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Cortex (CTXC) cryptocurrency is bringing a completely new concept into the world of cryptocurrency. Being a decentralized Artificial Intelligence blockchain system, the network’s main objective is to make AI technology available for smart contracts.This will be a major improvement since no other cryptocurrency has been able to bring the two concepts together at full nodes. Using Cortex Smart AI Contracts, users can develop AI DApps (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications) and also contribute towards other contracts.Cortex also has an Intelligent Inference Framework though which blockchain researchers globally upload researched data models in the storage layer of the Cortex network. Then other users who want to use this AI models can inference the stored data at a price.전체 리뷰보기

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Infinito Wallet

This wallet is said to be first universal wallet which supports multiple major coins like BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and many more plus it supports major smart contract tokens like NEO and ETH based tokens. I am currently using this wallet as it makes the transfer of ETH based smart contract tokens smooth with very competitive and affordable transaction fee. For record, just a day ago, that is on 16th of March 19, i was able to transact 0.3 eth just for a transaction fee of 0.0008 eth and it took around 2 mins to complete the transaction which is amazing. I have downloaded this wallet around 4 months ago and have grabbed a couple of airdrops (XOV and another token) as well. So it is a good wallet if you are looking for a smooth and secure wallet which provides good airdrop from time to time. Talking about security, this wallet takes user's wallet security really seriously. Private keys of users are completely private, which means only the user is having an access to them. Also, private keys and passphrases are fully encrypted which makes it impossible for hackers to breach the security. To conclude, i'd say its a very decent wallet and is really useful for holder having multiple virtual currencies. To summarize it is : 1. Secure 2. Smooth and fast to use. No lags. 3. User friendly. Conducts airdrop. 4. Multi currency support which is awesome. 5. Good customer support I hope they'll adds support for more coins and tokens. Thanks for reading. Have a good day :) !전체 리뷰보기

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Based out of Hong Kong, this international cryptocurrency exchange currently supports the trading of a large number of digital assets. The CEO and one of the original founders, Michael Gam, is a former technical expert at Ant Financial, the most valuable fintech company in the world. What’s interesting about this exchange is that it follows a profit-sharing system and distributes 50% of their daily overall trading fee revenue to users holding their exchange-based token, KuCoin Shares (KCS). In a similar fashion to Binance, KuCoin offers relatively low tradings fees and incentives for holding (or trading) its native cryptocurrency. 전체 리뷰보기

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Doge coin is an open source decentralized peer to peer virtual currency trading platform. This platform was first launched as a joke currency but since its launch, it has proven to be one of the most promising virtual currencies out there. The logo of this alt coin is a Japanese dog . Initially, this virtual currency was created out of a joke by Billy. He was helped by Palmer Jackson who purchased the domain name and added certain comic texts on it. When Billy saw what Jackson has done, he decided to develop the Coin and he based it on a previously existing virtual currency called Lucky coin. Like most other alt coins, it makes use of Bitcoin’s protocol with just slight modifications and advancements being made. One feature that led to the rise and popularity of this alt coin is the fact that it carries out quick transactions – it has a block time of 60 seconds, unlike Bitcoin which has 10 minutes as its block time. Also, there is no stipulated limit to how many Doge coins will be produced. Currently, there are over 21 million Doge coins in circulation. Doge coins have been used for various purposes, they have been used to successfully purchase cars and also have been used in the Poker industry. 전체 리뷰보기

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Basically, Revain is an Ethereum based token that interfaces with the Revain online business review platform. It utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to permanently record reviews approved by both the system and the business owner. As far as i know, there are two Revain tokens: R and RVN. While R is bought and sold in the crypto markets, RVN token remains solely on the Revain system. Revain is hosted online. Users register an account and then have the ability to interact with the system, which as of this writing is limited to reading and writing reviews of ICOs and existing coins The main thing i like about it provides a decentralized environment where reviews cannot be changed by businesses except via dispute process settled by human mediators. the sophisticated AI software combats submission of falsified, duplicate or otherwise fake reviews, providing review browsers with a more accurate rating of a business which is awesome. Revain token is already listed on many big exchanges but i am waiting for it to be listed on the world's biggest exchange i.e Binance.전체 리뷰보기

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Highly underrated coin. Great team better community. Hail privacy.전체 리뷰보기

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CoinPayments Wallet

The punch line of this wallet is "Integrated payment gateway for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin". So you can call it a wallet as well as a payment gateway as not only its stores your coins and tokens securely, you can buy products and services from vendors via coin payments. Recently, they have launched a peer to peer exchange option as well where you can exchange selected coins. Currently you can exchange only CPS with selected group of coins. CPS is a native coin of Coinpayments just like BNB of Binance. One of the most important feature of Coin Payments worth mentioning it offer plugins for many web carts used today. You can install a plugin and integrate to the platform directly which is really cool. Talking about applications and accessibility, Coin Payments has mobile apps available for iOS and Android which enables user to access their account or convert coins easily. The platform also allows you to vault your coins through you can set a specific amount of time before which you won't be able to spend them. CoinPayments also provides air drops of new coins and tokens to new and existing users from time to time. One of the most notable feature of this platform is $PayByName. It enables you to make custom names and pay by that custom name. For example, my pay by name custom name is $Rupanshu which is very easy to remember. We can say that features like 0.50% deposit fee, fair transaction fee (varies for withdrawal of different coins), two Factor authentication and multi signature makes CoinPayments of the best Virtual currency wallet.전체 리뷰보기

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As mentioned in the "pros", BZLCoin is a privacy coin. It is an anonymous, untraceable and secure hybrid virtual currency. It achieves the status of privacy coin by using stealth addresses as well as encrypted messaging. Not only its secure and untraceable but its really fast in terms of transaction speed as well with only 30 seconds of block times as per the sources on the internet. I consider this coin highly decentralized. The Net total supply of BZL coin is 2,214,758 out of which 2,128,891 coins are already in circulation. That is fascinating to me. As of now its listed on Crex24, CryptoBridge and STEX crypto exchanges. More ace and top notch exchanges are expected to be followed. To Conclude, i'd say that this privacy currency has immense potential to achieve new milestones by making the dream of a real, fast and truly untraceable crypto currency come true. 전체 리뷰보기

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Aurora chain provides lighting speed contracts to facilitate fast-linked operations by making use of DPOS+BFT consensus mechanism. The DPOS or Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism facilitates a high transaction speed and high transaction rates per second for the platform users which makes it a hot virtual asset. Moreover, Aurora Blockchain is expandable for the clients looking to replace old versions means that it can be upgraded without any hiccups. It supports Multi-chain operations which means unlike single chain structures, Aurora's multi-chain structure allows for transaction processing on a much efficient level This is how Aurora is solving blockchain difficulties while facilitating immediate use of blockchain due to improved efficiency and practicality 전체 리뷰보기

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Bitker is Singapore registered exchange. Good trading volume as well as decent liquidity makes it one of the top 30 exchanges (in my view). This exchange offers trading in a large number of cryptocurrencies and has offers multiple trading pairs.This platform was designed by in-house IT department, providing 24/7 online service in multiple language. Bitker doesn;t state that US-investors are prohibited from trading unlike many other crypto exchanges. So you can call is an investor friendly exchange though it doesn't support fiat deposits which is a bit discouraging for new investors. Talking about fee, spot trading fee is around 0.1%. Users in contract trading can also get rewards for providing liquidity which is lucrative. Bitker users high-efficient trading engine to improve the user's trading experience. With wide range of trading pairs, good user interface makes it a quality exchange. Talking about community ecology, it has its own exchange or lets say community token BKB. BKB holders can participate in community ecological autonomy and voting to self-govern BITKER community, and all data are open and transparent which is kinda cool. Talking the fee structure, the maker fee is 0.1 % and same fee is for takers as well. Withdrawal fee in bitcoin is 0.0005 which is not bad in my view. To conclude, i would say that the BITKER virtual currency exchange provides hundreds of pairs, is secure and reliable for users from all around the world. But to maintain the fame it has to face tough competition from rival exchanges to emerge as a bigger exchange. See you soon, Revainers !!!전체 리뷰보기

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