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Review on Vacuum cleaner Dreame XR, white by Ada Kosakiewicz ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

My tasks for a handheld vacuum cleaner are small - clean up crumbs and other debris in the kitchen, sometimes vacuum furniture. There are no carpets at home, but I nevertheless tested the red brush head visiting my parents. It perfectly lifts and cleans the pile. A good vacuum is created, as a result of which a hand-held vacuum cleaner copes no worse than a conventional wired one. I did not expect it. At home, I most often use a hard floor nozzle with a soft roller. He perfectly collects large debris (does not scatter or push in front of him) and does not wind hair at all! It is easy to clean under water. The main and only drawback of the vacuum cleaner for me is a non-removable container! Among the garbage, food remains come across. In addition, over time, a dirty coating somehow forms on the walls, which cannot be removed with a dry cloth. About once a month you have to wash it very carefully with water with the risk of soaking the electronics (( All filters, unlike the container, can be easily removed and rinsed. If you vacuum strong dirt (for example, construction dust or street dirt in the hallway), particles can penetrate the foam sponge that protects the HEPA filter. For such purposes, I would not often use a vacuum cleaner . The furniture nozzle cleans fabric upholstery very well and removes deep fine dust. But it does not penetrate beyond the cyclone and the HEPA filter does not clog. Crevice nozzles have too soft pile, I practically do not use them. The corrugated nozzle for 1.5 g has not yet found application either) But it is cool, maybe it will come in handy for someone. The transparent container became a little cloudy over time, but, as they say, it does not affect the speed)) In general, I am more than satisfied with the vacuum cleaner, it is mobile, lightweight and always at hand. It can be stored and charged at the docking station (all but one nozzle is placed there). After a full charge, the current stops flowing - the battery does not deteriorate from constant recharging. A new Akum costs about 5-6 thousand. If you're interested, check out the helpful YouTube review. After purchase and after 1.5 g of use)

Updated 10 months ago
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I thought some photos would help to make my review more informative.


  • Stylish, powerful, multifunctional
  • Non-removable waste container (cannot be properly rinsed under water). The foam insert is not able to protect the HEPA filter well from difficult contaminants.

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July 10, 2023
Pros: Very handy vacuum cleaner Cons below: A year later, it practically stopped sucking dust.