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About Auroracoin

Auroracoin is a payments can be sent anywhere in a secure way. Transactions can be kept anonymous and user privacy is protected with randomly generated addresses. The transactions are kept in a public ledger that is shared between users without the need for a traditional bank.

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A combination of five different hashing algorithms.

It uses the POW consensus mechanism, which allows the proposed transaction to be saved on the blockchain using device hashing power to solve a complex mathematical problem. The difficulty of…See more


move funds between users. The project is said to be distributed, decentralized and users must rely on them to trade before making use of The project allows users to trade coins among…See more

Auroracoin: boosting crypto in Iceland

In the search for the global adoption of digital money as a universal currency; many crypto projects have emerged. Aurora is one of them. Auroracoin is a digital asset that arises with the purpose…See more

It has deployed many improvements.

It is a decentralized, P2P and secured cryptocurrency released as an alternative to Icelandic to ignore government restrictions related to the national currency. It was launched with the goal of…See more

I've been here supporting AUR from day one mate, so I know I'm not here…

I've been here supporting AUR from day one mate, so I know I'm not here supporting for personal profit. I'm here to support the tremendous possibilities this coin (and the country it provides) can…See more