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Review on PayPal by Ojo Samuel Ifeoluwa

Best use of PayPal

Paypal is a site I have used often for several years. The BEST thing about Paypal is that it protects its buyers. I just had an issue with Facebook charging my account for advertising that I did not do. My guess is some old ad from months and months ago was still somehow active but I did not know about it. Within a couple of days of alerting Paypal of the issue, it was resolved.

As a seller using Paypal sometimes it takes too long for money to get transferred to my bank account and that is frustrating when someone is waiting for confirmation of purchase. The other issue is the fees that Paypal charges. Some buyers don't believe there are fees and are objective to paying them. I wish the fees would be charged up front to the buyer rather than passed down to the seller, after all PayPal is for their convenience. I just opened a business account so I do like that we will now be able to take credit cards or offer buyers the buy now pay later option.

Overall, Paypal is a safe website to use. They take care of their buyers, which is a big reason why I have continued to use them and why people are comfortable using them for large purchases or out of state purchases.

Pros & cons

  • Paypal is a very good channel for transaction
  • It saves time
  • It protect it's buyer from fraudster
  • I haven't seen any disadvantages of using PayPal