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I like that it is easy to use with all of their app features which makes scheduling workflows simple! The support team has been amazing in helping us learn how to navigate through this platform so far as well as answering any questions we have had or concerns about setting up our account/workflow flow. Honestly not anything at this point since they are doing everything right by supporting you after setup process. Have an idea what your needs will be before signingup. They should do some more training regarding using multiple apps within one service provider but thats probably just me being nitpicky haha. We've realized benefits from getting feedback from customers via surveys as well as having them sign into services when out riders deliver packages. Vedi recensione completa

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The Lalamove team is very attentive and responsive. They are always willing to listen to our needs and respond. They are also very flexible with our on-time delivery needs. I haven't had any bad experiences with Lalamove. I've only had positive experiences. I would recommend Lalamove to any business that requires on-time delivery. We've used Lalamove for two years now and have been very happy with all of their services. The Lalamove team provides on-demand delivery services. We use Lalamove for our same-day delivery needs. We have found that Lalamove's on-demand delivery services are very reliable. Vedi recensione completa

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Bausch Biotrue Multi Purpose Contact Solution

Hello comrades! Bausch&Lomb Bio True lens solution is good. There would be a point. But no. There is more to tell. I buy large quantities for myself. So much cheaper. Those who wear contact lenses are familiar with this company firsthand. Bausch&Lomb have proven themselves in the market. Who cares, then you need to pronounce "Bausch and Lomb." American firm. But they do it in Israel. Sell all over the world. Another international. The composition is quality. Here you have hyaluronal, and boric acid and sodium chloride, and a bunch of other unpronounceable names. For example, polyaminopropyl biguanidine and polyquaternium. It makes me want to ask, bulging my eyes, what? ... Comes with a 300 ml bottle and a bright green lens case. Instructions don't count. Paper is paper. Use for its intended purpose, but before that you can read. The cap is screwed on. The dispenser is convenient. The solution flows in a thin stream. The liquid itself foams slightly, forming bubbles. A volume of 300 ml costs about 400 rubles and more. You have to look for something cheap. It is better to search online stores. Free retail and free prices. Margin of 50%, that is, cheaper than 600 rubles to look for. For comparison, I will present to your attention the old and new solution. Both are the same company. Only one is ReNu and the other is BioTrue. The one on the left is the previous generation. On the right is the most recent one. This is where it makes sense to buy. Suitable for all types of soft lenses and removes protein deposits better. I am satisfied with the purchase and can recommend it to those who use contact lenses and occasionally leave them in the container overnight. The experience of several months is positive. The manufacturer recommends changing the solution in the lens case daily and rinsing the lenses themselves with fresh solution only. At the same time, the storage of the opened container is only three months. Good luck! Vedi recensione completa

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Lion Brand Yarn 923 209 Birthday

It is always a pleasure to tie a cute little thing with your own hands for a child. I love knitting, especially for children. The range of yarn is now huge. I decided to knit a jacket for my baby from pale blue melange yarn. Chose YarnArt BABI COLOR. I have already bought yarn from this manufacturer more than once. Of course, this yarn is not natural, but still not bad in quality. This kind of yarn was produced specifically for children's knitting. The label has the composition of the yarn, its length and weight. I bought two skeins and they were enough for a jacket, and for booties, and for a hat. The knitted things turned out to be soft and thin, very light. When worn, they do not fall off, they endure washing perfectly. The thread does not shed, lays down evenly when knitted. The knitted product does not stretch, the thread keeps its shape. Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it can be easily customized to fit your needs for any size of team or organization! It's easy enough so even junior employees are able make simple changes without needing help from an expert admin/developer - which makes sense because they're not experts yet themselves (but will become one day). You need someone who knows how this works in order get most outta'it but there really isn’t anything too complicated here either once you know what everything does- all buttons do exactly as described with no surprises at first use when getting started. There aren't many tools available these days where everyone has access regardless if their job title says "project manager" etc., just go ahead & start using something right away instead waiting until more people come onboard later down line!! We have been tracking our goals since we implemented them back last year now its time to track actual progress towards those results by utilizing other metrics within each area such as KPIs.Vedi recensione completa

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Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch Tracking Included

Hello! I want to tell you about a fitness device that helped me in the task of restoring health. UPD 11/17/2019 At the end of August, Versa broke down. Everything was as usual, the clock was discharged, I put it on charge. And they didn't turn on again. When you press the button, the screen with the splash screen starts to glow and after a few seconds. gas. I didn’t wear diagnostics, I switched to other smart watches with heart rate monitoring. UPD 01/17/2019 As I understand it, it is now impossible to install the Fitbit application on the territory of the Russian Federation ... I wanted to download it on a new smartphone - it is not there. In 2017, I had problems: a sudden increase in heart rate, dizziness. She was examined by several specialists (neurologists, cardiologist). The health improvement program was repeatedly adjusted as tachycardia took place. I tried to track the moments of rapid heartbeat with a simple Wellograth device: it showed the pulse at the moment the button was pressed. . Spring 2018 I found out about the new Versa smartwatch from Fitbit. The accessory was purchased by me for the sake of a single function (which other fitness trackers do not have) - constant monitoring of the pulse and recording a complete picture in the application. Together with specialists, we were able to track periods of increased heart rate (including at night), adjust drug therapy and understand which set of exercises has a beneficial effect (I perform complexes for the cervical and lumbar spine, cardio block). . Externally, the watch, as for me, is ordinary. Too bad they don't come with interchangeable straps. The charger has a USB cable. It is convenient for me to charge from a laptop. Replenishes the charge quickly: a full battery in half an hour. Takes about a week. Vers's display responds to raising your hand. You look at the clock - the screen lights up, the pulse is visible. By scrolling on the touch screen, you can select additional functions: set the alarm, turn on the music, set the alarm, activate the sports mode (running, cycling, swimming, strength training), see the weather, etc. I use the Relax icon - a relaxation assistant. Following the instructions, the watch helps to bring breathing back to normal, relax and show how effective a minute of rest turned out to be. First, the device detects your breathing rate. Next, you need to take a deep breath and exhale on command - visually this is a thoughtful and deflating circle, tactilely - the vibration of the clock. When you relax qualitatively, the screen turns green and the circle begins to shine. At the end of the relaxation exercise, data is displayed: what was the pulse before the lesson, what was it at the end, the level of relaxation is written - low / medium / high. Data from the Versa fitness tracker is transferred to the application on the phone (I have an iPhone). The device is synchronized with the phone using Bluetooth for a long time (see video screen on YouTube, insert below). Regarding the heart rate (HR), in the application you can see the average daily heart rate for each day: By clicking on the day of interest, see the picture of heart rate during the day: I use the women's calendar in the Fitbit app. I liked him. Predicts the beginning and end of cycles, you can mark each day additionally: well-being, sexual intercourse, the presence and nature of discharge. The application helps to evaluate the quality of sleep: duration, phases of deep sleep. For those who follow the diet, the application can indicate the amount of fluid consumed, the calorie content of foods, and make weight measurements. The app sends email alerts. Various motivating stickers are issued. . Unfortunately, the smart watch menu and the application are not Russified. . Versa gets an excellent rating from me. A complete picture of heart rate per day is bravo! I wear a watch without taking it off for six months. They are waterproof - I take a shower with them, swam in the sea. . Thank you for your attention! All health and well-being! Vedi recensione completa

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The ability it gives you with detailed reports about your team's success in each goal area makes this product very useful! I would like if they could add some new fields or give us extra options when creating our goals/objectives so we can have better customization over what exactly goes into them (i'm thinking specifically at how easy things are made by using pre-built templates). This has been great because now my managers know where everyone stands compared against his peers which allows me to focus even harder towards achieving those objectives!! Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it is easy to use with an intuitive interface. It's also very flexible so you can create your own workflows without having programming knowledge or needing lots of resources from our team members (which we don't have much). Some features are not as user friendly such as creating custom tags/fields which makes tracking down information difficult if there isn’t already something in place at time when needed most. Also sometimes some fields become empty after saving changes but nothing shows up until next save attempt. This happens usually because someone has changed their mind about what they want saved into those field before hitting "save". The benefits include being able to easily track through many different steps using workflow rules instead of searching manually each step by hand. Vedi recensione completa

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Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister

Sakura's Pigma Micron liners are quite common in many stationery stores, both simple and art, and belong to the class of professional liners for drawing. I bought my liner in the Leonardo chain of goods for hobbies and needlework for 192 rubles. I chose the Pigma Micron 02 liner - this is a line with a thickness of approximately 0.30 mm. The assortment also includes liners both thinner and thicker, but the line thickness indicated above is the most optimal for me personally. The case of the liner is made of strong, glossy plastic, which fits well in the hand and does not slip. The lid is just as dense, strong, has metal fasteners for pockets. The core of the liner is thin, has no obvious smell, is fixed in a metal frame. The lines on the paper lie evenly, practically do not spread and do not smear at all. The color is saturated, especially when the liner is new. I compared this liner with other popular analogues with the same line thickness. In principle, I did not notice a strong difference in quality. Vedi recensione completa

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Aveeno Calming Lavender Hypoallergenic Tear Free

Good day! For a very long time I put off reviews of children's products on the back burner, but today I decided to clean up the drafts a little and share with you what I have long wanted to talk about. Moreover, enough time has passed to draw certain conclusions about certain hygiene products and not only. Since I have a little daughter who is already a year old. Something about children's hygiene products and not only, I know a lot. Because we use them often. But if with my eldest son I calmly used Johnson's Baby cosmetics and products. Then with my daughter I already thought about the benefits, harms, as well as the composition of what I used. And then it dawned on me that the famous Italian manufacturer Johnson's Baby not so good and uses a lot of chemistry in its composition, which is not recommended especially for babies. I wrote more about this in my review of Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil, where you can read more about it. And for myself I decided that I would try to reduce the products of this company to a minimum. Although much was bought in advance, even before the "turn on the brain." Since there will be enough chemistry for the child in the future, but for now there is an opportunity to use better natural remedies. Therefore, for me, this manufacturer is blacklisted. At least while the child is small. I didn’t buy Aveeno baby bath gel shampoo, our pediatrician gave me a sample and shampoo and cream for baby. And I can say that I even liked the new product, how it smells and how it foams. Until one moment, until I looked at the information about the manufacturer and composition. This is what a small bottle of Aveeno Baby Bath Gel looks like. The large bottle has a convenient dispenser. And its price is not small in the store. It is clear that now there is one continuous chemistry in the composition. But it is still surprising that more natural formulations cannot be made for infants. Moreover, the price of these funds is not at all small. And for it I would like to get good quality. Unfortunately, it contains two components that are not recommended for use in adult cosmetics, and here we are talking about children's gel and its composition. Sadly. But the most interesting thing is that this is a product of the well-known Johnson's Baby brand. And it is clear that this is to attract new customers, those who are already disappointed in this brand. After all, not everyone watches compositions that are written in English and are completely incomprehensible, and even more so from the manufacturer. The gel itself is thick and pleasant to the smell. Just not suitable for children's skin. Checking the composition for naturalness and danger did not give a good result, but even vice versa. It is not worth the money spent, nor the health of your children. E Therefore, I will not recommend. And I can't give more than three points. Since, nevertheless, the gel can be used for its intended purpose, you can simply pump up the composition. I do not wash my child with them, I used them myself. And my daughter decided not to wash them. Vedi recensione completa

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