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My review about Smart Future Lab

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about the Smart Future Lab (SFL). SFL was created in 2016. The company is famous for its investments. In fact, the number of investments is very small, only 5 investments have been made since the time it...See full review

The Magnificent Future Lab is moving forward to monitor the local area.

The future laboratory "March" was established in Budapest, Hungary and is the initial stage of Hungary. Founded in 2016, it aims to combine power, transmission, and dissemination without harming the power of the biological system, fast equipment...See full review

Splendid Future lab is conveying improvement to control region

Smart future lab is arranged in Budapest, Hungary and is the essential Hungarian starting stage incubation center. It was set up in 2016 and targets new organizations with considerations in force, transmission and dissemination, storing, harmless...See full review

Brilliant Future lab is carrying development to control area

Smart future lab is situated in Budapest, Hungary and is the primary Hungarian beginning phase hatchery. It was set up in 2016 and targets new businesses with thoughts in power, transmission and circulation, stockpiling, environmentally friendly...See full review

An organization with a solid framework that puts resources into the advancements of things to come

Keen Future Lab is an organization that backings business people who need to enter the market inside and out. It connects specific significance to the advances of things to come. These; + Reasonable energy + Shrewd urban areas + Sustainable...See full review

Smart Future Lab is successful company in support and acceleration.

Smart Future Lab is a company for entrepreneurs and start-ups with exceptional ideas that are beneficial to the community in general, and it supports multi-domain walks such as storage, electricity generation and the internet and also focuses on...See full review

Smart Future lab Review

Smart future lab is an accelerator company that has shown much interest at investing in technological innovation and inventions capable of reforming the world and bringing about rapid technological advancement and development in the nearest future…See full review

A company with a strong infrastructure that invests in the technologies of the future

Smart Future Lab is a company that supports entrepreneurs who want to enter the market in every way. It attaches particular importance to the technologies of the future. These; + Sustainable energy + Smart cities + Renewable energy + Smart...See full review

An entrepreneurship support platform based in Budapest.

Smart Future Lab supports innovators who want to meet the market with services, products or ideas that explain a real market gap. This company attaches importance to initiatives in many areas. These topics are: -Production of electricity and all...See full review

Smart Future lab is bringing innovation to power sector

Smart future lab is located in Budapest, Hungary and is the first Hungarian early stage incubator. It was established in 2016 and targets startups with ideas in electricity, transmission and distribution, storage, renewable energy, smart devices...See full review