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Review on Due by Douglas Cachazo

Due: Payment platform with additional functionalities.

It happens the same as with the exchanges and portfolios emerging every day, each of these companies must offer additional services to the basic inherent to its function, in the case of payment platforms happens the same, a large number of similar companies have emerged and each one tends to offer some additional services in order to position itself more effectively in the market, I think the day will come that some offer a complete administrative system, some have come to offer payroll and inventories.

In the case of the ones we are dealing with here, we find Due, a company that apart from acting as a payment platform, has as its most outstanding feature to offer small and medium companies an invoicing application that allows them to invoice more efficiently to their respective customers, using various forms of payment. And I would even go so far as to say that it is very useful for people or individuals who want to sell their products using virtual stores on an e-commerce platform.

With Due you can keep control of your accounts receivable, invoice in a more elegant and efficient way, for this it relies on its own wallet and its application Due cash with which you can process your collections or payments in a safe, fast and efficient way, with various methods of payment to the customer such as paypal, electronic checks, international credit cards.

Customers can use the DuePay service on their mobile devices, to make their payments, they can even pay in installments and with a term of up to 30 days, this gives you the ability to grow your business, invoices and if the customer requires to pay in installments, apart from giving you control of accounts receivable.

By virtue of what is found in this platform, it is undoubtedly a good option for your person, company or enterprise.

Pros & cons

  • Process payments quickly and securely
  • Includes invoicing application
  • Good customer service
  • Opens a lot of potential for your company or enterprise
  • Gives the customer the possibility to make payments in installments with a 30 day term
  • Good number of payment methods
  • Nothing about it.