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Review on Ardor by Stephen Toluwani

There is a lot one could do using the Ardor Ecosystem. It's features are befitting for every Developers

The Ardor Blockchain can be seen as a programming hub for developers who cannot just only create their decentralized apps on its blockchain, but also create their own separate customizable blockchains called Child Chains within the Ecosystem of the Ardor Main Chain. While creating child chain, developers could even add custom parameters to increase the functionality. As all child chains are interconnected and share the same source code with the Ardor Main Chain, the interoperability of its Ecosystem allows native coins of all child chains created to be traded on its Decentralized Coin Exchange. This feature is a great feature one could see in any Blockchain project as this allows users to move from one child chain to another to utilise the functions created by that child chain to another as the need may be. On Ardor, developers could easily create Dapps and their child chain using Java programming language. This has proven effective as many developers like me who do not have extensive knowledge on other Programming language, could easily use Java whilst creating

With many child chains being able to be created on Ardor, this could affect it's scalability. To achieve scalability and avoid compacting it's ecosystem, Ardor implements an architecture called a Bundling System that allows transactions made on Child Chains to be safely removed once they are no longer needed and their hashes included in the Main Chain. To further improve scalability, there is research ongoing to allow parallel processing of each child chain transactions. There is also flexibility for developers who want to create their child chains according to their taste. This flexibility of making a child chain permissioned or permissionless allows the creators affix what they want into their child chain and this makes Ardor useful for Organizations that might want to include KYC verification to limit who they want to interact with the project.

This Ardor really deserves all 5 stars and it is quite a useful tool for both private developers and big time developers for organizations and as it's security is said to be non-compromisable, it can be recommended to everyone.

Pros & cons

  • Creating a Secondary Blockchain called child chain can be made using the most simplest programming language; Java
  • Developers are given everything they need to create Decentralized Apps and their custom blockchains with it's Network security ensured by the Ardor Main Chain
  • The Ardor Blockchain uses a Proof of Stake consensus which makes its Blockchain an efficient one
  • The interoperability of the Ardor Ecosystem with it's child chain ensures that the native coins of every child chain can be traded on its fully decentralized coin exchange
  • There is a bundling system for the Ardor Blockchain that attaches transaction hashes made on the child chain to be included on the main chain making Ardor a scalable Blockchain
  • There is continuous improvement and work being implemented in the building of Ardor. This ensures a better future in scalability and functionality of its Ecosystem
  • The Block time for transaction confirmation is 60 minutes which can be considered a long time