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Review on Electroneum by Huseyn Akberov

My thoughts and some facts about Electroneum

Electroneum or ETN has been a digital smartphone password currency that has dragged many potential users since its launch. It was first introduced in the United States, but soon entered the market when it was first used on the UK Bitcoin Income Official App and various platforms.

Other currencies settled down slowly, but the use of electronium spread rapidly. Known as one of the most useful currencies, why? Let's take a look.

Bitcoin's sharp rise in value meant every tech-savvy entrepreneur and currency speculator wanted some of the action. Since the cryptocurrency market has become one of the world's most exciting, and often lucrative, investment vehicles. Bitcoin is very valuable and continues to do so, but its market share is shrinking as new alternatives are born. But what hasn't changed is how difficult it is to get your hands on these currencies and trade them, let alone use them anywhere.

Electroneum is the first cryptocurrency developed in the UK and represents a major shift in the pace of the market. It is built on its own blockchain (blockchain is the underlying technical infrastructure underneath all cryptocurrencies), and is designed to dominate the mobile market.

First, management and mining in the mobile app is also very simple. This can mean a new, easy and secure way to make a quick deal from your mobile phone, from buying mobile games to sending money to friends to live sports betting. This differentiates it from other password currencies that are almost impossible to spend or buy. The Electroneum also limited the total number of coins to 21 billion, increasing consumer preference and moving the decimal point two digits to the right when compared to up to 21 million Bitcoins. Bitcoin's pizza price can be 0.005 BTC, but for Electroneum it's a much more "real money" number. The currency also represents an exciting investment opportunity for speculation. Although it is well known that cryptocurrencies are unstable, it is a favorable market for investors. The average return on investment for 100 new coins launched in the first half of 2016 was 357%. Electroneum already represents an attractive technological shift. There was a lot of interest ahead of the ICO in September. What reassures investors is the fact that since the currency is being developed and managed by a close and dedicated group of UK developers, it is immune to the internal debates and fluctuations that have plagued other currencies.

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Pros & cons

  • Reliable security
  • Smooth operations
  • I don't see any

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