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gatechain token लोगो

Gatechain token is the stock market token of a China-based cryptocurrency exchange with a very wide portfolio. It is a coin that has the trust of people because it is supported by a stock market, and at the same time, its value is constantly protected by various events held by the stock market, and in this way, it is a coin that usually makes its investors happy. Another feature that keeps its value constantly increasing is that people get the right to win pre-sale tokens with start-up projects in return for holding this token. This allows investors to hold for a long time by hodling instead of trading, thus maintaining its value. As for its negative features, the most problematic part is that it is an ERC-based altcoin, as in many other altcoins, so the transaction fees are quite high, so it is a very troublesome altcoin during transfer. As a result, while it is a good option for investors who want to earn by long-term hodl and participate iदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

theta लोगो

Theta is the cryptocurrency of a video sharing site mostly used by gamers. It mostly supports live broadcasts, and content producers both earn this crypto currency from the site and receive donations from the audience by opening live broadcasts on topics such as playing games, music and chat. Likewise, users can earn crypto money in this way by watching live broadcasts that open the earnings. In this way, I can say that it is a very strong crypto currency because it has a useful and continuous system, and it is one of the 50 cryptocurrencies with the most valuable market volume. Apart from these, with its high trading volume, it has entered the trading board of many of the world's largest crypto money exchanges. I can say that there are both fast and very affordable network fees for its users, as I mentioned here, they have their own transaction networks, which makes their development easier. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

contentos लोगो

It is a South Korea-based video sharing platform crypto currency that has started to become stereotypes and conducts studies specifically for many countries. You can earn contentos (cos tokens) from the cos tv platform by producing content and sharing videos. You don't just need to be a content creator, you can earn cryptocurrency for users both with new events and activities such as constantly spinning the wheel and daily rewards. I can also say that they have a large social media team. In many countries, they form a team of people from that country and provide specific support to that country, which shows that they are a relevant team. As crypto money, they are listed on almost all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, and in proportion to this, they have a really high transaction volume in many trading pairs. I think it is an attractive crypto currency for investors, as its value charts are constantly increasing, much higher thaदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

verasity लोगो

The crypto currency of a video sharing platform that I have used fondly for a while. Distributed by a video sharing platform that rewards people for both watching videos and producing content, the crypto currency has a large advertising network that it has built over time, and thus have a regular and sustainable income model. They also offer such a payment system not only for themselves but also for other video sharing platforms. If you have any video site, you can integrate this payment network there and reward your users for what they do. Another useful feature is that all payments are made automatically to a single personal wallet, meaning that all your earnings from all sites using this network are collected in one personal wallet, which is very attractive for users. As for the diversity of the stock exchanges, I can say that it has a sufficient trading volume, although it is currently traded in a small number of exchanदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

cryptosoul लोगो

Cryptosoul is a cryptocurrency that rewards people for mobile games that usually work on mobile, while also offering in-game payment support. It can get a good share of a large market, with support for mobile games and payments for gaming with an economically good market. In this way, it is a crypto currency that can attract cryptocurrency investors as well as developers. At the same time, the graphics of the games they launched at the beginning were really simple, but I can say that they have achieved a lot of success lately. Apart from these, I think there should be quality games in order to achieve a sustainable system in this regard, but in this respect, there are games where you can win their own simple cryptocurrencies, generally claiming style. Apart from these, I can say that although they are in a good market area to attract investors, they are weak in terms of stock exchange diversity. They are currently listदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

nano लोगो

Nano coin, formerly known as XRB coin, has been following the raiblock platform since it was first released. Thanks to this platform, an altoin that has reached huge masses on a global scale, has also started to attract high liquid investors as it gained popularity in this way. Let me tell you my reservations about this altcoin before moving on to the ones I like. In 2017, large amounts of Nano coins were stolen from an Italian-based exchange with a high volume of this coin and the stock market claimed that the nano coin was due to the security vulnerability, I lost about $ 1500 in this robbery, so I have some reservations in terms of security for this altcoin. However, although a small number of exchanges are also traded, the exchanges where they are located are the exchanges with the highest volume of the crypto money market. This makes it easier for them to find investors and for people to reach this altcoin. By investदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

google pay लोगो

A payment method that allows you to shop online using only your mobile phone. After confirming your card once, you can pay without the need for another card, especially Google Play offers a very fast shopping opportunity for purchases for the application and some internet purchases. At the same time, it constantly offers rewards and discounts such as gift cards and bonuses, and these discounts are also one of the reasons I prefer. The support department provides a really powerful and fast solution, and at the same time they work solution-oriented for the mistakes made and the support needed, they do not get into much word fraud incidents. However, I think the security level is a bit problematic, children in the family can be made very easily for the application if you have a credit card defined on your phone. Apart from that, it would be better if it comes to setting a usage limit on a weekly or monthly basis, as in conदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

presearch लोगो

A crypto money project created as a search engine for you to find what you are looking for more easily on the internet It distributes its own currency, pre-tokens, per search they make to their users to use the search engine. Although it is a nice project, it is an advantage for this system to be in a large market economically. But at the same time, big market means big competition, which is a big disadvantage, since there are many big global competitors in this regard. As for the design of the search engine section, it is a little ordinary and does not interest people, a little change of this design will increase user confidence, at the same time they do not necessarily have to use their own databases, when you search from the settings section, you can choose you want to use the databases of other major search engines, it is nice to offer options in this way. it adds a flair. As for income models, they generate income from the adदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

celsius लोगो

A cryptocurrency wallet that offers a lot of opportunities and I think it also poses some risks. A cryptocurrency wallet that defines itself as an international bank states that they distribute 80% of their revenues to back users, and they distribute this distribution to you in exchange for staking your money, and you can earn very high rates of income. At the same time, you can get credit, they promise loans with rates as low as 1%, which is a very nice amount. They also state that they offer payment integration for applications and purchases of stains, and that they provide fast payments, the amount distributed and the variety of rewards is a very large crypto money project. However, the biggest problem for me is that we do not have a personal private key when we raise the wallet to our phone, we log in by creating a password like a normal stock market, so we deposit our money directly into the accounts of the sitदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

phoenixdao लोगो

This token is an altcoin distributed by the application for your achievements in mobile gaming, the levels you passed and the tasks you completed. Currently, it is used by 5-6 applications, you usually earn for the achievements you get in games and you can trade them on the stock markets. The exchanges it is located in are large and sufficient, but in terms of stock exchange diversity, it is currently listed in 4 exchanges, although the exchanges are high-volume exchanges, there is a situation that restricts users to learn and use. In addition, DEFI project, which provides authentication and storage, which can be called a digital identity that prevents fraud and fake accounts. Since it is an ERC-based alcoin, I can say that the transaction fee is a bit costly, but in the case of free earnings, this cost is covered by the implementation and project management itself. It also provides a digital identity for applicationsदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

sense लोगो

A token that is the currency of a messaging application that is registered on the Sense blockchain and has such a security mechanism. The Sense token is used both for use and for rewarding in the application. Namely, when you enter the application once a day to use it, you gain sense by the application for 24 hours. With the Sense token, there are channels that you can join by paying a fee, and anyone who can share interesting content can open them to their users. Apart from these, you can donate to people whose content you like. Apart from these, a highly secure platform has a database created with blockchain technology against situations such as hacking. In addition, it has been opened to use in a beta phase in a chat application that is currently in the testing phase. With the app, you can create groups, message your friends, i.e. an altcoin with a sustainable income model. Since it is a sustainable altcoin, it has the potentiदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

trust wallet token लोगो

The reward token of a personal cryptocurrency wallet owned by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The purpose of use is generally used as the reward distribution coin of projects such as reference system, staking, and award distribution of dapp projects. It has made it very easy to advertise because it belongs to an innovative and secure cryptocurrency wallet that supports various cryptocurrencies, has a dapp browser and offers staking services, as well as having a connection with a large crypto money exchange, and thus, it has collected large amounts of investment in a short time. This makes it attractive for investors and long-term investments. Although it is traded on large and bulky exchanges, it is a disadvantage that it is traded in a small number of exchanges in terms of diversity. At the same time, the vast majority of these tokens were burned, and the decrease in total supply led to an increase देखें पूरी समीक्षा

xrp लोगो

Thanks to cheap and fast money transfer, it is a highly preferred crypto money for money transfer. However, the whole world is traded in almost all crypto money exchanges. Therefore, it is a preferred crypto currency in terms of reach, trading and money transfer in terms of people. It is also preferred by many international banks and companies because it provides much cheaper and faster money transfer than traditional money transfer, and therefore it is a very valuable crypto money. At the same time, the difference from other crypto money projects is that even if transactions are made on the blockchain, all controls can be controlled by the company with the aim of providing profit for a company, so it does not fit the definition of decentralized network, which is the reason people prefer cryptocurrencies, which is a big disadvantage for me. I think the biggest problem for this crypto money is that most of it is locked in tदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

thunder token लोगो

An independent cryptocurrency built on its own blockchain. It is a really fast and low fee crypto money, they state that this is what they are really ambitious about. I must say that the transaction takes place within 2-3 seconds and a very low fee of 000.5% is applied, which is a very attractive amount. They also have a Proof-Of-Stake system, which I think is very useful for their promotion and advertising. They distribute a nice amount of TT Tokens to their users who help them run their network, which helps more investors to reach this token. It is also possible to earn TT-USDT staking and mining via mobile applications. Not many exchanges are traded either, but the trading volume of 2-3 exchanges on which it is located is quite high and satisfactory. I believe that they will grow even more if they facilitate the access of users who want to increase the diversity of the stock exchange. I know that they are currently in dialogue देखें पूरी समीक्षा

tnc coin  लोगो

TNC coin is an altcoin project that attracts the attention of young people in particular and provides services in terms of in-app payments and integration in entertainment areas such as games and e-sports. The last TNC coin project I have experienced is a survey application, the awards earned from the survey can be shot to the stock market within seconds, it is a very fast altcoin. At the same time, another aspect that I like is that they have a very innovative and developing team, the reason I say this is that they managed to be listed on 15 global crypto money exchanges in a short time. Considering the low transaction fees, it is a good altcoin project for both app developers and players. Another reason for preference is that thanks to the smart contract, it prevents players from deleting their balances and everything is recorded and secured in the blockchain chain. It is one of the rare crypto money projects that I really like in eदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

polypux लोगो

Blockchaine Integrated Social Media Project

Polypux is a blockchain-based project that I have been using for a while, to bring people to the forefront on various social media platforms. While such sites are available all over the world, for the first time, a blockchain-based site of this type that works in integration with crypto coins was built. Another aspect of the site that I love about the tasks you do is automatic and it controls the tasks you complete quite quickly. After you become a member of the site, it is enough to connect your social media accounts to the site, so that automatic bots detect whether you have performed the social media tasks given to you by the site and reflect your reward to your balance. I liked the site very much, but since it is a new project, it has many shortcomings.We can list the errors I've seen so far as follows: The site constantly gives errors due to the slowness of the control system while performing the tasks. People can trick after hiring, Thदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

coin payments लोगो

coinpayments is a payment method used to purchase services on many major sites. The transaction fee of the cryptocurrencies it supports is quite affordable compared to many systems, and this system can also serve as a payment system without any obstruction or sanctions internationally, thanks to the crypto money it offers. I can say that it is a fast transfer, although the Fee fee is relatively high, considering the speed and its own fees, I can say that it suits me. I have been using this system to make payments for about 2 years, although it was rarely encountered at first, I now encounter many sites where payment is made with crypto money, which indicates that it has an active team. When it comes to problems, the support team works really slow when you have a problem. Support can take up to 1 week to arrive, which can be a problem as the service they offer is cryptocurrencies and the imbalance of this market. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

revain लोगो

An exciting platform for mindful writers

It is a project where people can have an idea about these projects by writing reviews about all companies and projects that have globalized and gained trust in cryptocurrencies. It is a site that I use when I support and invest in a new crypto money investment or project, and learn whether people trust them and their experiences. In my opinion, the most important feature is that it cannot be sealed with the blockchain and then the reviews cannot be deleted, which will prevent the manipulation of large companies. The project team follows an innovative approach by constantly updating the project with new agreements and website, which constantly attracts new users while preventing the users who already use it from getting bored from the project. I also like that almost every week they make deals with new projects and altcoins and organize competitions. Moreover, you are rewarded with RVN for both the reviews you write and the competitions youदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

btc-alpha लोगो

One of the worst exchanges I've ever experienced. I deposited altcoins the other day. I had to trade 3-4 times to be able to withdraw him as DOGE. As with other exchanges, you cannot trade directly using USDT or BTC trading pairs. You need to make 3-4 transactions by converting BTC, USDT and USD trading pairs. Unfortunately the problem did not end with that, the transaction volume of altcoins is very low, the difference between buy and sell orders can reach 5%, which is a huge problem for someone who trades in high volumes. Finally, they process your crypto withdrawal orders manually, and this withdrawal can take up to 48 hours. The other day I withdrew a REV Token from here on the TRC20 base, then I placed a withdrawal order from btcalpha to another exchange as TRC20, they canceled my withdrawal order after 24 hours, and they suspended the TRC20 withdrawal. I had to withdraw my money back by paying high transaction fees on ERC20 bदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

geodb लोगो

Geodb is a project created to collect personal data and conduct market research with large companies and brands. For this, it trades on various cryptocurrency exchanges and encourages people to raise investments. It launched a new application that is currently in beta. Thanks to this application project, you can earn $ GEODB for free by sharing your personal data in the application. Profits are achieved in exactly the same way as cloud mining applications. It has applications for both Android and IOS. As it is currently in beta, the shots are not open, but it is expected to open by the end of this year. I guess it will have a good value when it opens, depending on the situation, I will update my article when the shooting process is opened. At the same time, they recently announced that the staking feature for high amounts of investment will be active, I think this will have a positive effect on the con value. For now, my biggest cदेखें पूरी समीक्षा

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