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Review on BKEX by serdar seyliyev

I think it aims to be the best service exchange in the market.

I decided to try and examine this exchange, which has recently made a name for itself on social platforms. I have been using the stock exchange for 12 days. As a result of my experience, I would like to talk about the positive and negative features of the stock market.

First of all, I must say that what I like most and what makes it different from some other exchanges is that it supports a lot of alternative coins. This is a privilege.

When I visited the website, I did not know that I would come across such a great design. I think it provides convenience in terms of its colorful design. Because there is an English language option, and each feature is divided into separate sections. Likewise, creating an account on the stock exchange is very easy and fast. I think that the feature that makes the stock exchange different is that KYC verification is not mandatory during registration.

However, the negative aspect of the stock market is that we can only invest in cryptocurrencies. I think this situation may sometimes force you to use additional bora. In addition, the transaction fees are very high to me, but when trading with some crypto they are charged at a low fee, so the transaction fee is deducted depending on the crypto currency we use. This may be annoying to some users.

It is an issue that I care most when it comes to security. Because all of our assets are stored on this exchange, and it is scary to think of them falling into the hands of third parties. Technology is growing day by day and hacking attacks are increasing accordingly. For this reason, I will not comment on the security system for now. I think time will show how safe the stock market is.

3 days ago I did not have any problems with the stock market. I wanted to ask the customer support team about this issue, but I could not contact. I consider this situation as a negative aspect.

In short, I see BKEX as a platform that is developing day by day and aims to be the exchange that provides the best service to users.

Pros & cons

  • Its design is impressive and so easy to use.
  • Transactions are happening very quickly.
  • Too many alternative coins are listed.
  • Stock market sees great interest in social platforms.
  • Low transaction fees on some crypto transactions.
  • It is a very ambitious stock market to become popular.
  • language support is minimal.
  • some transaction fees seem high.
  • I could not reach the customer support team.
  • I'm not sure about the security system.