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My Coinbase card was with me before when I was still living in England. I liked it because being as a crypto-enthusiast, we can easily spend and transfer funds with just a swipe or even withdraw the contents of it just by going to an ATM. You can use the ATM worldwide. However, obtaining one needs you to be a citizen of U.K or european union. I also liked the feature of my Coinbase card because if you would use the Coinbase app, you can report and freeze the physical Coinbase card if ever it get lost. Making your funds safe and the crypto inside it. Oh, and let me tell you, if you are feeling something is stable in the crypto you own, you may use that to pay that instead of others that are volatile in the app. Having the opportunity of other assets to appreciate in value as time goes by. The support team of Coinbase agents is top-notch! When you e-mail them or contact, they are quick in responding to yourレビュー全文を見る


Alright everyone, let me tell you my experience about Payoneer on how I became a client of this remittance procedure and other transactions with Payoneer. I got a card last 2015 when I was still in our freelance journey. I liked it because there are a bunch of security measures and they do have like virtual cards wherein you could use and receive funds from your clients if they are abroad and you are a freelancer. That is the power of Payoneer. Most of other payment processors, it is taking longer to pay and get paid. Not with Payoneer. Instant and almost fee-less transaction for me. They do also have both apps available for ios and android so I can switch mobile phones easily if ever what I am holding for the moment for checking the balance or paying using Payoneer. I also used it to buy from online sellers and it is smooth-sailing. I am telling you guys. The conversion is accurate and the spread is not that too far froレビュー全文を見る


If you want a wallet that has tested through the test of time, then Coinomi should have been in your list for a crypto wallet. It is a non-custodial wallet wherein you are in full-control of your assets. I love it because you could easily see how to backup a certain asset like its passphrase or 12 word keys in order to access it depending on the algorithm of a coin or token you are dealing with. Hence, there will be convenience on the user's part especially if that person is new to crypto. What I also liked is their customer support that is so attentive on how things work in Coinomi. You may also leave your assets in there staking and earn from the returns of a normal staking without the need for any technical steps. With just a few taps on your mobile phone and you are good to go. With their Simplex integration, you could also buy crypto on their platform for quicker transaction without going anymore to your other crypto peeレビュー全文を見る


Well, well, well. My favorite ERC-20 wallet in the internet. Metamask is my first wallet to use when it comes to DEFI and yield farming. It is robust and has the power to make your transactions easier because all of the contract interaction and execution will be under the structure of Metamask wallet. Just connect wallet and play with and explore the different defi protocols for you to earn money and crypto. It also has an easy to use platform for storing the passphrases and it is easy to import an account because you can choose from different ways. Always be mindful of your keys as well. Metamask can also help you with the speeding up of a transaction with just a click of a button and just choosing what speed are your preference for the specific transaction. What I also like is the built-in warning whenever you go to a suspected phishing site where you would connect your wallet to. Amazing analytics of websites! One thing that レビュー全文を見る

trust walletロゴ

Good morning. I tried the Trust wallet and I am still using it until now. What I loved about the Trust wallet is its huge range of protocols and algorithms for coins that they support. Aside from the fact that they are under Binance as well. They do have their own coin named Trust wallet coin or TWT. Aside from that, you can have the capabilities of staking different coins under the app such as KAVA to earn HARD. What I do not like in here is that there are some coins that appear out of nowhere wherein named as Che Guevarra coins and other that appear out of random. They do have a platform for staking other coins which is good such as the Pancake coin under the Binance smart chain. The only cons that I always see is the compatibility with other defi protocols because Metamask is still the always go to for most defi users. The computation for the gas fees and other fees are already oracled and computed for you. Amazing app when it comes for beginレビュー全文を見る


I do have traded with Okex many times and I do love their new looks when it comes to the sleekiness of the platform. First of all, I do love how their OKB token is like the one where you will be able to have discounts from fees by using the OKB token. However, unlike Binance, the OKB token does not let you have voting power when it comes to the community listing unlike BNB. When it comes to the power of decentralization, of course it is a flop because this is a centralized exchange. Not your keys not your coins as always. They do also have academy wherein you could learn the basics of cryptocurrencies as a whole. Recently, they also have loans by just adding your crypto as a collateral. They do also have pools but not like Launchpool of Binance wherein you could earn from just staking BNB. Here, when we say Pool, it is mining pool for mining different coins known as Proof-of-Work pools. I saw that they do have OKEX cloud which is like a plugin wherein レビュー全文を見る


Ah, the Binance exchange. This is where high profile projects launch with their launchpad. I participated in their voting for coins being listed by owning and voting using their utility coin BNB or Binance coin. Pretty decent returns has came back to me by holding just the BNB because of their burning capability to increase the price of each BNB. What I also liked about them is the different promos and P2P transactions globally and have a presence already in the different parts of the world as well. With Binance, there is a high liquidity of trades so you can easily trade your coins in here with no price slippage. Binance do also launched their smart chain called BSC or Binance Smart Chain. This is where you could yield farm using BNB and other pairs that is running on BSC. Just by providing the liquidity pair, you could earn already. Binance is really picky as well when it comes to projects because of maybe there レビュー全文を見る

uniswap (v2)ロゴ

I started trading in Uniswap last July and all I could say was it was easy to use and simple. With just connecting your Metamask Wallet using your browser, you could easily trade ERC-20 tokens and ETH without going through any KYC and other stuffs like 2FA. The power of this DEX will be for sure be used by institutional investors in the coming years when they are going to trade here. Remember, you could also add liquidity or remove liquidity in the platform. When we say adding liquidity, you could earn from fees whenever someone is trading in uniswap pair where you add liquidity. You should be always also be knowledgeable of impermanent loss. I do not like that anyone can create a pool or tokens without verification of the original team of a project. But that's how it is. You need to have due diligence before swapping tokens. The governance power is also quite difficult to pass because of the high レビュー全文を見る


I have been with NEM coin or XEM for 3 years now and I could say that it is quite a stable crypto and keeps its position in the top 100 coins up to date. I saw many different use-cases for NEM like payments, creation of Mosaics or token which is a counterpart of the ERC-20 token. Aside from that, the wallet of NEM is pretty simple to use and secured as well for newbies and veterans alike. A lot of exchanges listed NEM because of its price being affordable to own a whole of a NEM coin and its liquidity in the market. One of the powerful coins that entered the NEM ecosystem is the Loyalcoin for loyalty rewards market. Aside from that, the community has a lot of supporters for the banking industry and others such as blockchain development of XEM/NEM blockchain. The fees are almost free and easy to send back and forth with no congestion. レビュー全文を見る


I will give AMPLEFORTH token a 5 because it has special capabilities in the financial system called the 'rebase'. When we say REBASE, instead of the price reacts to the demand, it is the supply that reacts to the demand. Therefore, instead of having a fixed supply, the supply changes everyday. But also, it changes the supply and balances of every wallet in the blockchain every day without dilution. It only means that you still owns the same network percentage everyday unless you buy or sell. This is a project for you if you are into something that doesn't needs to be monitored everyday because it aims to be stable at 2019 1 USD price. The good news here is that everytime it goes above 1.06 USD or more, the supply changes to more ampl supply. Whereas it shrinks in supply if 0.96 USD below. to catch the peg of price and supply. I do also invest in the staking part which is the AMPL geyser. You could farm AMPL レビュー全文を見る


My experience with NEO is overall good. Because I bought it at 1 USD and it exploded in price. The best about NEO is that it is steady in growth even it is slow in code development. Another thing to be mindful in here is that you always need to buy in whole number or selling it as well. But the fees will always eat up some percentage of your holdings making it impossible to not have decimal places in every transaction. The best part is that you also get NEO gas everytime you hold a certain amount of NEO. The best part is also NEO is always available in major exchanges and available in cold wallets to be stored in. I do still believe in the smart contract capability and robustness of NEO ecosystem.レビュー全文を見る


So far so good. My first exchange for cryptocurrencies. The fees are just a bit high.レビュー全文を見る


In summary, no issues for me. The server plus the aesthetics are quite excellent. Plus the support of the team members of Exodus team.レビュー全文を見る

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