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Bancor Network

Bancor is a network that allows users to convert between two tokens of your choice without any counterparty. This can be done at an automatically calculated price. The system also includes a built-in liquidity function for added convenience. The Bancor Protocol aims to be the new standard that ERC20 tokens follow. This allows smart contracts to connect to the network to provide ongoing on-chain liquidity throughout the network. With the protocol and this liquidity, there is no need to reconcile buyers and sellers. The Bancor protocol uses what are known as "connector" modules. They store the balances of different ERC20 tokens in a smart contract. Bancor's formula constantly recalculates prices to maintain a balance between connectors and smart contracts. The protocol is revolutionary because of its ability to convert tokens without the need to reconcile two parties whose desires work together. Instead of each buyer requiring a seller and vice versa, a simple Bancor protocol balance formula is bought and sold to ensure that every token on the network retains its formulaic relationship to other tokens. It is these relationships that lead to constant liquidity without worrying about listings on exchanges or trading volume. The Bancor network allows all of these token conversions to be converted. There is no distribution, so users get low-cost conversions from a non-profit automated market maker. Prices are transparent thanks to the Bancor formula. It includes the size of the transaction and does not require an order. The system also has constant liquidity, so you can convert the token at any time, whether you are a buyer or seller, or the trading volume of your choice. Since all purchases and sales are made using smart contracts, no deposits are made. You don't even need to register to use Bancor as on-chain conversions come straight from your own web3 wallet. Finally, the system is backward compatible, allowing any ERC20 token to integrate into the network without any fees or code changes. The network token BANKOR, or BNT, is the center of the network. It was activated in June 2017. Users can convert any token on the network to BNT or vice versa. They can use BNT as an intermediary to convert tokens among themselves. Bancor's formula calculates the speed of these conversions. You can always get BNT by sending Ethereum to the appropriate address. After that, you will immediately receive BNT tokens. The same method also allows you to convert BNT to ETH. The amount of BNT in circulation is constantly changing. Tokens are created when users send ETH to a smart contract. Token destruction occurs when users sell their BNT under a contract.전체 리뷰보기

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Would you like to start by saying that I expect high expectations for virtual reality in the next 5 years. I am sure that sooner or later many jobs will be made from home, using virtual reality headsets and other necessary equipment. Moreover, there are new possibilities when we talk about entertainment. Using virtual reality headsets, you can immerse yourself in an almost real world and you can do amazing things from the comfort of your own home. I have used the HTC Vive headset and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it will soon have a huge impact on the entertainment industry. All these possibilities, man. But right now, there is one thing that is stopping VR from going mainstream. Decentraland will create a virtual reality platform where users will become the main owners, creators and players. Basically, they are creating a Second Life world that will be decentralized and owned by the users. The project is aimed at solving the problems of centralization of platforms that host games and other applications. As you know, different platforms require high entry fees, they also have strict policies that prevent many applications from entering the market. Decentraland wants to change this situation and invite everyone to their platform. The VR market will be a huge market with a lot of players. Many gaming companies will try to be the best at accommodating the emerging VR customer base, and this gives Decentraland the opportunity to cover this market sooner or later and be the best in it. I will be covering the volume of the VR market on another slide. The whole concept is that this VR world is wholly owned by the users, and content creation is also up to the users. Of course, first of all, the team will do everything possible to fill the world with interesting sites, events and games. But users will be the only creators at the end. The team has already made a prototype. You can try it simply by accessing the Decentraland web page and clicking the "Run" button. Currently the graphics are poor, the textures are even worse, but this gives you some idea of ​​what they want to achieve in the end. It also shows that they are really interested in creating something fun, but they need funds to hire people with good gaming experience and other professionals. The main ecosystem currency will be MANA. There will be many ways to do this in the world, but the first thing you can do is buy a LAND parcel for 1000 MANA. This LAND inside Decentraland will only be yours, and you can build whatever you want. Including casinos, social clubs, cinemas and your own little crib. Performance is the limit. But we must not forget about the technological limitations that we will discuss later. To ensure its functioning, the project uses various decentralized technologies to achieve true decentralization. To make a working market inside Decentraland, they will present you with various monetization methods.전체 리뷰보기

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Ravencoin is a digital peer-to-peer asset transfer network. The network got its inspiration from the mythical world of Westeros. The goal of the project is to create a blockchain optimized specifically for transferring assets such as tokens from one owner to another. The development of this project would not have been possible without the hard work and efforts of over 400 Bitcoin developers. These developers have made over 14,000 transactions to date during the lifetime of Bitcoin. Raven project owners will be eternally grateful for their due diligence in securing the network. Ravencoin was built on the foundation created by these developers. In the Ravencoin white paper, the developers admit that their code was built on top of the UTXO Bitcoin protocol. The separate fork of Ravencoin in the Bitcoin code includes several changes from the original, in particular, without a weighted schedule of distribution and creation of assets and messaging capabilities. Bitcoin code fork, Ravencoin has four key changes: * Release Schedule (RVN 5000 reward) * Blocking time (1 minute) * Coin (21 billion) * Mining Algorithm (X16R) Essentially, Ravencoin uses a unique token system to move assets across the blockchain, and this feature has been prioritized above all others. Ravencoin also has a messaging system for token holders. Token holders who do not want to receive messages can opt out of the system. Free and secure movement of various assets using open source code that can be constantly improved. “If the global economy is influenced by actors using various locks, then how capital markets work today can also change,” the developers wrote in their article. “Borders and jurisdictions may become less relevant as more assets become tradable and trade across borders becomes increasingly futile. In an era where people can instantly move significant amounts of wealth using Bitcoin, global consumers are likely to demand the same efficiency for their securities and similar assets. " The developers offer a list of suggestions in their whitepaper, with the caveat that the list is suggestions only. Almost anything can be sent via Ravencoin due to its special focus on this ability. Among the proposals: physical valuables such as gold bars, silver bars or rare documents; physical currency and real estate transactions; virtual goods such as in-game currency or e-tickets for sporting events; and credit dealers such as airline miles or gift cards. Each transferred object is represented by an untagged token created by a user of the Ravencoin platform.전체 리뷰보기

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TrueUSD, a dollar-backed stablecoin that you can exchange. For now, 100% is backed by US dollars in legally protected escrow accounts with multiple bank partners so you can trade, send and receive payments with peace of mind. TrueCoin is a service that links asset tokens to the TrustToken platform and lists them on exchanges. The TrueCoin names are trusted by traders as they have a legally secure connection to the underlying assets based on TrustToken and fiduciary network standards. Who is TrueUSD for? * Financial services Enter crypto markets without immediate impact on BTC or ETH. Receipts and confirmation of ownership of TrueUSD tokens * Exchanges Offer customers the stable mosaic they can trust. Use TrueUSD as alternatives to traditional methods of buying currency * Crypto traders A hedge against volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Move money to crypto without immediate impact of BTC or ETH * Commerce Online shopping, salaries, escrow and loans are allowed through price stability that allows the use of major digital currencies currencies * Token usage Pays for proxies who perform accounting requirements and interact with legal financial institutions Equalizes incentives between platform participants and holds back bad participants Provides all underlying SmartTrusts assets. The work is going on with several trust companies that already manage billions of dollars. Pass the KYC / AML verification and send USD to the trust company with an escrow agreement. When they verify your funds, their API instructs our smart contract to issue the TrueUSD equivalent to your Ethereum public address. To redeem the USD, you submit a KYC / AML check, send a smart contract with your TrueUSD tokens from your registered Ethereum address, and then the escrow bank will send you the funds. Thus, the TrueUSD system does not affect funds, and trust companies make all purchases and receipt of your money through escrow accounts. When you connect funds and complete the KYC / AML process, you become the beneficial owner of the escrow account you sent funds to. Your account ownership is legally recognized and every 1 TrueUSD token you receive is like a $ 1 redeemable certificate of ownership through escrow. When you connect funds and complete the KYC / AML process, you become the beneficial owner of the escrow account you sent funds to. Your account ownership is legally recognized and every 1 TrueUSD token you receive is like a $ 1 redeemable certificate of ownership through escrow.전체 리뷰보기

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XinFin Network

XinFin (XDC) is a hybrid blockchain technology company specializing in international trade and finance. We have developed a highly scalable, secure, commercial grade permissioned Blockchain architecture. Over the past few years, an important innovation, colloquially known as "blockchain", has emerged as a potentially disruptive technology. At the heart of innovation is the concept of a distributed cryptographic database. A database, also called a ledger, served by a network of computers. The ledger allows the entire network to create, evolve, and track an immutable record of transactions. To date, the most successful blockchain application has been Satoshi Nakamoto's cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, which he described in his seminal paper, Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Money System, in 2008. This powerful technology is still implicated in numerous cryptocurrencies existing on the network. Financial institutions are just beginning to understand the potential applications of blockchain in traditionally regulated industries. The Xinfin blockchain played an important role, especially during this period when decentralized finance - DeFi was a buzz in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Pappalage, a staunch supporter of the coin, tweeted. Built as a hybrid blockchain for enterprises, Xinfin has become a great tool recognized by the trade finance industry. In addition to this, with XDCe, holders can participate in other Defi applications such as Bancor's liquidity pool to receive rewards. Ruslan Wing, in a Medium article dated April 29, explained the reasons why Ethereum developers should migrate their Dapps to the Xinfin hybrid blockchain. Faster transactions, lower transaction fees, shorter block times and low power consumption consensus. ➖ Government authorities will obviously have to welcome this innovation so that XinFin can be used in any capacity. We constantly see governments revert to traditional ways of doing business, especially when it comes to finance and infrastructure financing. XinFin is best positioned to demonstrate to governments the benefits of blockchain technology for financial applications. ➖ There are no other worries here. A fantastic fintech app that could potentially help a lot of government agencies around the world if they decide to accept it. We often see blockchain technology as the big middle finger for government and the “establishment,” so it's nice to see a team that understands that government and blockchain can really go together.전체 리뷰보기

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The idea behind Helium is to provide bandwidth to IoT devices that may be far from a power outlet, and do so securely, without relying on proprietary technology, and at a low cost. Helium hotspot is a LoRaWAN gateway that allows you to earn HNT cryptocurrency and it could be more than just a way to fund the rollout of public LoRaWAN networks as some people or companies are making some serious money. For years, wireless carriers have been trying to enter the IoT market with new networks designed for these devices. Technologies like NB-IOT and LTE-M don't perform as well due to cost and battery requirements. AT&T offers LTE-M and NB-IOT services for $ 12 per year; prices are relatively similar from Choice IOT. T-Mobile says its network costs $ 6 a year. In 2019, Helium entered the scene with a new approach: a decentralized network of access points using an old low-bandwidth system called LoraWAN in the unlicensed 900 MHz band. The company today unveils Tabs, the first consumer device to run on the Helium network. Until now, the company has mainly sold hotspots for $ 349 to hobbyists interested in expanding the network, and then developer kits or enterprise devices to corporate customers. Tabs are a bit like Jiobit or another location tracker. Their interface is pretty straightforward; there is a smartphone application with which you can track your tags and view historical location data. They have a range of up to 10 miles from an access point, and battery life is measured in "months," Halim said. Tabs will cost $ 49 for Helium hotspot owners, he said. Data usage on the Helium network is billed as a 24-byte packet at the equivalent of 2.4 MB for $ 1. For devices with very low data volume, this can be much less per year than NB-IOT networks. One of the company's most prominent clients is Conserv, a company that works with museums to ensure their art is not damaged by environmental conditions. Helium-powered automatic Conserv sensors can last for years on a single battery charge, the company said in a press release. Helium pays hotspot owners to collect HNT. According to the Reddit Helium subreddit, all hotspots use about 80,000 tokens daily, which means that as the number of hotspots increases, the profit per hotspot decreases; one poster right now quotes the world average of 27.5 HNT ($ 8.50) per day. This means the hotspot can get its $ 349 back in 41 days. (Helium's official website estimates that about 108,000 tokens are distributed daily.)전체 리뷰보기

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Enjin Coin

The most common use of Enjin is for building community / clan / guild sites. Modules built on the Enjin platform, such as the Wiki page, ticketing system, message board, and application system, allow users to create a customized website specifically for their communities. Enjin is set to introduce Enjin Coin (ENJ), which gives game developers, content creators and gaming communities the currency and tools to implement and manage virtual goods. Through the introduction of ENJ tokens, Enjin will develop a framework for open source software development kits (SDKs), wallets, game plugins, virtual item management applications, and payment gateway platforms to support the ENJ ecosystem. Based in Singapore, Engin was founded in 2009. According to the Whitepaper, Enjin is the largest platform for building an online gaming community with the following user base / usage data: * 250,000 gaming communities in thousands of games. * 18.7 million registered and 3.5 million active gamers. * 60 million global views per month. * Millions of US dollars per month in sales virtual goods through Enjin community stores. Within 6 months of the ICO and the rollout of the ENJ wallet and core features, the coins are expected to be slowly released to approximately 30,000 verified gaming communities in Engin. The Bounty Early Engagement Program will be created for any game, server or community that starts using an ENJ coin with a proven track record of monetizing game content. Enjin Coin aims to become a common currency among the several games that implement it, ensuring the portability and portability of virtual goods and digital assets. ENJ badges can be used for a variety of things, including: * Trade between in-game items from the same or another game for liquidity. * Tie community awards with game goods on servers or games. * Create new markers for presentation virtual currencies, game elements or privileges. * Setting up a virtual goods store. * Ability to use the marker in any community or game and retain value. Since ENJ tokens can be used to perform various actions on the Enjin platform, the more use of ENJ tokens and the integration of ENJ tokens on the Enjin platform, the more important ENJ tokens should be. Concern: Presentation Investors receive (1) a much more favorable conversion rate of $ 0.03 per ENJ (or roughly 1 ETH = 10,000 ENJ versus 1 ETH = 6,000 ENJ in a public fold) and (2) a bonus ranging from 5 to 50% depending on the size of the deposit. This means that a preliminary participant base can cost as little as 40% of the price that public focus group participants must pay.전체 리뷰보기

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NEM Nano Wallet

NEM is the Smart Asset blockchain. It is more than a cryptocurrency, it is a data management platform. This is the easiest and most economical way to bring blockchain technology into your business. NEM or New Economy Movement is a community-oriented cryptocurrency that traces the XEM symbol. NEM was originally launched as a fork of Nxt, but its creators eventually coded a completely new platform from scratch. The alpha version of the project was launched on June 25, 2014, and the first stable release took place on March 31, 2015. The platform is unique for its 1-minute block time, its evidence-of-importance (POI) algorithm and its multivalued accounts, among other unique innovations. Today, the NEM blockchain software has been implemented in applications outside of cryptocurrency. It is best known for being used, for example, in a commercial blockchain called Mijin, which is currently used by financial institutions in Japan and around the world. The words "New Economy Movement", by the way, have fallen out of fashion, and the organization only ever refers to itself as NEM. The platform has a unique design architecture with two components: a node (also known as a NEM or NIS infrastructure server) and a client (which communicates with the nodes). Today the supported wallet for the platform is called NanoWallet, which is a complete cryptocurrency wallet built using HTML and JavaScript. The advantage of using these standard coding languages ​​is that the NanoWallet can run on any platform using a web browser. NanoWallet communicates with any NIS to transmit transactions to the rest of the network, as well as receive information about network events. To use NEM, you first had to download the platform community client or NCC. NIS is connected to a P2P network and acts as a gateway for NCC. NCC comes bundled with a wallet. Today, however, most platform users simply download NanoWallet. Both NCC and NanoWallet can be escaped from the Internet. Many users use this for enhanced security with the airgap system. Another advantage of the platform is that it provides reliable protection against external attacks. If the wallet is only connected to NIS through a firewall, then it is almost impossible to break it. In addition, wallets can be used on any computer, and NIS is a node on the platform's network and can be hosted in remote locations. This way, even if you have a cheap low power computer or mobile device, you can still interact with the platform's blockchain if you have internet. In addition, if a public NIS is compromised, the attacker does not have a direct line of attack on the NEM wallet software from NIS, which gives the platform an additional layer of security.전체 리뷰보기

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Hello my dear frineds IOTA is a new open source new distributed ledger that does not use a blockchain. Its innovative new quantum-secure protocol, known as Tangle, spawns unique new features such as zero fees, infinite scalability, fast transactions, secure data transfers and many more. Initially, IOTA is focused on serving as the backbone of Internet broadcasting (IoT). To send an IOTA transaction, the user's device simply needs to confirm two other transactions on the Tangle. To validate these two transactions, the device performs a low proof of work, which is essentially just a series of math problems. These math problems can be performed by almost any modern device, including laptops and telephones. User and validator (miner, stacker, etc.) are no longer separated by objects in the register. This eliminates the need to spend large amounts of energy in mining or compromise the inevitable centralization of validation. Perhaps more importantly, because Tangle eliminates the requirements of miners / staxers, etc., New minted currency units and transaction fees do not need to be retrieved from the system to pay for validation. As a result, IOTA has zero fees. Proof of work at IOTA cannot be compared to what is used in traditional blockchains. IOTA's Proof of Work is directly comparable to Hashcash, and it serves two purposes: preventing spam and preventing Sybil attacks. The proof of work in the register can even be transferred from small, lightweight devices to another more capable of handling the computational workload. Since each transaction requires the sender to verify the other two transactions on the Tangle, more transactions can be confirmed as the number of users submitting them increases. This means that IOTA scales in proportion to the number of transactions to infinity. This graph depicts register scalability. Transaction time is inversely proportional to the number of transactions on the Tangle. The more transactions there are, the faster each transaction will be confirmed. As IOTA approaches a critical mass of adoption, transaction times will approach network propagation times. IOTA uses hash signatures instead of elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). Not only are hash-based signatures much faster than ECC, they also greatly simplify the signing and verification process and reduce the overall complexity of the Tangle protocol.전체 리뷰보기

filecoin [futures] 로고

Filecoin [Futures]

Filecoin is a decentralized storage protocol that will allow anyone in the world to rent out free hard drive space. And of course, it will also allow anyone in the world to purchase the storage they need online. This will create a huge pool of global data storage, which the Filecoin founders believe is necessary in the coming decades as more and more systems become computerized and storage needs grow exponentially. The project was the brainchild of Protocol Labs and its founder, Juan Benet. This is the same company and person behind the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). Unsurprisingly, this is the same technology that the Filecoin blockchain is built on. Given that the data will be stored on the blockchain, it will not only be distributed, but it will also be immutable. This means no one can tamper with the data, and the Proof-of-Storage is checked immediately so that everyone can see it in the transparent ledger. Filecoin is also known for another really important record: it was one of the largest ICOs in history. The project raised a total of $ 204 million from contributors who bought SAFT agreements during fundraising in 2017. Filecoin was one of the first blockchain projects to introduce the concept of a decentralized storage network (DSN). DSN is a storage scheme that includes a network of independent storage nodes and clients. DSN integrates storage offered by independent node operators and coordinates storage and retrieval of data. Aggregation and coordination are decentralized, eliminating the need for trusted third parties. Instead, security is achieved through operational protocols that coordinate operations and validate storage and retrieval of data. There are many different ideas that have led to the emergence of blockchain projects. For some reason, the use of blockchain technology for cloud computing and data storage has not received as much attention as it deserves. The likely reason is that data storage just seems boring, and projects with a lot of hype have caught the attention of projects like Filecoin and its rivals Storj and Siacoin. However, decentralized storage has many advantages over its centralized counterparts. One of the most cited benefits is the secure storage of personal data offered by decentralized blockchain storage solutions. Popular centralized storage solutions like Dropbox and Google are vulnerable to attacks. The idea of ​​the project is to give computer owners the opportunity to earn native Filecoin (FIL) cryptocurrency for using the excess capacity of their hard drives for decentralized data storage.전체 리뷰보기

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