase, and, moreover, my wife, who had long dreamed of such a device. The main reason for the purchase was the fact that her phone did not have an NFC module, which is often much more convenient to use than searching for your bank card in your pockets. If you are thinking about purchasing this model - definitely advise. Also with the watch you can swim without fear of water getting inside. Moreover, there is a special function that makes the watch vibrate so that all excess moisture leaves the watch case. A lot of cool features, a small price - these are the main advantages of the Galaxy Watch 4 over its competitors in the smartwatch market. Ver reseña completa

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Genius Assets

How I first met the company Greetings to all investors and people interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain business. Today we will talk about how I met the Genius assets project and how I became an active participant in it. Since I'm an active user of the Revain platform (by the way, you can find my opinion about this platform here), it's over, I noticed an advertisement for an unknown project appeared on the site that caught my attention. First of all, I wanted to read more about the project and this is what I found out: Genius assets is a close-knit team of professionals who are ready to go to financial success in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies together, and are ready to help everyone else with their ideas and advice for investing your capital. Of course, it sounds fabulous, but in fact they did not lie in anything - indeed, joining the ranks of their large team received a large number of useful opinions and ideas for investment. More about the project To take advantage of this great offer, you will first need to go through a simple registration. After successful authorization on the site, you can familiarize yourself with your personal account and start using the platform at full capacity. The GeniuX token, a utility token that represents a portion of the value of an investment, underpins the entire ecosystem. This token is the internal token of this project (like Revain's REV). It is logical that its rate is growing along with the increase in the number of users, which can be clearly seen even now. To purchase, you need to deposit funds into your account, after which you will be able to work with Geniux. My personal opinion At the moment, I have invested about $ 1000 in this project, and in general I am sure that this platform will be able to bring me good income in the short term. For completely inexperienced beginners, I most likely will not advise, since there is still a risk, albeit a small one. Any new crypto project at the beginning of its journey cannot be immediately accepted without fear, but in this case, Genius assets is ready to prove itself at 100%. Personally, I liked the idea, their team, and how the platform works at the moment. In general, positive emotions and profits are the best combination, especially when the project does not look like some kind of scam. Genius assets - I believe in you your project! Good luck in development and profit! Good bye!Ver reseña completa

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Bityard is a young exchange for trading that has appeared on the market relatively recently. The project is at the stage of active development and is only gaining popularity among traders. The service adheres to its main position: "complex contracts - simple trading", which means that the platform provides a simplified trading experience for its users. Why Bityard? The bityard cryptocurrency exchange has been operating on the international financial market for a short time, but is already actively attracting new users. The company focuses specifically on an international audience, so the site is presented in several language versions. A feature of the platform is that it provides an opportunity even for beginners in trading without experience to start trading cryptocurrency almost instantly. The exchange provides an opportunity to trade popular trading pairs. The site itself has a simple and intuitive interface for any user. The exchange website is being updated, traders are offered more comfortable conditions for investment. For example, in the new year, one of the updates touched upon the leverage: 1:125 (BTC contracts), 1:100 (ETH contracts). New contracts are also added. The trading terminal consists of several sections: In order for traders to be able to carry out trading operations at any time and track information about completed transactions, the exchange has developed a mobile application. The application includes all the available functionality of the project. There is both an iOS version and an Android version. How to exchange cryptocurrency on the platform? To proceed to the cryptocurrency exchange on the Bityard platform, the client should log into his account and go to the “Trade” tab. Next, you need to follow a few simple steps: choose a trading pair for exchange; indicate in the corresponding order the amount of cryptocurrency to be exchanged; click on the appropriate sell or buy button. Verification on the Bityard platform Verification is not a prerequisite for the user to be able to trade cryptocurrency. To confirm their identity, the client needs to log in to the system and go to the profile tab. Next, you need to fill in the following data: select the type of identity document; specify the country; full name; ID number. After filling in the data, you should upload color photographs or scans of an identity document, as well as take a selfie with a spread of the document in your hands in one hand and a sheet of paper on which “Bityard” will be written and the current date in the other hand. In general, the platform is very convenient, and, to me personally, it seems very convenient and modern. I advise you to compare it with another crypto exchange - Binance.Ver reseña completa

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