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Review on Due by francis fernandez

DUE: the simplicity of paying online!

Having a secure and efficient payment platform is the challenge for many e-commerce users. DUE offers its affiliates the opportunity to enjoy a payment mechanism adjusted to their requirements.
How can we describe DUE?
DUE is a digital payment gateway that allows you to send and receive payments instantly from your mobile device or through online access; execute debit and credit card payments, with reasonable fees.
What is the mission of DUE?
DUE seeks to become the most efficient, secure and economical payment solution on the market; allowing its clients to quickly have the funds executed through its platform.
How do you accomplish your mission?
DUE is a complete ecosystem that has an integrated digital portfolio known as Due Cash that contributes to the efficiency of its payment protocol; And best of all, it provides the opportunity for its users to access from their smart device to manage their operations efficiently and easily.
How secure is the platform?
DUE has pre-established security mechanisms in its infrastructure and operation, which create additional layers of security in each part of the processing of your transactions; that include anti-fraud protocols, encryption of operations; in addition to those normally provided by blockchain technology.
What is the value of the platform?
DUE makes it easy for merchants to expand their business through efficient and timely management of their payments, invoice shipments, and savings in transaction costs and time.
For general users, it provides an efficient payment gateway with easy access to their mobile application or their website.

Pros & cons

  • Easy user interface
  • Offers payment mechanisms adapted to the needs of your business
  • Has a business philosophy of inclusion
  • Offers affordable rates on cards and transactions
  • There are no disadvantages