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Review on Vacuum cleaner Dreame XR, white by Adam Wawrzyski ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is top notch, be sure to try it.

Looking for a budget option. I read and watched reviews of the best ones, re-read all the reviews in large stores, on the market, and as a result, the price grew, but I understood, otherwise I would throw it out in a year or it would only in dust (alas, the market is like this and finally there are three models left to choose from . xiomi v9 and v10, weisgauf v 9 and if reasoned bad reviews were found on the weisgauf, then with xiomi it hung for a day . And then there was a victory . I found a review somewhere, or rather in questions . where they answered instead of v what -then take the xiomi xr model . well, I still thought I still didn’t have enough of it . but it wasn’t enough ! Yes, there are fewer reviews about it, I didn’t see it in the ratings, the above-mentioned comrades are more popular in stores, in vain! In vain and again in vain 1. More powerful 2. The charge is super and in order to put it to zero from and to, I managed not only to clean more than 70 sq. M. and even window sills😂 3. Of course, a carpet nozzle, it's worth overpaying for it 4. I can write for a long time, but it's easier to find not only reviews, but also video reviews and unpacking. When I saw a detailed review where the man was not shy in expressions and what he didn’t like, but at the same time removing the interior of the car with cheers! I realized that my husband really needs this stick, which means you can close your eyes to the cost))) If you also carefully choose, look at the xiomi brothers 9 and 10 different variations, there are doubts, stop! Here it is! Take the super thing! The photo corresponds, so I will share the option of charging without a base.

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To give a better sense of my experience, I've included some pictures.


  • Powerful! No, he's super powerful! Carpets even at the second speed raises, I am silent about 3, they take off)))! Easy to change nozzles, oh yes nozzles! Nozzle for a carpet (according to tests, it copes better with a large one), easy to clean, a lot of talk about ons, but for me with children who urgently need to shout something to me, even more convenient ! let go of the on (light, barely perceptible) and the vacuum cleaner is silent)) Possibility of charging without a base. Even outwardly, it attracts attention and the quality is immediately visible. About the sound - yes, 3ka like my construction karcher or like a regular hair dryer, not louder than a meat grinder for sure))) quite tolerable! it is needed for 5 minutes, then it pulls perfectly on 2k, 1k is quiet! For me, the sound is also at the pole, there is something to compare with old vacuum cleaners.
  • For me, this is a hanging base . but I will look for a place for nozzles, and charge from a wire, a stick in the corner

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July 17, 2023
I use the product every other day, very satisfied