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Great platform for honest reviews. Plus they pay for it.

What is Revain? Welcome, dear readers! First of all, I would like to tell you about my personal experience of using the platform. I registered relatively recently - about 2 months ago. During this time, I have already written 9 reviews for various products and companies, and I decided to dedicate the 10th anniversary review to Revain. In general, I am satisfied with the current state of affairs, my reviews are read, and I receive funds for this, although small, but nice. From the very beginning, the platform has positioned itself as reviews that have records in the blockchain and thus cannot be deleted, which makes them more honest. The concept is interesting and, I think, innovative. About writing reviews The process of writing reviews on the platform is simple: you choose a company or product, write a review and publish it. But there are some nuances... Firstly, in order for your review to be paid, you need to fulfill a number of conditions that are hard to find at first glance, because. I didn't see any information about this on the main page. It is necessary that the review contains 3 images (original), the number of characters in the review is more than 2000, pass an anti-plagiarism check, and then moderation. Personally, I had no problems with these conditions, but still you need to take them into account when writing reviews. Secondly, in order for you to receive payments, a review must be written for a category that has a payment for it (either from the platform or from the company / product itself). You can find out about this on the FAQ pages for new users, but finding them on your own is also quite difficult. Otherwise, the Revain platform has proven itself from the best side and the project continues to develop actively. More recently, the REV currency has finally appeared on the platform, which is a crypto that can be exchanged on the exchange for real money (for example, dollars). Also, all transactions on the platform are made in the new currency, which makes using the platform more convenient. Previously, it was necessary to convert the old currency into REV so that it could be withdrawn later. Conclusion At the end of my review, I would like to say a huge thank you to the team that created such a cool product. I will grow with you and help you develop it by writing reviews honestly. I hope that in the near future the project will become even more convenient and efficient. P.S. I also advise you to read my reviews on BitYard and Metamaskदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Free decentralized Ethereum Wallet for begginers

MetaMask is a reliable and high-quality wallet for buying and selling ETH, it is free, except for the commission. Thanks to a convenient and simple interface, using the wallet is very easy. If you have just learned how to use Ethereum and ERC-20 cryptocurrencies, then this is the perfect option for you. You can create your own wallet by installing a browser extension that helps you use the wallet. You do not need to pay anything to work with tokens. Of course, there is a fee for buying tokens, but this is due to exchange trading (the wallet is connected to exchanges like Binance, which allows you to exchange tokens). Is he safety? The reliability of MetaMask is pretty good. Why not completely? The reason is that when used, personal information can be compromised, there is no two-factor authentication and multi-signature in the wallet. Protection measures are standard, but at the same time, no one has yet hacked the wallet for all my time, at least I don’t know about it. Although this does not mean that there is nothing to worry about. Do not put your phone or computer at risk, do not visit phishing sites, etc. My experience I have been using MetaMask for about 3 years now. Mainly for ETH transfers and various purchases. That is, I actively use it, so the “active” use case is more convenient for me than the “passive” one. Personally, I managed to try many different wallets for working with crypto, but MetaMask turned out to be more convenient than others, plus it can be used to interact with various blockchain applications, as well as work with smart contracts. In addition to storing currencies, here you can buy cryptocurrencies directly, since the wallet has access to various cryptocurrency exchanges. But there is one thing: you can only buy Ethereum and its tokens. The commission is one of the disadvantages that are usually not found on the exchanges themselves. Much higher minimum value. Therefore, at the moment, I try to use the wallet as a warehouse for the crypt, so as not to worry about its location and not lose a lot of commission on operations through the wallet. In conclusion, I want to say that alternative options, of course, have their pros and cons, but as the first wallet for working with ETH, Metamask fits perfectly. So far I'm still using it myself. If you are a professional who understands cryptocurrencies, then most likely you need to look for a more secure option.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Cool software for game developers. Simply the best

Unity is an engine for creating games of any complexity and for any platform that the developer wishes. At the very beginning of my development journey, my dream was to create games that would be played by millions of people. Of course, now I'm a web developer, but it doesn't matter. Love for games and their creation is with me forever. Taking the first steps, I took up the creation of my first project in the ity environment and was a little discouraged: a lot of information that is difficult to drive through myself. What is the engine capable of? First: everything that just comes into your head can be implemented. There are no restrictions, but for really cool ideas you need to have a large amount of skills and knowledge. I will give advice: if you do not want to learn c #, then it is better to immediately remove Unity. The language is incredibly flexible, but difficult to learn, and you can write almost any game with it. My first project was the development of the game "Snake 3D". I could partially find the code on the Internet, but I did most of it myself. I had to work with animation, sound, creating models, etc. So it is quite difficult for one person to do everything with a bang in a short time. The engine allows you not only to use ready-made templates from the internal store, but also to import your own, which are made by you (for example, models from Blender). Thanks to the wide possibilities of such use of external resources, Unity does not limit the developer. Animation is a separate issue. You can combine the animations you need in the form of blocks, specifying their duration and switching logic right inside the environment. Visual Studio is usually used to write code, but in general, you can use any IDE you like. It is worth recalling that if you want to make mobile games, then Unity is ideal, but for PC games, it may be better to use nreal Engine, because. on this engine, the program code is written in C ++, which makes your scripts faster. This allows you to make heavy games that work quickly without lags and freezes. Based on my experience in Unity, I can definitely say that before you get the finished product at the output, you will spend several months learning technologies and developing skills, but this is only a plus for you as a developer. Without programming skills, of course, you can make a simple project, but most likely it's not worth it. Recommended for use by beginners and fans of creating games for mobile devices 100%देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Richass Murlocs Social Club

I welcome everyone! Today I want to tell you about a very interesting project that I recently found on the net quite by accident. A little background: about a year ago I started playing World of Warcraft, and sometimes during the game I have to search for information on the Internet. So, I came across a quest, according to which I did not know what to do and I went looking. According to the keyword murloc, I came across this site somewhere on the 3rd page of the search. As a fan, I was very interested in NFT with characters from my favorite game. About NFT marketpace As soon as you enter the project website, you are greeted with a pleasant color scheme and stylish design. To start working with the site, you need to log in and also connect your wallet in order to carry out purchase / sale operations. I connected, as usual, the Metamask crypto wallet. If you want to know about it, you can also read my review on it in my profile. So, after all the manipulations done, I decided to look at those NFTs that are presented on the platform. The variety amazed me - a huge list of murlocs for purchase. In fact, they all look quite funny and cool, especially some individuals. On the site, in addition to murlocs, cats were announced (I have already seen this more than once, for some reason cats are the most popular option for NFT). By the way, there are not so many of them as murlocs, but there are also a sufficient number, and they are not inferior in beauty either. Of course, Richass Murlocs Social Club is not such a large-scale platform as CryptoKitties, but it has potential, besides, murlocs attract fans of the World of Warcraft game universe, which adds an interested audience. I would soon be thinking about buying one for my collection, but definitely not for the sake of making money, because. in order to get a decent profit on this, the project must prove itself with a large number of users, which so far has not had time to happen. Final Thoughts Richass Murlocs Social Club is a really interesting and unusual project that you can invest in, but before you make a decision, you need to calculate everything. If, like me, you just want to buy one murklock or kitten for your collection, then you can do it without fear, perhaps even winning on this, while the project is only at the stage of its growth and development. Now there is already a fairly large number of NFT marketplaces that can offer a huge variety of tokens, but each is unique in its own way. Here the choice is up to each individual user.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Ordinary exchange, which is unlikely to claim the first positions

A little about the exchange What is Bittrex tacos? First of all, it is a crypto exchange where you can buy or sell various cryptocurrencies. For work, you are provided with a large selection of trading pairs (as well as on other popular platforms). For convenience, in addition to the version in the form of a website, there are also applications for Android or iOS. I settled on the option in the form of a web version, because. after the first use, I no longer wanted to download the mobile phone, as I was disappointed. The interface is presented only in English, and some terms are difficult to understand, which confuses the user. Personally, I did not like it, because. I'm used to other platforms with different language versions I tried to use this platform not so long ago (about a month ago), but I could not stay on it for a long time. Before that, I always traded either through Binance or through BitYard, so I have something to compare with. The interface is similar to all the others, but I personally did not like it - the design is too simple and at the same time incomprehensible and inconvenient. A fairly small minimum deposit can be called a plus - only $1, but those who are engaged in investments understand that this is rather bad for experienced players, but good for beginners who just want to plunge into this world, or at least try The commission for transactions here does not differ much from other sites - about 0.75%. On average, Bittrex works well, for some this exchange can be an ideal option, but I got the impression that for the average investor the interface is not intuitive and too scattered. When it comes to storing funds on the exchange, Bittrex recommends using two-factor authentication. I have seen this approach on almost all platforms. You can deposit or withdraw funds exclusively in cryptocurrencies. I don't like it much, because. I usually deposit funds directly from my bank card. Yes, there is a little more commission for such an operation, but on the other hand, you don’t need to do personal actions so often to buy one currency in order to then buy another. Very uncomfortable. As a result, I will say that the platform is rather inconvenient and incomprehensible, I definitely do not recommend it to everyone. In order to make sure that this platform is right for you, it is best to try using other exchanges, and I also advise you to read my review on another exchange - BitYard.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Very cute kitties at exorbitant prices. Modern collections

Hi everyone! In this review, I would like to tell my story of acquaintance with the cryptokitties platform and how it will forever remain in my soul. For the first time about this game, I suddenly heard a leaf in my TikTok feed. The user showed his collection of quiet cute cats and said that he was able to earn more than $ 10,000 on this. Of course, I was very interested in how I can also make money on this. First impression As soon as I got to the site, I immediately wanted to get something for my collection. Cool design, nice colors and friendly user interface. To begin with, I read information about the platform, looked at what kind of FT it was, and tried to register. One problem immediately arose - at that time I did not have a single cryptocurrency wallet and I had to start one. The choice fell on the most affordable option I could find - Metamask. Connecting the wallet took just a few seconds. Then I proceeded to the regular registration stage. Upon completion, the site immediately offers to undergo training, which shows how to create these kittens. I personally thought it was cool and interesting. In order to start "breeding" cats and cats, you first need to purchase a couple. You can do this in a special in-game store. The purchase is made for Ethereum. Therefore, before breeding, you will need to replenish your wallet with a certain amount. The cheapest cat, at the time of writing this review, was 0.00460782 ETH or about $10. Of course, the cheapest pets during breeding will bring very little income, so it is worth taking rarer specimens for the subsequent creation of offspring. Each cat is unique and acquires new properties with a certain chance. To get the rarest of them you need a little luck. There are some cats whose value would more than exceed the entire capital of some small country. But to get one for my collection, I don't even know how lucky you have to be. In fact, each individual cat is unique, and this is the essence of NFT. Thus, beautiful pets can be very expensive and make a profit when selling the rights to this NFT. We can say that cryptokitties are a platform for collectors who appreciate art and understand that these are not just pictures, but also real money. Now I don't have a single cat in my collection, but I plan to get a few in the near future. I advise everyone to try this site and appreciate it. Also read my reviews on Revainand the BitYardexchange.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Apple IPhone 7

Good phone with a good price tag, but there are some flaws

My experience of using this device is two and a half years. After that, I updated my phone to the iPhone 11, a review of which you can read here. This model was not the first of APple products for me - before that I used iPhone 4. Therefore, I can easily compare this model with both old and new technologies from the manufacturers of these smartphones. Strengths After my transition from version 4 to version 7, the sensations were just crazy. Firstly, the display was much larger and nicer to look at, the quality of images and videos has increased many times over. Using the sensor has become more pleasant, tactile sensations have also become better. The sound became clearer, louder and more voluminous. Watching movies and TV shows has become much more enjoyable (I watched all the seasons of Breaking Bad). Because I like to play mobile games, then an important parameter (for me personally) is the performance of the device in games. Of course, graphically heavy objects during the game could consume a lot of battery and even sometimes freeze the phone, but still, the iPhone coped with most tasks perfectly. Surprisingly, but I would like to highlight a convenient button, the ability to work with different pressing forces, which made the functionality of the phone much higher and more convenient. For reading or browsing social networks, the phone fits 10 out of 10. Many new features (compared to the iPhone 4) caused me a number of positive emotions that I still remember. Weak sides Of course, this problem is present on many devices (and not only those made by Apple), but it was the most annoying for me. This is battery consumption. For the first half a year of use, there were no problems, but after that the phone began to discharge in 3-4 hours of actively watching videos or games. I was forced to replace the battery in the smartphone twice during its lifetime (for comparison, the new iPhone 11 model has not had this problem for a year). But I can say one thing for sure - this model can be very easily broken if the impact is not on the screen itself, but on the end of the phone. Outcome In general, as with any device, you can always find both positive and negative sides, but I can give a good assessment, because. The received quality for a relatively small price is not as common as we would like. If you decide to purchase this model, then it is better to look towards the new versions of the flagships from Apple.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Apple IPhone 11 Cell Phones & Accessories

One of the best iphone models ever. Quality at the level

In a nutshell - a cool device. But I think it's worth talking and telling you about my experience of using this mine in more detail. Briefly about the main Stylish. Powerful. Steep. Also at a good price. Here's what you can say for sure about the iphone 11. For more than a year and a half, I have not had a single case where the phone let me down. Style In fact, I really liked the color scheme in the line of 11 models, but I settled on red (for the purchase of this model, a certain percentage was transferred to the account of the Red Cross organization). Convenience in the hand, nice appearance and other design solutions made it really sweet. The smartphone itself looks concise and fits comfortably in the hand. For me, it does not look like a shovel, even considering the large diagonal (6.1 is simply not felt here). Power As for the power - it is enough. The battery can withstand up to 6 hours of active use (games, programs), and even up to eight hours of video playback. The built-in processor copes with modern heavy programs and games perfectly well. The smartphone does not blunt at all and pleases with its speed: smooth transitions and scrolling are especially pleasing. Screen It is very cool and juicy - yes, in terms of technical characteristics, the display is a cut below the iPhone 10. BUT it does not feel at all. Unless, you place both smartphones side by side and buy a specially adapted 4k movie in the market. And in everyday life, I see only a clear, juicy and high-quality image. Brightness is more than enough for outdoor use on a very sunny day. Cool After using smartphones from other manufacturers, even flagship models, the iPhone gives the impression of a luxury item that has no competition among this type of technology. iPhone 11 is a stylish gadget that suits me in every way. The smartphone works smartly, pleases with a high-quality image and speed, suitable for shooting and editing photos. It is convenient with him - and this is the main point for me, as a user. Recomended! P.S. Also read my review on HyperX 3200MHz Desktop Memoryदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Convenient online book purchase with delivery

Recently, I had a need to buy a book, which is very difficult to find in my country. After searching the Internet for possible ways to buy, I came across the KitabJam store. It was a little scary to buy goods from another country, but in general I already had such an experience with China. Waiting was the most exciting thing, but delivery, to my surprise, was quite fast - 3 weeks from the date of order. The packaging of the book was good, no visible damage was noticed. Why did I decide to buy the book here? First - the price. In European countries, the price of my book was higher (rather due to delivery). Secondly, the availability of the necessary literature. The choice of books is large, maybe even more than where I usually bought books before. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Razer Strider Hybrid Mouse Smooth

The best mouse pad I've ever had. Recomend for everybody

I really like to play computer games, but I began to notice that often my mouse gets caught on an old mouse pad that already looked like a rag. It was time to update it and I decided to purchase a mouse pad from Razor. For a short time of use, I began to experience unreal pleasure from my purchase. The mouse pad does not slip on the surface of the table, the mouse does not cling, it walks smoothly, even with sudden movements: for example, when playing shooters. I believe that the mouse pad will not wear out for a long time - the quality is at the highest level. The price tag is certainly not the smallest, but this magnificent mouse pad is definitely worth the money देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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