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Review on The Norinchukin Bank by Rama Yldrm

The Norinchukin Bank

In 2023, the bank will celebrate its centenary in Japan, which has achieved global success over the years and is the true savior of generations, their health and their social lives.

This bank has taken care of industrial, agricultural and food investments that benefit the entire community and improve the food and health lives of people living in local places. He also plays a key role in Japan's economic uplift because he is interested in improving the status of its forests, and is classified as a major supporter of Agriculture and Fisheries and a key founder of Japanese agricultural cooperatives.

We believe that this bank is primarily interested in three sectors: food, agriculture, investment and retail. That's all I know about this bank that Japanese people know as friendly to the environment, to health and to society.

Pros & cons

  • Bank friend agriculture, industry and forestry
  • It doesn't have negative points.