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Review on Enhanced Side-Sleeping Backpack: WoodyKnows 2021 Upgraded with All Magic Tape Straps and Enhanced Zipper (Large) by Devon Dober

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Excellent solution potential but too small; Seller says standby for new, larger version

I will update this review later because I am awaiting the seller to introduce a larger size version to try.FOR NOW: I am an adult man diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea which occurs mainly when I shift from side to back sleeping. While this product advises it may not be suitable for that medical condition, my sleep doctors agreed it would be reasonable to try as "positional therapy" to prevent back sleeping.PRO: I tried it and I think the basic design concept is very good, the construction is surprisingly high quality, and shows potential to help based on my tests while using a new CPAP device (which I hate). Initial testing suggests the pack may in fact have reduced my apneas more than the CPAP alone. That is exactly the goal.CONS: Unfortunately, I had to return it because the product is still too small for my body (male, size 38 short) to be comfortable or optimal. Since the back section of the pack is not long enough vertically, the waist strap could only go around my chest and the arm straps were a bit too awkward and constricting (not impossible to use, but definitely not optimal).TO FOLLOW UP - POTENTIAL PRO SOLUTION: I gave the seller feedback about the small size, and they have been amazingly helpful and responsive, and actually took my feedback and others', and agreed to try having their manufacturer design a new, larger version to release soon, and suggested I return the old one and try the new version. With my return, I already asked them to alert me when the new one is ready, and I plan on ordering it with the hope that the new version will be an improved solution. I plan to update this review when that happens. By the way, this seller has some of the nicest, fastest email service replies one could ever wish for, so I highly recommend their business. The fact that they are trying to redesign a product based on customer feedback is also very awesome.

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  • July 23, 2018
  • Overly large for people with smaller body frames

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