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Internet Dispatcher

I like how easy it was to learn when compared to other software systems we used in our old office (that were not web enabled). The support team has been very helpful as well! We are trying to set up rules so only agents who have logged hours can access certain features of the platform but there seems to be an issue because they don't want us using them anymore even though their website says otherwise -.- I like being able to use it at home as well if needed or just in my car while driving around town! It makes life so much easier when getting orders out quickly!! There are some features which could be improved such us faster loading of pages once logged onto your account but other than this everything works great. No problems yet :) Great program overall very easy way get work done without having people over here all day doing things manually by hand etc..Vedi recensione completa

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I am very satisfied by their service because they have helped me to deliver my items in other countries as well! They are really efficient, professional and reliable people that help us every time we need them. Nothing at all; it is perfect!! If there's anything i would like to improve about this business - just be patient if something goes wrong or takes some extra effort from your side (like getting lost) don't get frustrated but keep calm and try again later when everything will work out for sure. We use lalamoves couriers for sending packages around Europe. The main benefit of using Lalamoves is being able to track each package step by step till its arrival.Vedi recensione completa

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Perler Beads Assorted Multicolor Crafts

We bought our daughter the smallest set of Aquabeads "Funny Toys" for the sake of experiment. The set was so captivating that in one day they made all the toys. I had to buy a second, already larger set - "Beginner's Studio with a Form Changer". What are the sets? Beads, water spray bottle, stand, stencils. This is the minimum that is in the smallest sets. Additionally, in large sets, tweezers and a comb for removing figures are included. I think the last two details are optional. The beads are folded according to a stencil or arbitrarily (a flight of fancy) and sprayed with water. It is advisable to leave the workpiece for 1 hour, otherwise it may fall apart. I also singled out one moment for myself - so that the figurine does not deform (bend) after the final drying, and this happens - you need to remove it after an hour, put it on a flat surface, put a load on top of a white sheet. In this state, the figure should dry completely (about 30 minutes). It is undesirable to dry the removed figure on the batteries (or near it), the figure is deformed from heat. We remove the figure with ordinary cardboard, no comb is needed. Gently pry on one side, then on the other and remove the entire figure. I advise you to immediately buy a large set and additional beads - the set will definitely captivate you. If you buy a small child (under 5 years old), be sure to watch him! Vedi recensione completa

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Clover 3672 Amour Crochet Sizes

I don't go a single day without knitting. Most often I knit openwork decorative items (napkins, braid, appliqués, etc.) with a 1 mm crochet. A couple of months ago, somewhere in the apartment, I lost my favorite hook of this size at that time and ran to the nearest store to buy a new one. The saleswoman advised me to take a Japanese steel hook from Clover, as often, having bought one hook from this company, customers come back and buy all the available sizes. Seeing the price of the hook - 475 rubles, I hesitated for a few seconds, but still decided and bought it. Now I knit even more with great pleasure. The hook turned out to be of excellent quality and very convenient for my knitting method (I hold the hook like a pen): - my corns and cracks on my fingers disappeared, the hook does not prick, - the hook gently spreads the fibers and it is easy for them to knit from any type of thread, as well as to tie a woven fabric, - the hook has a handle that is comfortable in shape and tactile sensations, it does not slip in the fingers and does not rotate, while knitting it seems that it has grown together with the hand, - after knitting, the hook is closed with a metal cap, - this is really a 1 mm hook (cheap hooks sometimes say 1 mm, but in fact it is larger). Here is the last doily that I knitted with Japanese crochet Clover 1 mm (No. 6) from Pekhorka White Lace yarn. Of course, now I want to have Clover hooks in all sizes, but for now I'm thinking about a way to buy them cheaper, because The price of this hook in the store was overpriced compared to the prices in online stores. I will wait for a good opportunity to buy or I will order them for myself as a gift from my husband for some holiday. Vedi recensione completa

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The ability to track progress of projects from start to finish was very helpful when working as part of an agile team (Scrum). It's easy enough that non technical people could use it too! I would like there to be more visual options available so we didn't have to rely solely on text labels - this made some processes quite slow or cumbersome depending how many items were being tracked at once. We used dragon boat primarily during our sprint planning meetings where we'd plan out what work needed doing each week/month etc., but also had weekly standups which involved reviewing project status reports using the tool. Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it's easy for me as an admin/business owner - if you are familiar at all-to keep up wtih my workflow because there is no way of tracking time spent or even just progress made towards projects without having multiple tabs open (which can be distracting). It also has been very helpful when we have had issues getting our team members together via email during busy times! We're able to see who was working where so they don't need access to internal emails while out & about doing their jobs but still get updates from us regarding deadlines etc.Vedi recensione completa

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Watercolor Painting Professional Paintbrushes Halloween

The question of choosing brushes for painting or serious design work should be no less important than the art material. Quality sometimes plays almost the main role. For example: the paints are excellent, but the brushes are random, have no elastic pile, or generally peel terribly. Artistic brushes of the brand "Roubloff" (Rublev) are of good quality, though the price is demanding ... A little bit of the brand: I assume that the name belongs to the name of the famous medieval Russian icon painter - Andrei Rublev. And this is "ff" at the end - so, sorry, like "show-off" in a modern way. The brand has a fairly large assortment of brushes for various purposes. For convenience, there are catalogs of brushes marked: A - special series produced for artists, D - for nail design, H - for various hobbies, M - for makeup. Here are some brushes from my arsenal: SYNTHETIC: No. 14 large flat brush with a long handle. This is useful to ANY artist, even for landscape, even for design work! I advise you to buy. Specifically, this brush is used when working with gouache, acrylic, tempera, possibly with oil, if you use the glazing style. No. 10 large flat with beveled pile. While lying in stock, waiting for his turn. With the beveled edge, you can also easily work in arts and crafts. For example, "under the palekh" and the like ... No. 2 number is very necessary for any artist. For leisurely painting or drawing details. No. 00 Brush for professionals only, used for VERY thin and fine drawing. Finding a high-quality zero is a kind of "treasure" for an artist. I WANT TO REMIND: if you are going to use good brushes for a long time, you need to take care of them: 1) do not leave the brushes in the water for a long time after class, especially the dirty ones! 2) thoroughly rinse the brushes after paints!! especially acrylic and the like! wash directly with soap, preferably household. 3) do not let brushes that are in oil or acrylic paint dry out! (pictured below is an example of what will happen) 4) if you are going to buy brushes for a child (for example, in an art school), then you should NOT choose professional ones. I'll explain why: they are above average in price and require careful maintenance!! Far from every child will not only appreciate, even simply will not understand why so many troubles are needed (points 1 and 2). After all, if you do not make the necessary care - the brush will simply VERY quickly become worthless! An example of what will happen if you do not rinse thoroughly: If you need inexpensive but good quality brushes, then YOU ARE HERE: Pinax Creative. Also a great option for kids who are studying art. Art brushes of the brand "Roubloff" - decent quality, but the price is appropriate! Examples of numbers from synthetic pile are given, which are good for: gouache, tempera, acrylic, oils in case of glazes. Also brushes of pile "PROTEINS" are worth attention at the brand. Vedi recensione completa

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Crayola Crayola Crayons 24 Pack

I am fine with pencils, and indeed with the Crayola brand in general. I bought ordinary pencils and was simply delighted with their quality, brightness and ease of sharpening. Therefore, I didn’t doubt for a second that my daughter would like the option of crayons with sparkles. She loves everything shiny, and coloring pictures so that they become bright and a little magical is great. But nothing good came of this venture. Everything started well - the crayons came to me in a cardboard package, though not the most reliable, it seemed thin, the child could easily tear it. But the pencils are small, comfortable, and even as many as 16 colors. There is not much information in Russian, but everything is clear here. I ordered it in a reliable online store, it’s definitely not a fake, and it’s unlikely that anyone fakes not so expensive pencils. All colors are painted on one side of the box. Opens and see them live. What variety! Now we will start creating our bright masterpieces! Each wax crayon is carefully wrapped in a piece of paper, it sits firmly and does not fall off. When my daughter was little, she simply adored "undressing" such pencils, she stopped with age. So far so good, but here's the first oddity. Two identical white pencils. That is, we have not 16, but 15 colors. Well, okay, there seems to be no deception, the manufacturer counts them in pieces. By the way, it is on whites that you can best see that there are many, many sparkles inside the crayon. When you draw with it, all the sparkles are collected from above, at the tip of the pencil. Look how many of them got out. Such a story with all pencils - they are not very visible on dark ones, but they are perfectly noticeable on the tip. And now the first experiment with a white pencil - my daughter wanted to make a brilliant rhombus. Do you see anything? Okay, everything is clear with the color, white on white, but where are the sparkles ?! They are not here... Horse colored with Crayol glitter crayons. The colors themselves are quite bright, quite normal. Only now you can see that the crayons lie unevenly on the paper. We are used to oil ones, but these are so hard, they roll down. Very unpleasant. And most importantly - where is the shine? In fact, live sparkles in the picture are more noticeable. But there are very few of them. This is not how I envisioned these drawings. If you try really hard, you can see the sparkles. To do this, I had to twist the drawing in every way, and finally I caught the sparkles. But there are very few of them ... There is no talk of any magic. But a lot of sparkles remain on the hands if you run your fingers over the pattern. But this is not at all the effect we expected. In general, there are few sparkles, and the pencils themselves are so-so. Most of all I did not like these lumps. I think the glitter prevents the wax from spreading well on the paper and it turns out some kind of nonsense. In general, I liked the regular pencils of this brand much more. They even smelled nice... And these expectations did not justify at all. Vedi recensione completa

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Aveeno Calming Lavender Hypoallergenic Tear Free

Good day! I recently visited a friend and successfully privatized a mini-version of Aveeno baby bath gel from her. I was not familiar with this brand, but as it turned out, it is produced by the well-known giant Johnson & Johnson. The volume is 50 ml, for the mini version, I have not yet seen the full-size one, or rather I didn’t even pay attention, since the product is primarily designed for kids. But what is good for children is most often good for adults with sensitive skin. The manufacturer says that this gel gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin, and I, in turn, confirm his words. After using it, the skin was soft, not overdried. I note that there is an inscription "does not contain soap" and "the formula is designed for the skin of newborns", which for me means that the composition must be perfect. Well, let's see... The first thing that catches my eye is Sodium Lauroamphoacetate - It can be added to reduce irritation from more aggressive surfactants, although it is quite acceptable on its own. Sodium Chloride is a good antiseptic, which is essential for children's skin, although I am a fan of how our parents bathed us in manganese-tinted water for this. I sincerely tried to find something really very bad in the composition, so people who wrote a review before me indicated that there is Phenoxyethanol in the composition, but I don’t see it at point blank range, if I’m wrong, please write about it, but I have this preservative there I don’t see and I think that the person who writes reviews should be attentive, and not slander the manufacturer. So, except for the fact that some of the ingredients of the composition may cause individual intolerance, I think that this remedy is worthy! The aroma of the gel is gentle, not very bright, neutral, enough foam is formed, the product is used sparingly, very thick. This mini-version was enough for me for 6 times. Vedi recensione completa

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The ease to use, how intuitive it is without any training needed from our side also that they have their own dedicated team which handles all support queries in an efficient way with no delays or lags what so ever! They are very responsive as well when you need help within your campaign management process but not always if there’s something more technical related like coding issues etc (which we had). That being said I do suggest taking them up at least once before considering other competitors because even though this might be one small issue compared others out here its still important enough where users will notice & get annoyed by such things otherwise keep going ahead!! We used adorgo mainly due marketing content creation using various tools available under social media platforms e-g facebook twitter instagram youtube pinterest google plus LinkedIn ect.Vedi recensione completa

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