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Review on Enhanced Side-Sleeping Backpack: WoodyKnows 2021 Upgraded with All Magic Tape Straps and Enhanced Zipper (Large) by Michael Hall

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Straps are poorly designed

**Updated 10/1/2020.** The seller contacted me and said based on feedback, they are changing their strap design from the current buckle style to Velcro and it will be available in about a month. This would probably fix the issue I had with it. I would definitely wait until the new style comes out before purchasing it. The seller also described a work-around where you insert the shoulder straps back to the buckle again to prevent it from loosening (see attached image). Unfortunately I had already returned it and was not able to try it out. These only come in two sizes - small and large. I ordered a large because my back is a little over 15" wide and the description says to order a large for back widths over 14". It seemed too large but the main problem I found was that the shoulder straps would not stay adjusted. The slightest pressure caused the straps to loosen as I moved during the night and I would wake up to find myself on my back with the back pack next to me. At first I thought I had taken it off in my sleep but then I noticed that the straps were loosening themselves as I moved until the straps fell off my shoulders allowing me to roll onto my back. Before I ordered this, I tested the concept by using an old school back pack stuffed with a pillow and it reduced my snoring significantly. I ordered this because I liked the idea of being able to take it with me during travel. Even though a smaller size, like a medium, would have been better, I think it may have worked if the straps would have stayed tightened during the night. I saw other reviews talking about the straps being too short or the back pack too small, etc. but that was not my experience at all. Maybe this is a new version or it was just defective. Anyway, I returned it and am now using my old school back pack and I saved $60.

img 1 attached to Enhanced Side-Sleeping Backpack: WoodyKnows 2021 Upgraded with All Magic Tape Straps and Enhanced Zipper (Large) review by Michael Hall

  • 2021 NEWLY UPGRADED MODEL - All buckles have been replaced by magic tape to prevent slipping out and discomfort. The connection at the root of the shoulder strap and the zipper of the backpack have been enhanced. You can choose the most comfortable way to wear with our patented two-magic tape design. A. Fasten the straps across your chest. B. Fasten the straps across your shoulders. The deflated backpack is foldable, portable, washable, and ideal for travelling.
  • Zipper is difficult to operate when wearing gloves

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