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About Mr. Exchange

Mr. Exchange (which was previously known as Mr. Ripple) is a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. At the time of writing of this review, they are in a transitional process, moving to the new name and domain. This may be the reason for some of the technical issues, reported by users.

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My review about Mr Exchange

Hello to everyone. I will write to you today about MR Exchange. MR Exchange is an exchange created in Japan. The previous name of the exchange was MR Ripple. First of all, I must say that according to the information I have received, this exchange...See full review

Mr. Exchange: Mr. Trade: Doesn't work and can't get to stage

In a pattern of exchange actually pushing ahead, this could legitimize various issues confronting it (specifically, the powerlessness of a few clients to issue). This, obviously, isn't the situation for our trade of counsel to non-Japanese merchants…See full review

Mr. Exchange: Does not work and cannot access platform

In a cycle of trade still moving forward, this could justify a number of issues facing it (in particular, the inability of several customers to issue). This, of course, is not the case for our exchange of advice to non-Japanese brokers, and the...See full review

Mr. Exchange Doesn't Function Anymore

TThe exchange platform we have on the blockchain network happens to be available in their diversity. This has made it quite difficult for one to differentiate between the authentic ones and the others. I guess this was what prompted the Founder of...See full review

Mr. Exchange never seemed to come out of its upgrade

Mr. Exchange, following a rebrand from Mr. ripple, decided to underwent a rebrand and Updates which eventually ended to the end of the exchange. During the period when it underwent it's rebrand and other upgrades, the User experience of the...See full review

Mr Exchange: It is not Working and has not Access to the Platform

Mr Exchange is a service that used to provide access to the market of trading. This platform was especially focused on the trading of the Ripple token. But now, the platform has faced different issues that do not permit users to access the network...See full review

Mr Exchange is no longer existing

Before you deposit your funds on any exchange I advice you do some research about such exchange and even visit the exchangewebsite to have a feeling of what the exchange has to offer ,This can help in reducing the rate at which investors loss their...See full review

Mr Exchange credibility

experienceIinvesting in crypto has become a very good source of perceive income lately, exchanges are quite an essential tool for buying, trading and investing. Exchanges could also provide you with information about stalkings, initial coin...See full review

My Review on Mr Exchange.

mr exchange also known as Ripple is a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that was created to help the Japanese to do cryptocurrency exchange, although there are many exchange in Japanese to use. But this project has no effect to the cryptocurrency...See full review

Mr. Exchange

Mr. Exchange originally known as Mr. Ripple is a Japanese cryptocurrency and digital assets trading platform where various cryptocurrencies are traded with ease and convenience. The exchange doesn't provide enough information about itself, coupled...See full review