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Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review about Smart Future Lab

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about the Smart Future Lab (SFL). SFL was created in 2016. The company is famous for its investments. In fact, the number of investments is very small, only 5 investments have been made since the time it was created. But the volume and meaning of these investments are huge. Because the company invests in the technologies of the future. I think this investment strategy is one of the most profitable. But very few companies make such investments. The…

  • Listens and considers people's opinions and thoughts
  • I think the perfect company name was chosen because it shows what they do and also attracts people's attention.
  • Investing in future technologies and I think it is a very profitable investment.
  • People can apply whenever they want
  • The official site is not fully translated into English.

Smart Future Lab is a company that supports entrepreneurs who want to enter the market in every way. It attaches particular importance to the technologies of the future. These; + Sustainable energy + Smart cities + Renewable energy + Smart vehicles and roads + Internet of Things + Use of underground resources + Electricity generation and storage The support phase of the Smart Future Lab company consists of 4 stages: 1) The entrepreneur's project is examined and approved (support is given)

  • They work very actively on social media
  • They support entrepreneurs with laboratories
  • It's easy to contact them
  • Collaborates with some universities
  • -

Smart future lab is arranged in Budapest, Hungary and is the essential Hungarian starting stage incubation center. It was set up in 2016 and targets new organizations with considerations in force, transmission and dissemination, storing, harmless to the ecosystem power, quick devices and petrol gas.  It gives a long haul of mentorship of between12 months to three years during which all compelling new organizations ought to in like manner go through the MVM contention which will hel

  • New organizations go through standard mentorship that reach 1-3 years, whivh is adequate to be introduced to satisfactory data and dominance
  • Astute possibilities helps startup with raising more capital close by what the association contributed
  • The MVM challenge opens the startup yo advancement potential as they fight with better finance manager
  • The association is tolerably new and has recently a few new organizations
  • Most of the resource come in kind of grants from external bodies
  • There is no information concerning the degree of significant worth required
  • No vlear information about the proportion of resources open to new organizations on their site page

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Brilliant Future lab is carrying development to control area

Smart future lab is situated in Budapest, Hungary and is the primary Hungarian beginning phase hatchery. It was set up in 2016 and targets new businesses with thoughts in power, transmission and circulation, stockpiling, environmentally friendly power, shrewd gadgets and petroleum gas.  It gives a long term of mentorship of between12 months to three years during which all effective new businesses should likewise go through the MVM rivalry which will assist startup with learning bette

  • New companies go through standard mentorship that range 1-3 years, whivh is sufficient to be presented to adequate information and mastery
  • Savvy prospects assists startup with raising more capital alongside what the organization contributed
  • The MVM contest opens the startup yo development potential as they contend with better business person
  • The organization is moderately new and has just graduated a couple of new businesses
  • The greater part of the asset come in type of awards from outer bodies
  • There is no data concerning the level of value required
  • No vlear data about the measure of assets open to new businesses on their site page

Keen Future Lab is an organization that backings business people who need to enter the market inside and out. It connects specific significance to the advances of things to come. These; + Reasonable energy + Shrewd urban areas + Sustainable power + Keen vehicles and streets + Web of Things + Utilization of underground assets + Power age and capacity The help period of the Brilliant Future Lab organization comprises of 4 phases: 1) The business person's venture is analyz

  • They work effectively via web-based media
  • They support business visionaries with research facilities
  • It's not difficult to reach them
  • Works together for certain colleges
  • -

Smart Future Lab is a company for entrepreneurs and start-ups with exceptional ideas that are beneficial to the community in general, and it supports multi-domain walks such as storage, electricity generation and the internet and also focuses on the importance of renewable and sustainable energy. On the other hand, it has an easy-to-access support team that answers all the questions and analyses that go on in the head of entrepreneurs. It has taken a prominent position among accelerator and…

  • Interested in Energy, Internet and electricity projects
  • No negative points.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Smart Future lab Review

Smart future lab is an accelerator company that has shown much interest at investing in technological innovation and inventions capable of reforming the world and bringing about rapid technological advancement and development in the nearest future. I like the accelerator company's approach towards the young startup entrepreneurs by being open and willing to accept them and embrace their ideas after which they build them up and help them to achieve something meaningful with their ideas.…

  • They show interest in technological innovation
  • They have made a great impact ever since they came into existence as an technology accelerator company
  • There website is not very organized some information are in English while some are in a foreign language

Revainrating 5 out of 5

An entrepreneurship support platform based in Budapest.

Smart Future Lab supports innovators who want to meet the market with services, products or ideas that explain a real market gap. This company attaches importance to initiatives in many areas. These topics are: -Production of electricity and all the remaining stages -Natural gas production and the rest -Renewable energies -Smart cities and vehicles. Generally, they provide support to ideas and initiatives on issues that address energy production and basic needs of human beings. If you…

  • They are very interested in the developments that can be made in the field of energy.
  • There is nothing negative.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Smart Future lab is bringing innovation to power sector

Smart future lab is located in Budapest, Hungary and is the first Hungarian early stage incubator. It was established in 2016 and targets startups with ideas in electricity, transmission and distribution, storage, renewable energy, smart devices and natural gas. It provides a long duration of mentorship of between12 months to 36 months during which all successful start-ups must also undergo the MVM competition which will help startup to learn better and become more innovative. The mentorship

  • Startups undergo standard mentorship that span 1-3 years, whivh is enough to be exposed to sufficient knowledge and expertise
  • Smart futures helps startup to raise more capital beside what the company invested
  • The MVM competition opens the startup yo growth potential as they compete with better entrepreneur
  • The company is relatively new and has only graduated a few startup companies
  • Most of the fund come in form of grants from external bodies
  • There is no information concerning the percentage of equity required
  • No vlear information about the amount of funds accessible to startups on their webpage