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About Freyrchain

Freyrchain is the first blockchain-based collection authentication platform worldwide. This platform intends to create a decentralized digital repository platform of culture and art works for art enthusiasts to help their growth. Freyrchain aims to build the first platform based on blockchain and big data of culture in the world. Currently a world-class blockchain collection database app has been developed to provide access to information, historical transaction and collection records of a certain item as well as ancillary authentication information support for the whole industry.

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promoting the systematization of works of art

The use of blockchain technology has reached places never before anticipated; so much so that we see it in many of our daily activities. Freyrchain is a cryptographic project that arises from the…See more


Finally I have discovered a cryptocurrency affiliated project focused to operate in the art sector. Of course I’m talking of none other than the Freyrchain platform that intends to create a…See more

an enormous record of creative and social varieties

The start of the assignment was perfect and figured out how to reach an enormous number of customers. Even so, sooner or later he didn't get enough help and stopped offering support. When we enter…See more

Freyrchain: enables intelligent storage of cultural content.

Freyrchain (FREC): is a project that allows the intelligent safeguarding of cultural content, based on the area of blockchain services, as a channel of information allows free access to a lot of…See more

It is not recommended to buy the token.

The start of the project was very good and it managed to reach a lot of users. However, after a while, he did not receive enough support and stopped providing service. When we enter the website now…See more

Freyrchain Newly Open And Close Down Earlier

FREYRCHAIN is a new cryptocurrency Platform that came into existence in 2018 and have headquarter based in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It aim is to create the first world Collectibles data…See more

It's quite a dead project

This project is completely gone and it is strange that it is still on the coinmarketcap list. I could hardly find an exchange where FREC currency can be traded (I found it through coingecko) The…See more