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Review on Walmart by Benaiah A. Akinlade

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Ever since I heard about E-commerce platforms, my love for this service provision kept growing, not necessarily due to cheaper products and services but essentially due to the comfort I enjoy from buying goods and services from the comfort of my home. I even remember when I placed order for a set of toothpicks from an E-commerce platform whose seller was based in China. This is to indicate that there is virtually everything you need on these merchant platforms.
About Walmart
There are tons and hundreds of E-commerce platforms worldwide that provides a wide range of similar, same or different goods and services worldwide. These service provision is so available that they are not restricted by boundaries or location.
Walmart multinational retail corporation formerly known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., is one of such aforementioned E-commerce platforms that provide a wide range of goods and services. It is an American multinational retail corporation founded in 1962 by Sam Walton as part of his family dynasty. As at the time of this review, Walmart operates a connection of hypermarkets, discount department , and grocery in over 11,000 stores in more than 20 countries.
This begs the question, why do we not hear about Walmart in other parts of the world like other platforms? The answer is simple, Walmart operates under 54 different names worldwide. It operates as Walmart in the USA and Canada, it is known as Walmart de México y Centro América in Mexico and Central America, in the UK it is affiliated with Asda, while in Japan it is identified as the Seiyu Group and as Flipkart Wholesale in India among other identities, so you might just have Walmart in your country but not know it as Walmart, for example, I just learnt through this review that in 2011, Walmart purchased the majority stake in a South African company known as Massmart Holdings Limited, and ever since then, it has branched in close to 13 African countries. So in Africa, if you are looking for Walmart, you’ll have to patronize Massmart Holdings.
Walmart operates several chains of discount department and warehouse stores. It also provides digital services like Vudu and InstaWatch with the addition of sales of a wide variety of groceries which and consumables like health, beauty, and baby products, without exempting household materials and pet supplies. Walmart also provide health and wellness services such as pharmacy, optics, OTC drugs, and clinical services such as the most recently COVID-19 vaccine booking facility. Sale of entertainment products is not left out such as electronics, toys, digital cameras, phones, video games, and books.
The website platform is quite fascinating, interactive, and well detailed. The website is not difficult to navigate neither does it drag due to heavy graphical content.
Financial Power
As at 2020, in terms of revenue, Walmart is the world's largest company, with over 500 billion USD, it is also the private company with the largest number of employees in the world with over 2 million employees worldwide. In 2019, Walmart was recognized as the largest grocery retailer in the United States of America.
The most fascinating service I discovered on the Walmart platform is the free COVID-19 vaccine booking. This feature, I am most certain will make easier for customers to book their vaccine as long as they are eligible and at the same time avoid the stress of possible long queues in hospitals.
I am quite intrigued by my findings about Walmart as it is a company that is well grounded and has managed to remain relevant for the past 59 years, providing goods and services to all and sundry. The fact the Walmart also more than managed to thrive in this era of Information Technology also shows that the company was established by visionaries who knew the art of business. I am quite certain that sooner rather than later, Walmart will adopt cryptocurrencies as part of its financial transactions structure for payment for goods and services.
I am also impressed with the business strategy of diversifying the Walmart brand in different regions on the world. This shows to me that Walmart values and cherishes the culture and taste of its customers all over the world. It does not necessarily sell the American brand directly, but it sells the local brand with an American touch.
I am looking forward to when any customer from anywhere will be able to access Walmart services from anywhere notwithstanding the geographical location of the customer. By this time there will be no need for separating customers according to their regions or countries. This is what I personally believe will make Walmart a true International E-commerce brand.
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  • A well-diversified brand that provides services that suits the need of customers depending on their region or geographical location.
  • There is an unending variety of goods and services sold on Walmart ranging from food items to medical supplies and also electronics of various kinds.
  • There are platforms that provide the same or similar services readily available to customers globally notwithstanding their geographical location
  • There is no cryptocurrency payment structure

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