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The concept of mining is a concept that includes centuries, but the content of this concept has changed like everything else. Nowadays, while everything is digitalized, mining does not fall behind. I have to say that I only have thoughts on this issue and that I have not taken any action yet. This is because of the computer I have. We need some things to do a mining business. Logically, Anyone who owns a computer and video card at home can step into this profession. At this point, I recently started seeing a lot of Ethereum mining videos on my social media accounts. For this reason, I can say that it caught my attention. At this point, I came across some companies in my first research. Here is Whalesburg one of them. The funny thing is that this company seems to be one of the pioneers of the digitalization process of the sentences I set up at first. While its roots are based on coal mining, it is obvious that they are now trying to be effective in the cryptocurrency world. An extremely clever move. According to my research, with the software offered by this company to its customers, the mining process becomes easier, faster and most importantly profitable. Some of the studies I made have learned that the operating system OS offered by this company is also very beneficial for computer health. In the coming period, I will examine a few more such companies. Frankly, I want to have an experience by choosing one of these as soon as I renew my computer. You can read them also when I update this post.전체 리뷰보기

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BitPay USD

BitPay USD and Cryptocurrency Hi Everyone, In this article, I would like to share my research on BitPay USD card. First of all, we should say that BitPay has been around for a long time in the cryptocurrency world. At this point, we see that it has been integrated with another major exchange, Coinbase, as of last year. There is such a strong company behind the BitPay card. So what does BitPay card do? In fact, we wouldn't be exaggerating if we say that cryptocurrencies are used in the conversion of real money. The reason is that it offers you this opportunity when you want to withdraw the money you have from ATMs. It is a highly innovative initiative. The second advantage is that it uses the Mastercard infrastructure. If we are going to talk about cryptocurrencies in the future, we have to be open to such attempts. Here, initiatives such as BitPay card and Coinbase Card pave the way for this and make it possible to use cryptocurrencies worldwide. BitPay USD can be used not only for converting cryptocurrencies into real money, but also for trading cryptocurrencies. Finally, we need to say that it has an important place in the cryptocurrency world as it is active in more than 40 countries. In the upcoming days, I will continue to update these articles as a result of my new research.전체 리뷰보기

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Cheers for Revain

Cheers for Revain Revain is the first "trusted" evaluation platform based on Blockchain. All the evaluations made by the users are recorded on the blockchain and its questionability is here. This description sounds extremely revolutionary. Maybe to ensure that information is produced in the construction of the future and, more importantly, to be the sole owner of information. I have to say it's really exciting. Because it is very important to make it possible for everyone to produce information for such an initiative. Moreover, it is a profitable business for those who analyze consistently. Because it does not neglect to give prizes and income to its writers. At this point, I have to say that the entrepreneurs deserve a big applause. It's not bad, but to put it on a negative side, it can be said that the reward rates can increase a little more. In other words, an improvement in the amount of RVN coins given per analysis will make everyone happy. This analysis can be considered as an introduction to Revain, which I will definitely write about again in the future.전체 리뷰보기

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Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay and its Posibilities Apple Pay is a technology that allows end users to pay quickly, easily and securely via NFC technology via credit and debit cards and Apple devices. Personally, I have to state that I am extremely far from this technology. Because this is entirely due to my relationship with Apple. I haven't used any Apple devices until now. My first choice has generally been Android phones, and it continues. Although I am not using it, I have to say that this technology offers many advantages to people. Because NFC technology is available in many devices today. For this reason, it should be said that the use of Apple Pay can be extremely practical. We can say that the effectiveness of Apple Pay may increase in the coming days. Current sense to use in Turkey still seems unopened. I will definitely revise this review if I have Apple experience and access the Apple Pay experience in the future.전체 리뷰보기

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American Express Serve

American Express Serve American Express Serve is known as a card that offers benefits to people around the world. In fact, we can say that this initiative is seen as an alternative to PayPal. It should be said that whether it is or not, it has serious advantages for people. First of all, it is possible to benefit from ATM services in countries where this card is used. It also offers the opportunity to shop through contracted companies. Another advantage is that it allows you to send money to your friend anywhere in the world. The biggest advantage in terms of today is that it offers people a practical and easy use thanks to its mobile application. In Turkey, this service should also say that it is valid. Commission fees can be considered as the bad side of this service. In this respect, it may be good for the company to revise the fees.전체 리뷰보기

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Huobi Global

HUOBİ: In The Shadow of Binance Huobi is a global cryptocurrency exchange. I met Huobi Global through an airdrop. I think Huobi is one of the available exchanges after Binance. however, I must say that my first choice will be Binance. In my opinion, high volume exchanges are much more reliable. Huobi is never bad in this regard. I haven't heard too much negative about it until now. One of the advantages of Huobi is that it has a lot of parity. In other words, it is possible to buy and sell many altcoins on this exchange. It should be noted that it is also suitable for fees. In short, although my first choice is Binance, Huobi is one of the exchanges I can trust.전체 리뷰보기

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BtcTurk | Pro

BtcTurk Pro's Problems BtcTurk is a Turkey-based crypto currency exchange. Persons who are interested in cryptocurrency first in Turkey often met with such exchanges. They are joining the crypto world with BtcTurk. But as they become more specialized, they realize that this exchange is not enough. We have to say that BtcTurk has some problems. For example, there is not enough parity in this exchange. For this reason, it is a limited exchange for those who want to invest in altcoins. For example we cant buy and sell Revain coin in this exchange. Secondly, commission rates in this exchange are higher than other exchanges. This is a big problem for those who trade daily. However, despite all these negative side we see that Turkey's crypto currency is extremely important in terms of an attempt to show its interest in the world is required.전체 리뷰보기

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Trust Wallet

About Trust Wallet

About Trust Wallet I met Trust Wallet during an airdrop process. In fact, it was the first time I found out that this wallet is supported by the Binance exchange. Because this event was a pure coincidence. Binance distributed 100 TWT coins to cryptocurrency traders in one week. I was among those lucky people and I won this award. However, to receive this award, one had to have a wallet. This wallet should have been Trust Wallet and I immediately downloaded it and pulled the TWT coins from my Binance account into this wallet. I can say that I like it because it offers buy-sell transactions and it is available. Moreover, if I am going to participate in an airdrop campaign, I prefer to use this wallet. At this point, I can say that it is a recommended wallet.전체 리뷰보기

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NEO'S POTENTİAL There are so many crypto money ın the digital world. İf we look at the market cap, we can see over four thousand coins openly. İnvesters have to choose some from among these coins, İf they want to take profit for long time. I absolutely prefer Neo. Why am I choosing Neo? There is two reason for choosing Neo. Firstly history says us its potential. İf we look at the crypto currency history, we can see Neo's all time high price. Neo's all time high price was aproxmately two thusand hundred dollars ın January 2018. But today Neo's price is just twenty eight dollars. Bitcoin saw all time high level, Ethereum getting closer to all time high and so many crypto money is like ethereum. But Neo is so far from all time high price. İt shows us their potential. Secondly, Neo is known Chinise Ethereum. it is so important, cos everyone knows Chinese affect on cryptocurrency. İf it is real, Chinese investers can pump Neo's price one day. Today or next days. But one day it will happen. So it is good reason for buying NEO. Thanks to these twho reason, ın my opinion that Neo can be profitable criypto money for investers. I think we will see its potential soon times...전체 리뷰보기

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Bitcoin's Advantages and Risks Every people want to earn more money. Because every people want to survive. in this context money is guarantee of going on life. For this reason peoples try some tools for increase theirs moneys. At this point Bitcoin can be more atractive for peoples. Cos Bitcoin is a tool like gold, silver, dollar and euro for investers. But there is some positive and negative situations in the Bitcoin. We must underline that, we are looking Bitcoin from side of investers. in the side of investers Bitcoin is more exciting tool for investment. But Why? Because Bitcoin has very very volatility. In just a few hours you can loose most of the your money. So it is so dangerous. But you can think its opposite, cos you can earn so much money too. You must control your risk and must be so careful. Bitcoin can provide so many advantages and vice versa. I think every people in the criptocurrency world must know to take profit. it is so important move. İf you dont you take profit, then you can be in the part of losers. Altough all of risk , you can think that Bitcoin will be one of the most important investment tool in the future. My think that every people must keep their investments in the criptocurrency for long term. İf we look at the history, you can see winners who holding their bitcoins for long term... 전체 리뷰보기

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