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Review on Smart Future Lab by Özgün A

A company with a strong infrastructure that invests in the technologies of the future

Smart Future Lab is a company that supports entrepreneurs who want to enter the market in every way. It attaches particular importance to the technologies of the future. These;

+ Sustainable energy + Smart cities

+ Renewable energy + Smart vehicles and roads

+ Internet of Things + Use of underground resources

+ Electricity generation and storage

The support phase of the Smart Future Lab company consists of 4 stages:

1) The entrepreneur's project is examined and approved (support is given)

2) Entrepreneurial communities are added and supported by mentors, accelerators and funders for the development of the enterprise.

3) The entrepreneur is put in a camp to be educated. Opportunity to work in the workshop.

4) Finally, it is introduced to entrepreneur investors. Advertising work is done. The entrepreneur is introduced in the communities. Legal proceedings are initiated to put the project into service.

In short, the Smart Future Lab company supports the entrepreneur from the seed stage to the final stage. Cooperation agreements have been made with very large world-renowned companies.

Pros & cons

  • They work very actively on social media
  • They support entrepreneurs with laboratories
  • It's easy to contact them
  • Collaborates with some universities
  • -