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Review on Octus Bridge by David Olayide

Cross-chain Capabilities Of The TON Bridge Project

We live in a world of expanding technological innovations and expansions, with more and more projects working to become as relatable as possible in the cryptocurrency community. Truth be told, we need projects that are multifaceted these days. Projects need to have a very useful interface to allow us interact with them. The Free TON blockchain project, is a very innovative project that has ultimately garnered a lot of interest. Additionally, it also happens that cryptocurrency affiliated projects, with cross-chain capabilities, are very much appreciated. Free TON is one of such projects.

The TON Bridge was developed by the same company responsible for making the TON Crystal Wallet a real deal. What this bridge essentially does, is to create a kind of link or as it were, a bridge to connect both the Ethereum blockchain, and the Free TON blockchain together in one seamless transaction. I personally feel this is a good thing, as it would generally be beneficial for a project like Free TON, to partner up with some other solid project.

TON Bridge is a very nice and innovative ideas, that allows users or investors to move their assets from one network to the other very easily. There can only be a smooth transfer when it comes to moving your resources across both Blockchains. Owning the Bridge token gives the holder of such tokens a host of opportunities, such as voting rights over administrative decisions.

Investors can also transfer funds from Ethereum network to the Free TON network as well and this is made possible with the use of TON Bridge. To use the TON Bridge, you’re going to have to download the TON Crystal Wallet to be able to use the TON Bridge.

future remains bright for the Free TON cryptocurrency project with the low commissions as well as opportunities to engage in activities like yield farming. So like I said the potentials are almost endless, and it would make a lot of sense to engage in the system while it’s still growing.

One last point I would like to make is about the challenges investors face with the Ethereum network. Most obvious and problematic of these challenges, are the issues of scalability and the very high costs of transactions. But now, with the link or bridge between both Ethereum and Free TON, these problems can now become a thing of the past. This is another reason why the TON Bridge project is very much useful and viable.

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Rating changed from 2 to 3

The Octus bridge has never been more important and useful today, because of the apparent ease of it's crosschain capabilities. Bridges are largely essential these days because of their use cases which no doubt makes them very important to every member of the cryptocurrency world.

With the bridge you can now move your assets across different blockchains, and in so doing, cut across numerous barriers that usually make crosschain activities challenging. Now though, everyone can move assets from the ever network to Eth and vice versa without stress. The Octus bridge has made this possible and I think it is great innovation.

Pros & cons

  • Cross chain transactions
  • Zero transaction fees and very low commission charges
  • Fast and immediate transactions
  • TON Bridge provides a solution to the problems of the Ethereum network
  • Bridge tokens allow holders voting rights
  • The details for engaging the use of the TON Bridge in conjunction with the TON Crystal Wallet is not outlined specifically. It should be more if a practical steps guide, for new and inexperienced investors.

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