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Review on Revain by LUIS RIVERO R

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Revain has become a real and very reliable way to search and do reviews of…

Revain has become a real and very reliable way to search and do reviews of crypto projects on the internet. It makes users focus on being objective when a review is generated, especially now that there are sites where reviews are made but they are invented. The same system tells you when something is wrong. I think that Revain has a long way to go in terms of the development and integration of his token in the official website of revain

Updated 4 years ago
Rating has not been changed
Currently the Revain platform has a completely redesigned revision platform adapted to the different demands of the different projects, making the experience more rewarding for writers and projects.
It is important to highlight that the way of making revisions has been revitalized, there is an increase in use by people.
* Live platform, it is possible to interact with the main version
* Rewards system already verifiable, available for authors and companies.
* It has constant updates of its platform, taking into account the opinions of users, adapting to the new stages.
* I consider lack of security measures, since the same platform works as a wallet for the RVN tokens that the user wins.
These are some of the features, I just invite you to create your account and start reviewing. Competition is constantly being held where users are rewarded for participating, so with Revain there is nothing to lose.

Updated 4 years ago
Rating has not been changed
- New features of the R ecosystem, make it easier and really comfortable to use the platform.
- Now we can know first hand who writes and uses the platform and knows each of the reviews, it is really interesting since it makes us part of the Revain community.
-If your posts are really good you can be an expert user and get additional benefits, you just have to write unique and really extraordinary reviews.
In general, since I have been following this project, it has been constantly evolving, as a platform and in its human talent that Revain has learned and improved every day. Personally I feel honored to belong to the group of experts of this platform. One of the things that I would most like is that it was integrated with other platforms and exchanges and that Revain serves as a reference to many users creating credibility, there is still a long way to go but. They are going well!

Updated 1 year ago
Rating has not been changed

Things have changed since the last update, it is no longer interesting to just write about cryptocurrencies or blockchain, that's why I really liked the changes they have made so far.

-Greater number of diversified projects.

-There is a variety of tastes which can massify its use even when compared to other online review platforms.

It would be interesting to see them integrated by some big project. I will continue writing because I like to give my opinion on various projects.

  • cryptocurrency users can give their opinions of almost any project and the best part of this is that it can be objective since it is done in anonymity such as a blockchain network. Different projects can request different opinions from their users of their platforms and in this way measure the level of acceptance and what things should improve. The system at the moment re review, verify and filter according to its quality, according to the revain system projects are classified according to popularity and reviews. And something very interesting reward you according to the quality of the review, and these premirate.
  • it needs revisions when cataloging the opinions of the users. That more projects use revain as an interlocutor. the team of developers should be closer to the users lack of communication. should accept versions in other languages or directed to other markets where it is necessary

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November 09, 2022
Thank you! Appreciate your honest opinion and inspired review.
June 04, 2020
Reviews like this one are inspiration to us! I'm learning of this system thanks to users like you who make this community more effective. I also gree with you about languages limitations, but I think the platform will improve it sooner than later.
May 22, 2020
The good thing about revain is that in its system it has intelligence to detect non-original reviews, in reality this is very good because that is how the true criticisms of each cryptocurrency and what each user thinks, apart from that I love their reward system, I hope to be able to collect your tokens at some point and be able to use them.
May 02, 2020
very good review . very detailed review about revain platform . maybe u can review revain platform very simple because so that readers easily understand . nice for review good luck for u bro
April 23, 2020
Nice review! Quite detailed when reading your review of the Revain platform.
November 25, 2019
I see many in here think that Revain is Raven. I get it because both have the same ticker, RVN. Both are NOT the same project. But I see that as a bad thing because it is usually not a good sign when a less known project tries to ”leach” on a more known project. What do you think about this?

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