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Review on Electrical AFD0097 3F1U 10300 AA 3F1Z 10346 AB VP3F1U 10300 AA by Marquel Rubio

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Fits as expected, but 1 problem?

I bought this for my Ford Taurus 02; it fits perfectly. I only exchanged them because my alternator on the car was original and since I drive on the freeway I don't want to break it. My original charged the battery up and down so it was on its last breath. Also, it was very easy to put on but only 1 question came up and hopefully someone can answer it. I put it on yesterday and woke up this morning to go shopping and when I started my car it squeaked. The kind of squeak a water pump would make when it fails. I also have a new water pump on the car so that's not the case. I lifted the hood and it came from the new alternator I had just installed. I rushed to Pepboys and asked what they think it could be. He said if this is a new generator then it's unlikely but it could be bad. But he also asked for my belt. I also put a new belt on when the new water pump was put on about 6 months ago so I'm surprised he asked for it considering they did the job. So. Has anyone experienced the new alternator squeaking when first switched on? will it go away I checked the belt again, it's tight. When I first used the alternator yesterday it was perfect, no squeaking or anything and I drove. Also, I checked the battery with a tester, it shows 14.0 to 14.1 and back to 14.0 and back to 14.1 right where it should be. When the car is turned off, the battery drops to 12.6, which means it's fully charged and stays there.

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