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Nxt is a blockchain network that promises to expand upon modern blockchain technologies and improve it. By launching a modern cryptocurrency with the NXT trading mark, its key goal is to change financial infrastructure, crowd-funding, and governance. The network focuses on ordinary users and corporaVoir la critique complète

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The Ignis chain contains features such as the issuing and distribution of digital assets on a built-in decentralized exchange, the launch of voting networks, the development of arbitrary messaging applications, the transmission of private transfers and distributed cloud storage. The prospective use Voir la critique complète

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Blockchain as a service

Ardor is an architecture of Blockchain-as-a-Service ( BaaS) that enables anyone to develop their own blockchain. In the Ardor system, the network consists of a main chain responsible for blockchain security and many customizable side chains, called "child chains". Each child chain is related to the Voir la critique complète

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Anonymous Coin

On May 30, 2014, DigitalNote was initially released under the name "duckNote." Its aim was to bring to the cryptocurrency world a coin with new and special characteristics focused on the anonymous CryptoNote technology. The protocol utilizes optimally scaled network requirements, user-friendly crossVoir la critique complète

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The mission of Hyperion, a decentralized map network, is to fulfill the idea of One Map to have a centralized vision of worldwide map data and service and make it freely available to billions people only as a public resource. Hyperion essentially redefines the way we build and access map resources, Voir la critique complète

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Bitcoin fork

Bitcore utilizes the infrastructure and source code of Bitcoin and has created an unique blockchain. The new blockchain promises that the complexity of the blockchain is lower and that the scalability is higher. On the blockchain, like every other BTC fork, there is no history. Furthermore, block tiVoir la critique complète

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Fast transactions

Nano, also referred to as XRB, created in 2014 and established by an engineer in 2015, is a token framework more in competition with virwox, sourced as a very exclusive bitcoin trading site. Nano was a name adapted in the early months of 2018 from a previously established title, Railblocks. It strenVoir la critique complète

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The crypto assets supported by the other assets are referred to as bundled tokens. On the Etherum blockchain, they are entirely developed. With the assistance of smart contracts, the worth is verified to be the same as its underlying properties. In real-time, it tracks its price. WBTC is a token in Voir la critique complète

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Dai is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized and stabilized against the US dollar value. It uses margin trading to adapt to evolving market dynamics and maintain its value against the major world currencies. Unlike other popular stablecoins whose valuation is directly supported by USD, it is supporVoir la critique complète

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Utility token

Bibox is a popular, China-based crypto exchange platform that was developed a year ago. The exchange 's local token is also named Bibox and has the ticker symbol BIX. For its holders, the BIX token features several special rewards that may draw crypto investors. Bibox is an improved encrypted digitaVoir la critique complète

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Millions of individuals have been trooping through the social media for some time now because it is a medium that links individuals with their loved ones. Polypux is the first decentralized social media network that rewards users for their social media accounts' reactions and updates. The platform uVoir la critique complète

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Privacy focused

DeepOnion was created to protect the privacy of its users when sending and receiving money. DeepOnion aims to become a leading hybrid digital currency that, through incorporating sophisticated blockchain technology and progressively enhancing the efficiency, assures the secrecy and anonymity of its Voir la critique complète

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Electroneum is a first mobile digital currency aimed at being so far more than just a speculative commodity. It seeks to make buying crypto assets as simple as never before. The most creative feature of the project is the fact that Electroneum's token, the ETN, can be mined straight from their mobilVoir la critique complète

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Pundi X (NPXS) is a decentralized venture aimed at optimizing crypto trading and rendering it much easier for traders to buy. Ethereum based point-of-sale smart devices distributed to thousands of retailers are the subject of NPXS token developers. In addition, crypto payments in Pundi X can be acceVoir la critique complète

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Users in control

Decred (aka DCR) is a digital currency based on a blockchain that was released in 2016. The word Decred, as is the case with Bitcoin, has a double sense. Both the Decred cryptocurrency itself and the blockchain that enables Decred transactions will correspond to Decred. The most noteworthy aspect ofVoir la critique complète

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Bitcoin but faster and less popular

Litecoin is the world’s first altcoin, it has been creating its presence felt among the crypto marketplace for a long time. It is a digital currency that came into being as a fork of the Bitcoin to operate a quicker, lighter, and cheaper supplementary coin to the primary BTC. Introduced by ex-emploVoir la critique complète

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Exchange platform

Vinex Network is an exchange registered in Singapore that was born in September 2018. Vinex supports 50+ cryptocurrencies for trading, among them are the most well-known such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, etc. The trading fee for takers for Vinex Network is 0.25 percent. This fee is abovVoir la critique complète

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Blockchain ecosystem

SCRIV is a cryptocurrency based on the Tribus mining algorithm and DASH codebase, which is featuring fast transactions and masternodes. The SCRIV network can verify the existence of digital data at any point in time. This data is linked with a publicly verifiable date and time to provide data assuraVoir la critique complète

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Ethash mining platform

Whalesburg is a mining platform for generating various Cryptocurrencies through the mining pools. Whalesburg will decide for you the most profitable currency minable by measuring the hashrates, mining difficulty and costs. You will need a compatible Video Card to start mining. It is also possible toVoir la critique complète

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Bittrex is among the largest exchange platform, assessed by the amount of trading. Its range of APIs facilitates fast and convenient trading. At the same time, its automatic monitoring program offers quick deposits and withdrawals, making it a perfect platform for those who want to transact on a scaVoir la critique complète

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