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Review on BKEX by David Olayide


Cryptocurrency traders are always on the lookout for exchange and trading platforms that for their market needs. Today of course, there are many exchange platforms that are designed to help investors and traders alike, to get the best out of their market activities. In this light, let us explore BKEX a digital exchange platform which was established in 2018, and offers services among a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. I came across this platform some weeks ago and decided to try it out. While doing my research, I discovered that BKRX is more widespread than I initially imagined. The platform is used in over 100 countries and this is a really good figure that shows the exchange platform’s coverage. I also found out about BKK, which is the platform’s official native token that allows you to enjoy trading discounts when you hold them. For the convenience of trading versatility which users of BKEX can enjoy, there are over 1000 trading pairs listed for the advantage of traders. I also found out more about other features of BKEX like, derivatives trading, mining pool financial services, spot trading, copy trading, and many more. I particularly like to see that copy trading features are implemented on various trading exchanges, because of their obvious advantage. Personally, I think copy trading I’d the next step in evolving market practices. Getting access to BKEX I’d relatively easy and it should take only s few minutes like it did for me. First you have to register and sign up using an email address and a password after which you then verify your email and gain access. There is a mobile app available on the Google and apple stores for download, and you can easily sign in your account and start trading. To enjoy it fully you might want to verify your account. I downloaded the app myself, and I was happy with the apps user interface design. The app is simple to use and totally uncomplicated. In addition to fist trading features, BKEX also boasts of large liquidity pools, and good customer support team which I am yet to verify. Generally I think BKEX I’d at the top of it’s game and there are some little changes or progress I expect from the platform. BKEX could be adopted by more people worldwide. They can also do well to increase social media presence and reach out to a more global cryptocurrency audience. If you need a cryptocurrency exchange platform with multiple useful features, then you should definitely try out BKEX!. ryptocurrenc.

Pros & cons

  • Multiple user features
  • Mobile application for both Android and iOS
  • Easy to use app UI
  • Multiple trading pairs
  • Need to increase social media presence
  • Improve security process

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