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Barron's: Another must read financial magazine for financial experts.

A magazine founded almost 100 years ago with information exclusively for financial experts for their work as advisors, either in investments in stock markets worldwide,

You can find information in articles focused on market behavior, emerging markets and are good investment opportunities, you can also see news type articles, ie not written, sometimes it is more comfortable to listen to the narrative to be reading and interpreting, from the web you can see how are the stock market indexes published in real time,

An additional attraction is that it offers information on the so-called investment packages or ETFs, in which you can buy a set of shares of various companies with minimized risks and low investment, although with lower profits.

I must emphasize that I was not pleased not to find a section dedicated to the world of blockchain technologies and the great diversity of investments that arise from it, but it is not something to censure since it should be understood that it is oriented to other stock markets and businesses related to companies.

One of the features that in my opinion may please financial experts readers the most is the diversity of topics that they can access for free, such as behavior of American, Asian and European markets, Emerging, Wall Street indicators, stock recommendations, alternative investments and something vital and important such as updated prices of the main raw materials, something necessary to predict future behavior of some companies according to their final product.

Pros & cons

  • Very old financial magazine
  • Varied and vital financial information
  • Easy to read and well laid out topics
  • A must for financial advisors.
  • Free access to information on its web portal
  • Lack of information on markets and investments in the Blockchain.