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Review on PayPal by Douglas Cachazo

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PayPal: the queen among payment platforms

Pioneer company in the area of making and receiving electronic payments whose antiquity dates back to 1998, I registered in this platform in 2002, year in which it was bought by the e-commerce giant EBay, for this company became part in order to facilitate payments to the company Ebay for product sales.
It was the first company to take on this challenge and today other very good payment methods have emerged, which is why the company is obliged to improve and make corrections if it wants to continue to have the leadership.
Personally I used it directly through a virtual store that I set up on the Ebay platform, I also used it from a web portal in which we sold automotive parts to individuals by order of spare parts and it really worked very well. Indirectly I have used it a lot since my professional fees in the IT area I generally receive payments via Paypal, the only problem I had was the titanic process to validate my account, it was really traumatic, currently it is easier if you have an international credit card, but even so it is no longer possible to open accounts from my country.
Its main feature since its inception is the ease to buy and send payments or sell and get paid for my sale. I can store cryptocurrencies but I cannot pay with them, I must sell to convert to dollars to make the payment. It also does not support buying cryptocurrency with a credit card.
There is the possibility of sending online payment requests via email, and I can make payments from my web page, it is an ideal way to send and receive remittances to and from family or friends. We can have ebay on pc, and mobile devices.
My personal experience has been very good with this company, I have no complaints, however I must echo a family member and acquaintances who have had problems with refunds for purchases not completed, including loss of money. Currently they warn that refunds can take more than 6 months. In my opinion, this should be corrected as soon as possible, since in the short term it could cease to be the queen

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  • Pioneer among payment processing companies.
  • Impressive portfolio of registered customers worldwide.
  • Belongs to the giant Ebay
  • Accepted as a payment method by large and well-known business corporations.
  • Long time for refunds for unfulfilled purchases
  • Many complaints for refunds not made, with loss of money