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Review on Revain by Bethany Christmas

Revainrating 5 out of 5

3 years later and all I can say is….NICE 👏

I’ve been in the crypto-sphere long enough to feel like I’ve turned into Rom Swanson from The Office - where I sit in my middle of nowhere cabin and and if I so much as HEAR someone mention dogecoin I develop a thick southern accent and chase you out of my house yelling and crying about how “I lost mah babeh….. sobbing on my ‘86 Chevy hood….. I lost mah baybeh….” (Bitcoin At $200, ETH @ $15, LTC at $2 on Coinbase)

Polygon who? ERC-what? “Them non fungible thangs the kids at the Starbucks talmbout… *burps ale loudly* ….thems some sort of virus?” I whisper, looking back and forth nonchalantly.


But in all seriousness I did join back in early 2018. The only reason I’m back is saw that name pop up on COINBASE?!!!!

It took me a second and bam I remembered it was that cryptocurrency review site (at the time.) I’d been & still am, if I could learn AND EARN?!!?! Ooohhh baby sign me up


Not only is the UI genuinely comparable to internet explorer to Google chrome. But their UX is easier than ever as well far as I’ve seen. I’m so excited to have rediscovered this website. It does remind me of Publish0x in a certain sense. Either way - 11/10 for the team. Honestly the layout is clean as I can imagine, and hopefully it becomes Yelp…

  • UI / Ux increased tremendously, goodbye Yelp/Google reviews etc.
  • Three words - NEEDS MORE PUBLICITY

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November 09, 2022
We are glad that you enjoy Revain and platform.

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