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I got to know about Midas Investments platform roughly 4 months ago through one of my cousins who had been on the platform for a while. Apparently, he had just won 5 Midas tokens in one of the competitions hosted by the platform. I made more research about the platform from my cousin and alsoDid My Own Research. The thing that fascinated me most was the strong value of the Midas token to USDT. Because the Midas platform is a relatively new platform that launched in 2018, I had my reservations about the platform. Through my research, I discovered that the platform is also new with inventions such as the. CeDeFi which was something new to me. The fact that I could earn passively on the Midas platform through staking and earning through different methods impressed me. The website interface is secure, easy and simple to navigate. The customer support is swift in resolving problems on their social media platforms and the email service. The platform also Ver reseña completa

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I happen to be one of the numerous people who initially harbored a sort of unwarranted hatred for Apple devices, mostly especially due to their extremely high cost of purchase. I often asked myself why a mobile phone could be so expensive. What could an iPhone do that my phone couldn’t do? After a few years of trying to avoid the Apple phone ecosystem, I decided to try out one an Apple device. My experience with the Apple iPhone 7 has been nothing short of awesome. The fact that the Apple ecosystem is not open source means that their devices can not be replicated by other companies. The Apple iPhone 7 is very easy to use and rarely freezes even when multitasking. There is a misconception that all applications on the Apple ecosystem have to be purchased. This is not true because all of the essential applications that I use on my Apple iPhone 7 are free. There are some applications that require subscriptions before you can use them, but this is applicablVer reseña completa

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Agbada: The go-to attire for proper Yoruba men

Different cultures in the world are synonymous with a particular set of tradition that is deep rooted in the culture of the people. Some of these peculiar traditions ranges from language, food, music, lifestyle, relationships, religious beliefs, dressing, and many more. I am a Nigerian by birth and I have lived all my life in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, boasting of more than 200 languages shared amongst people of diverse cultures. I am of the Yoruba tribe from northwest Nigeria with a father from Oyo state and a mother from Ijesa land. There are different diversions in the Yoruba ethnic group, with each group having a slightly different way of speaking the Yoruba language and diverse preferences for food. For example, the preferred food from my father side is Amala while the preferred from my mother side is Iyan (pounded yam). With all these diverse interests, one major thing unifies the YoVer reseña completa

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SwapSwop is an Estonian based cryptocurrency exchange that prides itself in protection customers identity through the use of state of the art web based security features from SSL certificates which is also responsible for the protection of customers assets. I discovered that the exchange is rich with a whole wide variety crypto assets for trading. The anonymous nature of the exchange platform protects the identity of users and allows users to work without restrictions and limits. The exchange did not require me to make any registration or sign up before making transactions. I only needed to select a pair to trade and fulfill the requirements to complete my transactions. There is a transaction fee of about 0.1% to 0.7% charged on my transactions which is quite low compared to some exchanges. KYC is not a basic requirement on the exchange but KYC can be required if a user is suspected of illegal activities The exchange currently doesn’t have Ver reseña completa

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About the Magic Cube The Rubik's Cube is a sequential move puzzle game that has a set of pieces that can be manipulated into different combinations by certain specific techniques. It was invented in 1974 an Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik who initially called it the Magic Cube before he acquired the license to name it after himself. I have always been fascinated by mentally challenging activities most especially mathematics, but it was a field I often struggle at in school. On the other hand, I have somehow excelled in logical thinking which was how I found myself studying computers. I have had numerous toys as a kid such as legos for building, but the one that fascinated me the most was the cube game. I see those solving the cube as people of high intelligence which was something I didn’t see myself as. I just didn’t want to embarrass myself by trying to solve something so complex, so I opted for less challenging toVer reseña completa

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THE PROBLEM An average Nigerian child Has been hardwired to believe That house chores can only and should only be completed manually. I am no exception because I was also trained that way. I have always been trained to the house chores by manually myself. Looking for short quotes to do house chores is frowned upon by parents asked to see it as being lazy. Some of these chores include: washing dishes, sweeping the whole house and compound, carrying refuse on the head through the street to deposit at the public dumpster installed by the government, doing laundry, among many more. Any African reading this review will know how true this is. As children, we weren’t allowed to even talk about our peers whose parents have automated house keeping equipment such as dish washers, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, and washing machines. These children are seen as being not well trained and spoilt. Little did we know that our pVer reseña completa

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FOR TEACHERS Teachers have been saddled with an enormous responsibility of tutoring and managing students throughout the academic session all year round. There is hardly a time for teacher to rest or find it easy during the school academic calendar. This software is designed in a way to ease the stress teachers go through in grading students both in academic performances, and non academic exploits. Some of these duties include: 1. Teaching during the session 2. Setting mid term and end of term examinations 3. Marking and grading of the exam scripts 4. Recording of the grades (finding cumulative, averages, positions, recording of student attendance, rating affective, psychomotor, and spiritual domains, commenting on individual student performances, signing and stamping report sheets by the head of school). These activities and many more without any doubt places a huge amount of pressure on teachers to meet sometimes unrealistic deadline. WeVer reseña completa

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“Ethereum”; The Subordinate that became the competition

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. It is a decentralized open source blockchain which features and supports smart contract functions. It was developed by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum was created as a platform that has the ability for users to build programs without the involvement of mediators. It went live in 2015, and is also the second major currency on the crypto market. Ethereum uses blockchain technology to maintain a decentralized payment structure and stores codes which can be used to power financial contracts and applications that can not be hacked or tampered with. Ethereum applications and contracts are powered by ether, which is the Ethereum network’s currency. It was introduced to complement bitcoin, but it has emerged as a competitor. Ethereum has been on rise lately and it’s a good investment for people willing to invest. Investors need to note that crypto trade is volatile as it can riVer reseña completa

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The HashBit blockchain was launched on May 1, 2021. The Blockchain was designed with the Java programming language which makes it portable, fast and easily integrable to any ecosystem such as apps and gaming, most especially making it useful for daily activities and transactions through smart mobile devices. It is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. The HBIT is accessible through a web browser, which makes it easy for public use and fast for instant transactions and the safety of users and their transactions. There is also an Android application for android users. From my findings, the HashBit blockchain works on the basis of three layers: 1. Good network infrastructure, 2. Security and, 3. Good communication to aid speedy completion of transactions. These three layers are the bedrock of how the blockchain works. HashBit takes pride in ensuring the safetVer reseña completa

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BitYard is a Singaporean crypto trading exchange. There are over 30 listed cryptocurrencies and more than 50 trading pairs on BitYard. If you want to make deposits on BitYard, then you are certainly going to get free charges on your deposits. I discovered that the exchange supports a number of fiat currencies which makes trading and transactions between crypto and fiat easy. Some of the supported fiat currencies that you can transact on BitYard are USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, JPY, CHF, and so on. The UI (User Interface) of the exchange is friendly and easily navigable. This is an important factor for me as an IT person because the easier it is for me to navigate a digital platform, the more tasks and activities I tend to perform on that platform. I noticed that most of the crypto trading pairs on the exchange is against the USDT, this is a limitation as it doesn’t allow the trader the freedom to trade directly with otheVer reseña completa

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According to Xunzi (340 - 245 BC): “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand." From my gatherings about Disrupt Motion, the sayings of Xunzi definitely exudes is what they do. But first of all, what is Disrupt Motion and what does the company do? Dusrupt Motion is an independent video production agency from in Montreal (Canada). The company does not only produce videos sake of it, the produce videos that pushes or promotes businesses to be digitally visible on the internet space. They are also involved in branding startups or rebranding existing businesses in order to catch the attention of prospective customers. The company has a team of experienced video content creators that critically studies your business and converts the findings into stories that are essentially produced into captivating advertisement videos for your company. I have personally watched the advert videos uploaded on the DVer reseña completa

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Introduction DeFi and cryptocurrencies are the future of finance, this is why these new financial technologies keep getting popular by the day. There are several way crypto service providers entice prospective investors to for patronage. Such enticing services may include: sign up bonuses, airdrops for tasks, low trading fees, a good number of trading pairs and dual chain services, just to mention but a few. Recently, there have been an influx of many new crypto service providers such as football teams, technology companies and also people who coin out a token for sentimental reasons best known to them. These companies create a customized token which in the end could become tradable. About Roobee Roobee is no different from some of these new crypto service providers as it was developed by a group of Computer Software developers who won prizes in hackathons (Hacking Competitions) on two different occasioVer reseña completa

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My experience with the highly security conscious KUcoin

After downloaded the app, the registration process required for phone number registration or email registration. I opted for the phone number and I was sent an OTP to verify my phone number. After I registered my KUCoin account, the first thing I noticed was its fascinating and enticing user interface. I proceeded to registering my email address. I noticed that for every process of registration, there is an OTP sent to my phone number to verify it’s me. This is quite impressive it’s just that I need to be with my phone at all times. I did KYC too by registration of my passport. It required my picture along with my passport and signature for Verification. After that I ventured to the payment option where there are so many options. Also here, for every bank account you add, you have to verify on your phone number. I successfully registered 2 banks and my PayPal account. This means that I can get paid directly into my bank account.Ver reseña completa

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The cryptocurrency exchange space is quite becoming more competitive in recent times. There are new ways by which these crypto exchanges both old and new are enticing investors to patronize them over other platforms that provide the same or similar services. They consistently roll out new or modified features to ensure that customers stick with their platform and also to make new customers join. HBTC (formerly BHEX) exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform from Malta that was launched by Huobi Blockchain Team. The exchange is a standard ERC-20 platform which is equally fully supported by Bitcoin in value equivalence and at the same time it has the flexibility of Ethereum. The platform is supported with the investment backing of some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi and OKEx including 56 other first-class institutions. Services provided by HBTC include; Spot tradVer reseña completa

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My perspective on BitMart Exchange

BitMart is a cryptocurrency/digital assets exchange and trading platform founded in 2017 by Sheldon Xia in the Cayman Islands, with client services and branch offices around the world (some of the offices are located in the following cities; Greater China, Seoul, New York, Hong Kong) with support provided in over 180 countries for more than 2 million customers. The crypto exchange boasts of a highly skilled and professional team from high profile firms like Alibaba, Amazon, Tencent, Accenture, among others. BitMart is accessible for private individuals and large corporations with a push for fairness and equality. The aim is to build a financially affordable and user-friendly platform that will be available to everybody globally and also to advocate for decentralization of digital currencies in order to reshape economic systems globally in an effort to make the world more economically innovative, efficient, and financially free. Some of the services pVer reseña completa

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MesChain, also known as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a technology advanced company owned by Genesis Crypto Technology. It was launched on November 15, 2018 when the team building negotiations was initiated with Mustafa Helvacı as the CEO and a mandate to reform the global digital currency market and its technologies. The vision of the company is to make the MES Token a global leader in the crypto market by developing a blockchain based technology that companies in the field of manufacturing that needs technological support would prefer. Furthermore, the mission of Genesis Crypto Technology is to use MesChain to contribute to the development of the business industry with modern technologies that enhances decentralization with the use of the Blockchain technology. MesChain token (MES) operates on the Ethereum blockchain with a current supply of over 4.3 billion and more than 899 million MES coinsVer reseña completa

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I have vehemently been in an open opposition to crypto currency projects created for sentimental reasons. Most of these projects are developed without any business strategy in mind as they only cherish the possible publicity the project will provide. People are stereotyped for various reasons ranging from height, skin color, ascent, and also sexuality among many other stereotypes. This has been an age long battle that has been in existence since time immemorial that seems not to end. The need for equal treatment and general acceptance brought about desperation from so many people that are violently affected by those perpetrating these stereotypes. One of those needs for acceptability is what gave birth to the LGBTQ foundation that creates a social networking community through social media microblogging app on Apple and Android devices in order to foster healthy communication and support, both legally and financially (SponsorshiVer reseña completa

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Cryptocurrencies is filtering through all works of life. In the beginning of digital currencies, the norm was for financial institutions to dabble in DeFi, but in recent times, many organizations such as technology companies, social media organizations that have nothing to do with the finance industry have started investing heavily in cryptocurrencies. ART NANO (ARNO) is a Belarusian project which has its specialties in producing nanotechnologies. It is one of the latest Tech projects to declare its interest in investing in cryptocurrencies in order to adopt the use of blockchain technology to attract additional financial commitments from investors into the development of the project. The technology company produces carbon nanomaterials also known as carbon nanotubes which is developed and implemented for industrial capacity with future plans to deliver a variety of products and services globally, in cogent works oVer reseña completa

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StandardBit500 (also known as SBIT500) is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can make transactions with digital assets and currencies. It is an investment platform that helps in growing traders’ income with the use of algorithmic strategies. The exchange platform is mainly dedicated to only gather information about digital currencies and assets, lookup trading partners, negotiate and conclude transactions on digital assets with other traders. Although the StandardBit’s exchange website is not directly accessible for users from my country (Nigeria), I was able to access the website through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). I found the website simple and flexible to navigate. It was designed for the convenience of users with a simple and intuitive interface. The StandardBit’s fee structure is designed with the two main cryptocurrency game players in mind: the “Makers” and the “TakeVer reseña completa

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Introduction Ever since I heard about E-commerce platforms, my love for this service provision kept growing, not necessarily due to cheaper products and services but essentially due to the comfort I enjoy from buying goods and services from the comfort of my home. I even remember when I placed order for a set of toothpicks from an E-commerce platform whose seller was based in China. This is to indicate that there is virtually everything you need on these merchant platforms. About Walmart There are tons and hundreds of E-commerce platforms worldwide that provides a wide range of similar, same or different goods and services worldwide. These service provision is so available that they are not restricted by boundaries or location. Walmart multinational retail corporation formerly known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is one of such aforementioned E-commerce platforms that provide a wide range of goods and services. It is an American multinational Ver reseña completa

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