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Review on Exo Terra Forest Quarts 2 Pack by Kim Sanchez

Exo Terra Snails don't complain - all pros and cons about this

Good day dear readers of my review. Recently, I talked about the fact that our eldest son, in the pocket of his shorts, took three snails from Turkey. These "animals" we left to live at home. We bought them a house, food and soil, more precisely the Exo-Terra Plantation Soil coconut substrate, it is about him that I want to leave my review today. My husband bought the substrate at the nearest pet store. Price: 239 rubles Manufacturer: Sri Laika The substrate was sold in such a bar: On the reverse side there was no information in Russian, though there was a picture, it was from it that one could guess what to do with the bar. The substrate is solid, it will take a lot of effort to break off a piece. I broke off a piece with a shovel (on the street), at home you probably need a very sharp knife. For convenience, it would be better if the substrate was divided into several parts. The caught piece was soaked in water, literally for 10-15 minutes. I poured water "by eye", probably a little more than a glass A small piece swelled up a lot, to be honest, I didn’t even expect that the output would turn out so much. Snail peat needs to be moist, so I added more water and placed the contents. The substrate is very similar to ordinary earth, only more pleasant to the touch, there was no foreign smell from it. There were a few sticks that I got rid of I poured part of the substrate into the snail house, and removed the rest. The remaining (soaked) substrate I store in a container without a lid. I change the soil as needed, probably once a week. Around the third day, I irrigate it with a pulverizer. The substrate holds moisture very well, has no unpleasant smell. I throw the used soil into the garden. My snails do not complain about the substrate. I will recommend the substrate, on my own I will rate it at five points. Thank you for your attention to my review.

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Pros & cons

  • Lasts a long time, holds moisture well, has no smell
  • Breaks badly.