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Review on Zcash by Jerry Siegel

Zcash (ZEC)

Founded in 2016, Zcash is aiming to solve Bitcoin's confidentiality problem. Zcash is one of my favourite cryptocurrencies, and here's why:

1. Good tech

Zcash transactions completely untraceable. zk-SNARKs technology allows the sender to prove to the verifier that the transaction is true, without the necessity of revealing any information attached to it (beyond the validity of the transaction itself).

2. Strong team

Zcash is supported by many skilled software engineers and everything they're producing is public, open, and permissionless (the project is completely open-sourced). Zooko Wilcox (founder of Zcash) is a well-respected person and his work is appreciated by many people in cryptocurrency space, including Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Joseph Lubin and others.

3. Solid reputation

The level of anonymity of Zcash is acknowledged by many well-known companies and individuals. For example, WikiLeaks started accepting donations to Zcash, Edward Snowden called the cryptocurrency the most interesting alternative to Bitcoin, and Europol is officially expressed their concern about the growing popularity of cryptocurrency.


1) I remember some precedents about authorities going after the privacy coins. Japan, South Korea and some European cointries imposed restrictions to privacy coins (ZEC, XMR, DASH) due to FATF requirements. My guess is that this actions will be ineffective, they can't ban decentralized entities. But when crypto will get too big for them to close their eyes on it, there might be some serious restrictions.

2) There have been some concerns and controversy about the founder's reward: 10% of all mined ZEC goes to the team, investors and advisors. Some people don't like this, but I see no problem about it, because developers are devoting their lives to this project and it's only fair that they're getting paid for it.

My personal feeling about the project:

Zcash is one of my favourite cryptocurrencies because they have some very good distinguishing traits. I love private cryptos, and compared to the XMR and others, Zcash has the best standing field. BTC and ZEC has the same cap of 21 million coins. Considering they are only 9,3mil ZEC (compared to the 18,4mil BTC) I think it's fair to presume that ZEC better days are way ahead of Bitcoin's.

Pros & cons

  • Good tech, strong team and solid reputation
  • Possible government pressure