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José A Rodríguez

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José A R.

José A Rodríguez

10 स्तर
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BEd of Education, major in English Teaching as a Second or Foreign Language. I'm also a teacher trainer, translator, copywriter, and proofreader. The world belongs to those who know that cryptocurrencies are the solution for unlocking financial freedom. I've invested in short in some tokens, but my earnings have been secure.
Valencia, Venezuela
ESL - Span Freelance Teacher / Translator/ Financial Writer and Author
Sun May 31 2020 17:30:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) में शामिल हुए
ton swap लोगो

Have you mined tokens since you became a frequent crypto-trader? Did you receive earnings just by completing step-by-step processes on the act of swapping? Or did you all became conscious of the value that this represents for the current marketplace? A process that has been constant as the wind For weeks, lots of traders, researchers, and informants have been delivering content about a completely innovative project. Free TON is, among other reasons, a project with over-developed qualities in an underrated market. However, it is daily growing up thanks to the support of its clients. Nowadays, the community is more interested in joining this platform because it has insightful opportunities that are measured through financial rewards. What does it mean to swap TON? Swap farming is a simple process where developers and traders place their tokens into a farming pool and wait to see them grow. The progression of this labor is frequently fast. Nevertheless, once tokens enter the farming pool, they remain mining depending on how many rounds are available until the final process. People who invest money and time on this receive good incomes that can be later withdrawn out of the platform. This process was practically abandoned since many pools turn into big scams. This is because the public and everyone can assess them. Lots of users stopped their activities. Now, there is a light shining so deep that contributes to retake these activities. TON is highlighting a new way to proceed here safer than ever. To get the right tools and be aware of the process, it is recommended that users must access the official tutorial available on the web page: TonSwap. There you’ll find six-step guidance that will support you through the integration and beginning of those events. Are you worried about the ways of receiving TON tokens? Oh, this is not a big deal! In general, there are significant yet safe ways of getting great amounts of TON tokens. You can buy them directly in a supportive exchange like Kuna or Mexc. If you want to save some money when paying fees, it is better if you apply for Mexc exchange. It is a quick and simple exchange that holds global support. Another way to have some tokens on your Crystal TON Wallet is through your telegram account. There you must join the TON bot and execute all the activities the system requires you to do. The positive aspect of these tokens is that they have a good volume in the market, indeed. Do not get frightened because of its low price. Once you hold some TONs and start farming them you won’t regret it. For more information about this, you are welcome to read an intro about this project in the following review: Conclusion (A project that teaches without barriers) TON is a project that hosts many functionalities. You’re -again-, welcome to meet them all. In one way or another, you’ll become a winner. Just don’t forget that this project is still facing a promising rise, so give it some time to get confident outcomes. Anyways, be optimistic and join tons of TON holders are getting the best to get something best in the end: constructive learning. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

ton bridge लोगो

Connecting digital bridges among blockchain servers is not new. However, there are always more enticing ways of measuring progress thanks to advanced developers who run the public gates of other projects to make them grow with the support of well-known companies. Such is the case of today's Bridge reference coming from TON. This public service is available without fees or commissions of any kind. The way of using the product is too simple although it presents some delays when loading the content. If you already met the possibilities of joining and earning with TON, then you'll be amazed to know that now you have the chance of connecting your private Ethereum wallet to the server and carry on your tasks aligned to the platform. This contributes to speed up the mass adoption of the TON token as well as some of its most interesting features. Below you'll find some characteristics that will help you understand how to use this tool for your trades and withdrawals. A Simple Step-by-Step Guideline on how to Get to Know TON-Bridge Open the server directly from the main platform (Free TON) or by looking at it on your pre-configured server. In case you use the Brave browser, you must ensure you have not blocked external servers. Load the page until it shows you the two available options to connect your TON and ETH wallets/extensions. Once you click on TON, the system will require you to authorize or sign in to your wallet extension to permit its usage. The same occurs with Ethereum. As soon as you have both wallets connected, you can start sending as many tokens as you want. Note: this is in case you want to get ETH tokens into your TON wallet (Broxus, Surf, KiloX). You can choose your preferred token. The platform gives availability to a series of tokens. including utility ones like Tether. The transition will be immediately after confirming the number of tokens you want to send. After the process is completed you can check your balance. No losses have occurred until now. A negative aspect is that the system tends to be slow, but it is still functional. The network is expected to receive new supportive features shortly. Key point: if you use an ETH extension like Metamask, your transition into the platform will be easier since it is really easy to configure. Besides, it will not take off long fees for executing transactions even when the market gets elevated. As you can see, using the TON Bridge is not really difficult. You'll find yourself immersed in a world of automatic crypto commerce that will orientate you (as a beginner to navigate in deeper waters).देखें पूरी समीक्षा

ton crystal wallet लोगो

TON's creators took really seriously the fact of creating good impressions among users. This company keeps up with an excellent job. Since a blockchain project cannot be ready without a wallet, developers were steps forward to create not one but many different wallets for their users. So they have now the chance of receiving and seeing their worth of TON in their devices in comfortable spaces. A NEW SPACE FOR YOUR TON TOKENS In this review, I'm going to show the different options traders have to join the company and get their first TON tokens. I'll also explain the main functionalities of these wallets and some of the key points you should take into account. First things first, you must know that TON is a social community that is looking forward to opening a really decentralized multiverse among traders and professional investors in the area of technical and digital development. Because of this, the project has diverse areas ready to fulfill. But here is where everyone is focusing their attention since a mobile and easy-to-use wallet is mainly necessary. You, as traders, count with access to the Broxus server which only shows you the different ways to get a desktop or mobile wallet. I must congratulate the team for making things easier when offering the product available on different networks. Many are talking about the options for Android and iOS, but I want to inform you that the desktop wallet for Windows is pretty simple. ACCESS AND FUNCTIONALITIES These wallets work with ease and all devices and servers. Once you download them on any device, you'll have two options: a) importing an existing wallet b) creating a unique wallet. Whatever your choice is, you'll find that it is programmed with basic steps. You'll have access to your see or recovery phrase, which in this case consists of 24 irrepetible words. Later, you must create a wallet in numbers or alphanumeric codes. And finally, access is granted. Once the wallet is opened/created, you'll see the main menu that shows your available balance (in case you already received TONS). Not for all wallets, the option of sending or sharing is active. So, I recommend downloading a mobile wallet (like kiloX) to send your tokens to exchange or another wallet in case you want to share them. The rest of the options are still in development, but I'm quite sure the team will keep showing good outcomes. A DIVERSITY of WALLETS FOR MODERN HOLDERS If you already visited the official page of TON you surely notice it offers you access to a set of external links where their products are available. There, you count with options to wallets like TON Surf, KiloX, or ExtraTON. They are all functional. However, I've got my top 3 wallets: For desktop: 1-) Broxus: This is the simplest of all the ones available. You can download it for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Once the setup is completed, you'll have access to your inner balance. You can update it at any time. For mobiles: 2) kiloX: This is my favorite one. You may find it available for Android. Once it is ready you'll find yourself immersed in a nice blue ecosystem. The wallet design reminds of Trust Wallet but with the most simplified options. You can trade your TONS directly in the wallet. There is an option to stake yet in development, but hopefully soon will get available. You can also send or receive tokens like BTC or ETH. 3) TON wallet: This one is too simple. It only shows you your balance in TON, but it does not permit you to send them to any exchange. So, in this case, I suggest having another complete wallet. (YET TO BE APPROVED) As you already saw, the key points of these wallets are too similar among them. They are not complex, but they require certain improvements. The wallets are around 75% functional, so there are no issues with simple trading. RECOMMENDATIONS: - Try to keep a small balance during your first adoption of the token until you certify it is adapted to your needs and you can trade securely. - Apply for two different wallets to always track your history and balance. - The system suggests you write down your seed. I recommend keeping them stored on a private field in your device. - Join the TON community as soon as possible, so you can touch the big gates of a new attractive ecosystem. Below, you have a series of photos. The first one shows you the different wallets available, and the standard. The second one is the mobile wallet; you can notice how it shows a simple structure (I don't recommend it at all because it takes so much time to update the balance). Finally, there is my TON wallet, which I just downloaded in terms of review. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

free ton लोगो

Free TON is an innovative yet insightful and smart key to the future. It is a project that integrates the value of peers. Perhaps, you haven't heard of it before, but I'm quite sure that when you first access the web page available you will notice the advanced developments it has. This project provides almost everything you can imagine. And let me tell you something more; you can write what is unknown yet. Your participation on this project matters a lot since it's a social platform. You might think, how can I relate a project that runs almost everything in the cryptographic and blockchain world? Well, the answer belongs to your expectations of what you want the cryptocurrency world to be. Changes start from you and your perspective. What do you suggest to the marketplace?, How do you plan to integrate? If you put all those questions in the GitHub network available for this project, you will find tons of interested users that will lead you down an interesting path. Another key point on Free Ton is collaboration. Everyone works there for different purposes but in the end the project is redirected to the same cause: a massive digital growth! What is Free Ton composed of? In this vast ecosystem, you can find a list of several projects already started as well as some that are waiting for clever minds like yours. Below, you'll see some highlighted areas of interest: - Decentralized ecosystem run by users. It depends on your sign to become available when starting working with the team. - Decentralized governance is active 24-/7 and you can monitor it. - A first insight into writing a purposeful smart contract.  - The chance of developing a written project for creating a DApp. These four areas are enough right now to keep you informed of what is happening in the platform. However, you can visit the page through several links that will show different aspects of this multiverse in development. Bear in mind that Free TON depends on you, so any feature that you see incorrectly might be later changed thanks to your own suggestions. Start now and see the future in the present of your hands! देखें पूरी समीक्षा

revain लोगो

I have joined to Revain just a couple of days before, but I did it because I've found a chance on here. I realized Revain offers to all of us a new way of seeing the entire world by doing and reading reviews related to the blockchain system. I'm an Modern Languages student and a EFL-ESL-Spanish freelance teacher. I'm also a bussiness researcher. That means Education is my field of working, but I really know that in our current world we have to learn about cryptocurrencies and its contributtions to the educational system. I'm a fast reader. I appreciate reading a lot and I have advanced of some of the reviews here to really understand what Revain offers to us. Until now, I've enjoyed of looking out how the system works. I think, Revain is a powerful platform that helps new researchers to know not only about cryptocurrencies' industries, but also to support world's Crypto Education Development. What do I like the most on Revain's ecosytem? Revain's ecosystem offers a wide, secure and functional framework to share reviews. One of the things I've liked the most is the AI system it posses, which gives you inspiration to build and share your own thoughts and check its authencity. This platform also gives you the chance of growing up through interactions and competition. This last one gives you extra motivation to unlock new levels of development about blockchains and cryptocurrency itself. Revain's proposal to companies and authors Through what I've seen on these days, I can ensure Revain is more than a project. There are lots of companies and authors who since submitted their reviews and ideas to establish what this platform is today, a community of success. Revain propose to every writer a large set projects to feel comfortable with, what allows to have a more enriching experience. Finally, I'm learning yet about its own currency, but I think it is a stable coin that is also in progress and works with flexibility. Revain's reviews are the new Gold colour of crypto education, world industries and success. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

powerhouse golf लोगो

Powerhouse is a digital store that sells products for golf players. It has been providing services for up to two years now.  Their web page was launched in 2019. They only provide goods and services for the UK and some other locations of Europe, especially those countries neighbor to the British countryside and others from the North. The web page they have is pretty simple. The company doesn't manage an advanced protocol and neither a high-quality program of digital marketing. Nevertheless, they are still recognized, and it is a minor brand that sells good products. Mostly, what people choose about in them is the excellence of the design of their products. Although they have a factory, many other objects look with the same potential as a dedicated handmade one. So, in general, this small store is working for a selected community and receiving good profits for it. They now provide access to their web page, and from there you can get in touch with them.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

goodwood saddlery लोगो

Since 2004, Goodwood Saddlery has been providing services for the sports world just as many other franchises do it, currently. However, it was in 1978 when they started providing physical services for the community. In that time they dedicated their promotions to horsemen, and delivered, by the way, all products related. Nowadays, the company is working with higher opportunities and providing larger options. They have products for the rider, for the horse, and for the stable. They also have products for dogs. In the case of riders, they can fin now a complete selection of high-quality objects that include well-designed boots, gloves, hats and caps, and other body protectors. Horses also receive certain products including halter and leads, and accessories. In general, the company has a good time being available for all fans of this global sport. So, if there is a current digital site where to buy what you need, Goodwood is the indicated.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

peter wynn's score लोगो

Based in Sydney, Australia, Peter Wynn's Score is a middle-high and cost-effective website aimed at the selling of sports products that includes sports shirts, shoes, and accessories (backpacks). It supports wide payment options. There are various companies like Google Pay or Apple Pay that permit to buy immediately and quickly after closing the shop. The site has a nice website. It manages really modern digital marketing, which makes it hold an SEO-friendly space. If you are fascinated by stock options, this site is promising to reveal new updates soon. For now, you can explore some of the great options they offer at excellent rates. The most exciting fact of this company is that they are recognized by different brands, and most of them are ambassadors of the project. They spread the word about the quality of this company. This has helped it to move beyond.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

duck house sports लोगो

Duck House Sports used to be a site for selling some good productss for extreme sports, and other areas. Many people thought it was focused on bets, but it just provided stock products to a small number of users. However, that is water under the bridge. Now, this site is no longer available as users knew it. It was closed some time ago, and the company didn't shared information with their clients. Most of the community came one day, and found tha the site did not exist anymore. Right now, the webiste is public. It has a domain that was offered on sale. Shopify is owning the site until someone waants to buy it. NOTE: Take your precautions because it is a scam.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

hit & run xtreme gloves लोगो

Hit and Run is a real company that is based in Mexico, where their team usually coordinates the production of their stock gloves. The project also works digitally, and through their main social media pages as well as the website, they upload all the products they sell. Users can explore a variety of products. Most of them are designed with painstaking care because they hold great details. In general, this company mostly sells all types of gloves for baseball players. But sometimes, they also make gloves for those who practice extreme sports. If you want to visit this page being as a fan, you'll find exciting designs. It is really good for those who really enjoy what they do. You can also find personalized brands that are scaling up. NOTE: At the end of the website, you'll find the real location of the company. If you're from Mexico, then everything will be easier. However, the company is involved in exportation.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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