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Crayola Marker Watercolor Inches Pages

Good day to all visitors to this page! My daughter loves to draw. In this regard, a double-sided easel was presented from Kuma for her birthday, which did not include felt-tip pens or markers. Then I decided to look for them separately, and opted for Crayola. The price of their products, bites, as for me. But after this purchase, I realized that at least the markers are worth it. Still not knowing how much the little one would appreciate such a gift, and she loves to draw with paints, I took a set of 6 markers for testing. The store had 4 and 12 more. Perhaps there are other quantities. The packaging indicates that they are washed and washed not only from the skin, but also from clothes. However, it is noted that this should be done immediately after the child gets dirty. Markers are recommended for children from 3 years of age. What's nice is that they don't smell bad. Let's open the package: The markers are quite light in weight. It is convenient to hold them with small hands (even if not quite right): The colors are quite bright and saturated, the thickness of the lines can be seen in the previous photo: and a little closer: This is how each of them can be written on the side of the easel intended for this: What I want to say - I am very satisfied with this purchase! And most importantly, my daughter is happy, although she doesn’t draw with them too often, but if she starts, she can’t tear them off. From the easel, what is written with markers is erased with a damp cloth, but sometimes you have to do this more than once, as stains remain. As for clothes, I can’t say with certainty whether they are washed, because when a child is in a creative impulse, then everything is used - paints, and pencils, and felt-tip pens, and these markers. Yes, I don’t really try - at home we wear clothes for the house, Still, I recommend these markers! I especially liked their durability. The easel was presented on January 3, I bought these markers in a week or two, and they still make us happy, they have not ended. Thank you all for your attention! Vedi recensione completa

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Sojern Traveler Platform

We had so many travel issues in our past which were solved by this app as we have almost all aspects from ticketing to checkin through check-out process fully supported with excellent customer service and support team! Their features like payment methods available for different currency are good plus it's free software tooo cool. ! Nothing yet. I would still recommend them due its feature rich user friendly solution offered best price/feature ratio to their users compared to others out there in market currently also they are one of most trusted brand amongst travelers!! It was hard time finding something else other than booking an airline tickets via any website but now i just book hotels or even flights using only my Smartphone and get alerts when ever flight departs! The most important thing about sojerner is its ability to provide me with all of my travel information in one place. I can find everything from flight status, hotel availability, car rental options, etc. It's easy for me to see what rates are available right now, or even compare them side by side. There isn't much I dislike - it does exactly as advertised! We've been able to save time searching through multiple websites and apps to get our information together. Vedi recensione completa

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Markers Unique Colors T Shirt Set Double Ended

A set of fabric markers was purchased by my daughter as a gift. I wanted to diversify the creativity of the child, for this we try to select various materials. I won’t say that my daughter often draws with them, because you need to use such markers only under the supervision of an adult. Daughter 5 years old. But she liked the idea of painting her own T-shirt! The advantage of MARVY FABRIC markers is that they do not require ironing. The colors of the markers are bright. For a brighter result, it is recommended to circle the drawing 2-3 times, drying. In the photo, the drawings are made in one layer. The markers are non-toxic and odorless. Permanent, do not fade. The finished product must be dried for a day before washing. Markers are ideal for drawings on sneakers, bags and cotton clothes. But drawing takes some getting used to. Pull the fabric as tight as possible, as it gathers under the marker. In general, it takes practice. The price is a little expensive, 140,000 Bel. rub. is ok. 500 rub. Russian. The country of production is Japan. It is very entertaining for children, and it is useful to diversify the usual drawing on paper. Vedi recensione completa

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It is very easy to use as it has several filters that help you get exactly what's needed for each report or dashboard, plus all reports are free! Also they have many integrations with other tools like Slack so if an integration already exists between them then there will be no need of creating one yourself unless necessary (but I haven't found any yet). You can create various ad groups such as daily budget spenders by location ect.. which makes setting up budgets easier when running campaigns across multiple channels at once instead having individual ones per channel/ad group. The only downside would possibly being able edit ads without going through another tool first but this could just take some time getting used too because its not intuitively obvious how things work - maybe make icons more prominent? Have been using their platform since last year now & never looked back ever after seeing the benefits from day 1 compared against. Vedi recensione completa

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The ability of creating video content is one thing I like most about this software, as it's very easy for me to use since my skills are not advanced at all (just basic). It also helps in saving time by being able to edit your own files without having to go through other people who do know what they're doing. Sometimes when you try to open an older file or if there was any mistake made while editing something can be hard to find out where exactly did it happen so sometimes it takes some time before finding them again. Also the price could have been lower but hey! You get what you pay for :) Definitely give advid a chance because we got nothing bad from using their product yet ;).Vedi recensione completa

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Digital Social Retail

It's easy to use, it works with our platform (Magento), they have great support & are always willing help you out when needed! I wish there was more flexibility in how things look/functions inside of digital social retail but that might just be me not knowing what i'm looking at haha!! We've gotten alot better leads from this program than we did before using DSR so far which has been amazing considering where lead generation used tp come form previously :) The ease of use, as well as its ability to track all marketing efforts across channels - online vs in store or mobile app etc.- very helpful! Also great customer support from their team!! Nothing so far but I am sure they will continue improving it more with time :) Great product that helps us keep up pace w/ our competitors while also keeping an eye out at social media posts by customers which help drive sales & retention rates higher than ever before! Vedi recensione completa

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The ease of use, how simple it is to create amazing videos for our clients! I love that we can edit them all in one place as well so there are no extra costs or time spent editing each individual clip if you have multiple people speaking at once (which happens often). Sometimes when using some programs like this they don't always save correctly after an update which causes problems but other than those minor hiccups everything has been smooth sailing thus far!! We've used many different companies over my career including Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 & After Effects CS6-CC 2019 - none compare to shakrs simplicity nor their quality/price ratio compared to others out here making similar products. As above mentioned sometimes things may not be saved properly from versioning issues however these seem rare now since updating recently though still could happen occasionally depending upon what program being edited etc.. Overall very happy customer who would highly recommend anyone looking.Vedi recensione completa

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I like how easy it is to create campaigns for my clients using reminxtrax's interface! It gives me all of their important data so i can easily make custom ads without having them fill out tons or information themselves which saves time in creating new ad sets/campaigns every month!! Nothing at this point really. If you are looking into an advertising software then definitely look up other options because there may be something better than what has already been mentioned here by others who have used different programs before. !Vedi recensione completa

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Beats Studio3 Wireless Over‑Ear Headphones

Good day! I wanted to share my experience with Apple headphones today. This miracle is called BEATS STUDIO 3 WIRELESS! Color Shadow Gray/Dark grey. I really like the color) The first thing I saw when I received these headphones was a very solid packaging. Dense, high-quality, multi-section. Something similar to the packaging of smartphones from this company. You can see the package contents in the photo. Opening the box you will see a hard case in which the headphones are located. Separately, about the protective case, I would like to say that this is not an unimportant accessory for headphones of this price category. It is also very high quality and well made. Smooth seams and pleasant materials, inside it is soft. It is intended both for protection against various kinds of physical influences and moisture. Rain won't stop him from doing his job. Also included are: - cable for charging and connecting to a computer. Soft, pleasant with company markings. Length is approximately 1 meter. US B - micro USB; - wire 3.5 mm jack on both sides, 1.5 meters; - Carabiner for a cover. to be comfortable to wear); - Documentation kit, quick connection and setup guide, 2 BEATS logo stickers. The color of all accessories depends on the selected headphone color. Now about the headphones themselves! I think it makes no sense to write the exact characteristics here, I will write my opinion. The quality is definitely top notch! Very pleasant materials, the rim of the headphones is rubberized and soft from the bottom, from the top it is covered with beautiful matte plastic. The ear pads are very soft and comfortable. I think everyone will like the size of the ear pads) All this rests on a metal base. Headphones work both from the wire and through the bluetooth connection. On the left cup is the playback and sound control. On the right is the power button and battery indicator. The sound quality, at least for me, is good, very clear without any extraneous noise, distortion or wheezing. I love music and how it sounds matters to me. I listen to absolutely different music from classical to rock. High and mid frequencies are excellent in any direction of music. Low frequencies in some compositions (evil rap, club music) are a little lacking. Also, the volume is a bit lacking. But all this is subjective and not critical. In general, they play very well. There is a function of adaptive noise reduction. With this feature, you will hear only your favorite music and nothing more. Noise canceling can be turned off with a button on the headphones themselves to save battery. There is a built-in microphone for talking on the phone (very convenient). They sit perfectly on the head, you can not be afraid that they fall off. After a couple of minutes, you just stop feeling them! Ears do not get tired at all, do not sweat even with prolonged use. Through the bluetooth, the headphones work from the battery in the region of 22 hours with noise reduction turned on, with it turned off in the region of 40 hours. They charge quickly, I didn’t exactly notice, about 40-50 minutes. Claimed 10 minutes of charging = 3 hours of work is true) Even probably a little more than 3 hours. In the cold, the operating time decreases accordingly. I have not tried it in the cold, I think it is at least not comfortable) Of the minuses, I can note that the sound is not loud enough and there are not enough bottoms (I repeat, this is subjective and not critical for me), the headphones work only with Apple devices via bluetooth (be sure to take into account when choosing), well, their price is not cheap (24999r.), but my opinion price - quality is quite comparable. In general, almost a year of use, I have never regretted the purchase. The headphones are completely satisfied and there were no complaints about their work during this time. Vedi recensione completa

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The simplicity of setup, ease of use for our developers who are used to Salesforce but not necessarily familiar with lead management tools; very well designed user experience - it's intuitive! There aren't many other options in this industry, we like what they've done here so far. Would love if they had more customization as some things could be made easier to set up via an easy-to-use interface rather than having them edit code. Have been able to eliminate manual entry errors by using Leadtools to track new opportunities.Vedi recensione completa

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