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I like how easy it was set up in my org - no coding required! The reporting tools are very powerful as well (we're able build custom reports). It's not perfect yet but we've been using fit bots since mid-June with great success so far!! We have one user who has had an issue where they don't receive notifications when their task gets completed or if there were changes made by another person that impact them directly/indirectly; this would be helpful information without having multiple people check back every time something happens related to theirs specifically.Vedi recensione completa

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Cedar EasyWring RinseClean Microfiber Cleaning

We recently moved into a new apartment. It is larger than before, and this, of course, is wonderful, but cleaning, alas, began to take much more time. For the first month I washed the floor "manually", but I quickly got tired of it, and I took care of purchasing some kind of cleaning miracle equipment that facilitates this mandatory and not the most pleasant process. The floor in our new apartment is parquet - not the easiest in terms of cleaning. Parquet, as you know, does not like moisture, so the main criterion for choosing a mop was this - the mop should be well wrung out. The choice of all kinds of devices for maintaining cleanliness in the house is now simply gigantic, but I did not choose for long. Almost immediately I noticed the Vileda EASY Wring&Clean set - a mop and a bucket with a spin mechanism. There were a lot of reviews about it on the Internet, and almost all of them were positive, and most importantly, judging by the reviews, the mop from the set corresponded to my main request. Of course, I considered other options, but still returned to this and ordered a set in the online store. Vileda EASY Wring&Clean cleaning equipment arrived packaged in the following box: The kit, as I mentioned above, includes a bucket, a telescopic handle and a mop base with a microfiber nozzle: How to assemble a mop is shown in detail and clearly on the box: Handle extends and locks securely The nozzle connects to the base of the mop easily and simply: The pad is machine washable. Information about this is also on the box: When choosing a mop, in the reviews, I first of all paid attention to the possibility of a good spin. And how it will be carried out, I was not particularly worried. In principle, I would agree to a manual spin. But, as it turned out, there are such miracle kits where the bucket has a pedal spin mechanism and the floor can be washed without getting your hands wet. Well, isn't it a miracle? I will dwell a little on the spinning process. The mop must be installed in the centrifuge bowl, and press the pedal. Bowl: And this is the pedal: Pressing the pedal activates the centrifuge. A single press is not enough, for a good spin you need to press the pedal several times in a row - I press five or six times, and the result is a slightly damp mop. It is important to install the mop correctly - strictly vertically and hold it, not clasping it tightly, without interfering with rotation. And the mop rotates quickly, quickly: A dry (and still new) mophead looked like this: And this is how the nozzle looks after spinning: The floor, washed with a well-wrung out mop, dries in just a couple of minutes. For our parquet, the Vileda mop fit perfectly! In addition to ease of use and good wringing, this cleaning kit has many more advantages. One of them is the maximum angle of the mop, it is almost equal to 180 degrees: This allows you to get to the most inaccessible places - under cabinets and low sofas: The triangular shape of the base of the mop is also a plus, it is very convenient to clean the corners: Another nice and useful detail - the bucket has a very convenient hole for draining water: Believe it or not, this is the first bucket, emptying which, I manage not to spill a single drop on the floor! And one more small plus - a groove on the handle, in which you can fix the mop in a vertical position and store it like that, of course, after drying the nozzle: The plastic from which the cleaning equipment is made is of high quality and durable, as long as all the parts are intact. Three months of operation - the period, of course, is not very long, but I hope that the mop will continue to serve me faithfully. If anything changes, I will definitely update my review. I can't help but praise the color scheme of the set - it looks quite nice and even somehow noble. Well, with the pluses, perhaps I'll finish. And the cons ... there will be no cons! Everything suits me. Well, except that the price is not the most attractive and conducive to purchase, but I am terribly satisfied with my purchase, so I do not regret the money spent at all. Cleaning with this mop has become almost a pleasure, and it takes much less time than before. Of course I recommend! Vedi recensione completa logo

I like how it's easy for my team members as well me (as an admin)to create new objectives/goals easily without having to go through multiple steps! It also has great reporting features which are very helpful when trying to figure out what our performance was this quarter compared with last year etc. Sometimes there could be more customization options so we don't have too many limitations but overall its pretty good because we're able to see exactly where they stand within each goal area quickly & efficiently!!Vedi recensione completa

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US Art Supply Easy Folding Display

We bought this easel as a gift for our 7 year old niece. It fit the child perfectly in size, and her parents appreciated its compactness. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, thereby not taking up space in the apartment. Convenient storage bag. I am attaching a photo in disassembled and assembled form: The height of the easel is adjustable from floor to tabletop. Rubberized legs, you don't have to worry about floors or furniture, in addition, such legs do not slip, the easel is firmly located in the place you need. The price of the easel is available - 400 hryvnias (1000 rubles). We definitely recommend it for purchase. Vedi recensione completa

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It is very easy for me as it allows us send thousands or even tens (if you are running ads) campaigns in just seconds with no manual work at all! I think also they have not so good support system when managing your account from their side but this might be my mistake too :). They offer everything we need - great pricing model which does allow small budgets use case like ours; simple interface makes things really easier while working there ; few more features could make our life better if needed by users would ask them about those topics ;) Also using some other tools together helps compare results between different solution/companies easily without having time spend going back&forth searching info :) Great product overall though! We used Gengo first because one day i found out its price was much lower than others who wanted higher volume usage plans compared w. Vedi recensione completa

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I love how easy it is to set up, as well has being able to track success of our campaigns in real-time! There's nothing really i dislike about this platform at all - they're always trying new things which keeps me coming back every month :) We've been using PodsCorn since we started podcasting (about 6 months ago). It was very helpful when setting out what types/genres were most relevant or popular within my target audience so far there have not yet any problems but if you do then get help from their team because support can be slow sometimes!! You should definitely give pods corn an opportunity try them first before deciding whether its worth investing into paying monthly fees. Setting goals around specific topics helped us focus more heavily towards those areas than other platforms would allow too easily where content could just flow without directionality / structure etc.. Vedi recensione completa

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It's easy to use and has all the features that we need. Their support team is also very friendly and knowledgeable. They are constantly adding new features which makes it great as far as having a platform you can rely on. Nothing so far, everything seems good! The pricing could be more flexible, but their service is worth paying for. We've managed to reduce our website traffic from 70% down to 5%. We're getting a lot of new customers with this software and we have a lot less problems with ad blocking than before. Vedi recensione completa

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I like how simple it was for us as marketers or brand ambassadors when we launched our first gamified contest with Game Wheel! It really did help get people engaged by giving them ways of earning points/credits while playing their favorite video-games (and no need also adding credit card info!). Our target audience are young gamers so they were very receptive about this new concept - many liked being able win something just because you played an awesome title during certain period which could have been spent doing other activities instead :) Great idea from such great minds at Google!! We created several different challenges using some popular titles but none received much interest until one day my boss told me he thought there should be more "gamification" elements into all contests going forward.. So now everyone wants these features included even if its not necessarily what's best suited towards your business goals ;) Overall experience good.Vedi recensione completa

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YI Security Surveillance Monitor Android

Good day! This camera was purchased in July 2015 on the AliExpress website, but due to the seller's problems in sending, the delivery came after 2 months, when the camera was no longer needed. I wanted to set up a camera at the time of departure for my own peace of mind and control of the state of my home environment. About the camera itself: The camera with stand has the following dimensions: width/height/depth - 8/11.5/3.2 in centimeters. It looks compact, I thought for a long time where to adapt it. As a result, I put my wife among the jars and all sorts of bottles near a chest of drawers with a mirror, from where the whole room and two entrances are visible. Among all this goodness, the camera is not noticeable at all (if you turn off the blue LED in the settings). The camera's viewing angle is 111 degrees diagonally. When properly installed, it captures a large space. Good quality shooting both day and night (I took the camera with night mode). Very easy camera connection. To connect, you need to download the YI Home application for IOS (there is also an application for Android, alas, I won’t tell you the name). Further, everything is clear intuitively - you can connect either by the QR code, which is located on the other side of the camera, or in the device discovery mode via WiFi. For real-time access, both the camera must be connected via WiFi and the device from which the access is made must have an Internet connection. By connecting to the camera remotely, in addition to viewing the video in real time, you can control its functionality, namely: turn on / off the blue LED (when the diode is on, you can see when the camera is working); update the firmware, set the date / time, set the time when the motion sensor will respond and record a short video on the memory card simultaneously sending a notification to the connected device (that is, you can set the time when you are at work, and when you come home, the motion sensor will not respond to you and record accordingly). In addition, it is possible to record the video on a memory card, if it is, of course, and view the recorded video. I have a memory card for 16 GB class 10, the recording is excellent. The manufacturer writes about support for cards up to 32 GB. The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker, so that the recording is carried out with sound and it is possible to transmit sound from a smartphone or tablet. Just connect to the camera, press and hold the microphone button and at that time the speaker on the camera turns on. Everything you say from the device is heard from the camera. Xiaomi Yi Smart Camera does not have built-in batteries and works only from the mains, so you need to have a power outlet nearby. Or you can connect it via USB interface to a computer / laptop / portable battery. The camera comes with a small power supply. It has an American plug, so you need to purchase an adapter to connect through an outlet. Of the minuses: the motion sensor reacts to switching the camera to day / night mode, so it actively sends notifications in the morning and evening; It's a pity that there is no built-in battery. General conclusions: a functional and easy-to-use home ip camera with small dimensions and an excellent price / quality ratio. Vedi recensione completa

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STIROLL Leather Compatible Wristband IWatch Accessories & Supplies

Shouldn't we continue the topic of leather goods? For some time now, I began to actively wear wristwatches, but in choosing leather straps for them, I have so far been an outright ignoramus. But sooner or later, the moment comes when you have to think about changing this accessory, because, for example, you want to change your image, turning such a boring watch into a new one or the old strap becomes unusable. And so, armed with reason number two and setting out to buy only a leather item, I went to the appropriate department of the store. The seller dumped a huge number of straps on the counter and three times more remained in the window. My eyes ran wide, but since a white strap "lived” on my watch for several years, I didn’t even consider dark options: I wanted to buy something in beige or off-white tones. The most suitable option was the coral Nagata, belt brand made in Spain. The choice was made, of course, under artificial lighting and, not having the appropriate experience, I could not see many things. The only thing was that it was possible to separate the strap and attach it to the watch, evaluate the fact: whether it fits them or not, which was immediately done before purchase. The color satisfied me, despite the fact that any shade will suit my watch. And now at home I really appreciated this accessory. It is, as stated, leather, as evidenced not only by a pleasant smell, but also by the inside, where a branded record about the manufacturer is squeezed out on both sides. Buckle in gold color having such a peculiar corporate accent on the outside, in the form of the Latin letter N, had to be changed to a "native" one, more suitable in color to the dial. The thickness seems to be optimal, although I got used to the model with much greater ease taking the shape of the owner's hand, the strap is quite elastic and moderately textured, it is covered with a film on the outside, in which the "root of all troubles" was buried. The fact is that the strap has two loops: one static, and the other with the ability to change its location. When threading the strap through them, you have to spend a lot of effort, they are quite tight and immediately after the first use of the strap, cracks formed in place of the holes for the tongue, clearly visible in natural light. They appeared so quickly that at first there was a feeling that the belt had already been used, and then returned. Although, of course, this is not the case, it is rather problematic to give it its original presentation. But the thought that there were already cracks in the coating of the upper part of the belt at the time of the sale does not leave me, and the fact that I did not see them is especially unpleasant. The most important question remains open: is this a normal phenomenon and will they increase, and if so, how soon will I go for a new strap? Time will tell, but from now on, knowing all the nuances, at the selection stage I will find fault with it, and checking the top layer at the break will become a paramount task. Vedi recensione completa

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