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Digital currency for sport

In football we have to understand that the important thing is not to win the first game but to win the League. Today there are a large number of cryptocurrencies competing in the market and although…See more

Coin of the future CHZ

Today I will share with you what I know about the Chiliz coin. Personally, I view this coin as a long-term coin because its founder, Alex, has promised 50 deals within 1 year and with each deal…See more

About Chiliz

Fans who want to buy fan tokens of certain clubs from this platform can buy CHZ directly from the application. Later, they can buy certain fan tokens in any amount they want through a mass sale…See more

What is Chiliz(Chz) Token

I'll tell you what I know about the chiliz token. Chiliz token is a token that has been in my pursuit for a long time, why do I have a really solid infrastructure project? Chiliz token is a token…See more

CHILIZ: a chain of blocks aimed at sports fans and sponsors

CHILIZ is the exchange platform that uses Ethereum blockchain technology to create an economic ecosystem based on sports entertainment and its sponsors, using a digital asset known by the acronym…See more

Chiliz, the pioneer of sports teams

Chiliz has arranged deals with many major football clubs. It attracted great attention every time a deal was made. Its founder, Alex, had promised 50 deals within 1 year. Every month there is a deal…See more

My feel

Fans of a team can only interact with the team by buying tickets to the games, or merchandise such as jerseys. It is not possible for them to have a say in the strategic choices to be made, for…See more

Promising product with high upside potential.

It is better to take a longer-term view when investing in CHZ. With the launch of the mainnet only recently, still yet to see the projects full potential. The onboarding of new teams, whether…See more

Cryptocurrency for football fans

This is a utility token within the partner platform, which allows you to access its services. In general, this is an internal market for football lovers, users of this platform can buy and sell…See more

The blockchain fintech provider for Sports & Entertainment.

As I can see it has huge potential, it has partnerships with PSG, Juventus and others, football fans are always crazy about their team. It's been a few months now and they have over 100k + users…See more