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NON KYC exchange is always welcome


One of the main message of the crypto is to lift privacy so it is always good to have the opportunity to get the crypto without KYC, i.e. in anonymity. There is such an option with the SwapSwop which looks like copy paste of similar project which already exist. There is float or fixed options (as we are used to) of quoting the price, here is fixed called "frozen". One of the main advantage is that there is a lot of cryptocurrencies to swap. Some of them are really small caps. You can use this to get your non KYC BTC by swapping some of your small hidden gems. The UX is well design, the swap is simple. You only need to have the address from where yu are sending and receiving address. There is no need to have some complicated process.

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  • anonymity
  • lot of cryptocurrencies to swap
  • copy paste