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Révision le TON Bridge par José A Rodríguez


Connecting digital bridges among blockchain servers is not new. However, there are always more enticing ways of measuring progress thanks to advanced developers who run the public gates of other projects to make them grow with the support of well-known companies. Such is the case of today's Bridge reference coming from TON.

This public service is available without fees or commissions of any kind. The way of using the product is too simple although it presents some delays when loading the content. If you already met the possibilities of joining and earning with TON, then you'll be amazed to know that now you have the chance of connecting your private Ethereum wallet to the server and carry on your tasks aligned to the platform. This contributes to speed up the mass adoption of the TON token as well as some of its most interesting features. Below you'll find some characteristics that will help you understand how to use this tool for your trades and withdrawals.

A Simple Step-by-Step Guideline on how to Get to Know TON-Bridge

  1. Open the server directly from the main platform (Free TON) or by looking at it on your pre-configured server. In case you use the Brave browser, you must ensure you have not blocked external servers.
  2. Load the page until it shows you the two available options to connect your TON and ETH wallets/extensions.
  3. Once you click on TON, the system will require you to authorize or sign in to your wallet extension to permit its usage. The same occurs with Ethereum.
  4. As soon as you have both wallets connected, you can start sending as many tokens as you want. Note: this is in case you want to get ETH tokens into your TON wallet (Broxus, Surf, KiloX).
  5. You can choose your preferred token. The platform gives availability to a series of tokens. including utility ones like Tether. The transition will be immediately after confirming the number of tokens you want to send.

After the process is completed you can check your balance. No losses have occurred until now. A negative aspect is that the system tends to be slow, but it is still functional. The network is expected to receive new supportive features shortly.

Key point: if you use an ETH extension like Metamask, your transition into the platform will be easier since it is really easy to configure. Besides, it will not take off long fees for executing transactions even when the market gets elevated.

img 1 joint à TON Bridge révision par José A Rodríguez
img 2 joint à TON Bridge révision par José A Rodríguez
img 3 joint à TON Bridge révision par José A Rodríguez
As you can see, using the TON Bridge is not really difficult. You'll find yourself immersed in a world of automatic crypto commerce that will orientate you (as a beginner to navigate in deeper waters).

Avantages et inconvénients

  • It is a very easy-to-use digital tool for connecting two available wallets at once. After it is completed you can send/share tokens between wallets
  • The balance you send it's frequently the same you'll receive. The platform does not take off long commissions since it is a simple process
  • You can get ETH, USDT, and other available exchange tokens (Uniswap, Sushi, Compound)
  • The features of the bridge extension are easy to master. You can apply for any available wallet or extension of Ethereum. It is recommended to share funds with Metamask.
  • It is so simple that it doesn't offer so many features. It requires better implementations and advanced digital tools
  • The cryptocurrency availability is short.
  • The product is just available in English. More languages are required!